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Saturday Brunch with GF's Parents

HI Chowhounders,

My girlfriend's parents will be in Toronto from out of town in mid-September and will be meeting my parents for the first time over Saturday brunch. I am trying to find a location that takes reservations, is quiet enough to have a conversation in and, obviously, has good food. The hope is to find a place that isn't expensive (around $13ish per main) in the northern downtown core (Bathurst-Yonge-Dupont-Dundas). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Sunday Brunch for a Group of 8

Hey...I am trying to plan a brunch for this Sunday somewhere in downtown Toronto for a group of about 8. I looking for somewhere moderately priced. My first thought was Aunties and Uncles, however, a group of 8 could be a little much for there. I know there are numerous other Topics on this board that discuss brunch options in downtown Toronto, but I specifically need a place that could do a group. Thanks in advance.


Sushi Resto for Date (downtown Toronto)

Thank you everyone. As was suggested by many of you, I have decided to go to Takesushi. All the advice was greatly appreciated.

Sushi Resto for Date (downtown Toronto)

While I have looked at the other threads regarding sushi restaurants in downtown TO, I was specifically wondering which sushi place would be good for a date. I was thinking Japango, but was not sure if that is the right atomsphere. In terms of price range, I was hoping for something mid-level (more expensive than like New Generation, but less then the really high-end places). Any help would be great. Thanks.