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New York Bakery: Best Fish Tacos in Manhattan?

I'm eating them now! Pretty freaking tasty for $7 fish tacos from a Korean-owned/operated Mexican hole-in-the-wall with a terrible name!

Anything else worth ordering off the menu?

Oct 14, 2014
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Washington Heights - Sherman Ave & Bway?

I'm so looking forward to a little trip up to this part of our fine isle for work next week. I did a search and the latest post is from 2011 -- can anyone give me the latest on great food for lunch in Wash Heights? I'd love something ethnic --Thanks!

Mar 28, 2014
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Nakazawa - Bar vs Table?

I love sitting at the sushi bar (any sushi bar), as I like to watch the chefs and engage in conversation with them about the fish and about the progression of the meal.

I just got a table reservation at nakazawa, not at the bar. My budget will probably only allow me to eat there once this year. Should I keep the table and eat there? Or should I cancel and keep trying for the bar? Would I be disappointed? Or is the fish so good, it won't matter?

Jan 03, 2014
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Wedding cocktail reception for 20-30, soho, ev, les, TriBeCa?

My good friend lives overseas and is coming to NYC Oct 19 (yes, right around the corner!) to host a small celebration of his weddings with his friends here.

He's thinking SoHo, LES, EV, WV or TriBeCa. 20-30 people. Late afternoon, early evening. Mostly wants to enjoy champers and cocktails, less focused on food. He does not need a private room and definitely doesn't want one with a huge minimum. Happy to gather people in a bar and perhaps order plates of food.

He's in his 30s and is pretty hip, so something not too stodgy.

And -- I'm enquiring with him on price point. So far he's said "something that won't break the bank" -- so I'm imagining less than $100 per person all in (probably closer to $50-75, if that's possible) if there is a minimum spend.

Any ideas?

Sep 29, 2013
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Best Lunch Exclusive Dishes?

Fish sandwich at Pearl (if the fish is not skate).

Aug 14, 2013
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Mangalitsa Pork?

Do you know of any restaurants that currently have this type of pork on the menu? Preferably one that is not uber expensive?

I found an article in NY Times that mentions several restos (including Vandaag, RIP), but it's likely dated. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/29/din...

If you've tried it, is it amazing?


Aug 13, 2013
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Distilled Restaurant in Tribeca

I went tonight. We ordered a large order of wings (12 for $22), the fried duck on a 'brioche style pancake' and the burger. Oh, and cold charred broccoli side (for $12).

Meal starts w free popcorn w a salt mix made w brewers yeast, spice and something sweet. It's really good (and free, tho the bowl the bring is super small, think cereal bowl)!

Wings were crazy good and crazy big. They're super battered and fried and they stay crisp in the sweet, sticky, salty sauce. Point Reyes blue cheese is the dip and it w good, but we had to ask for three more cups of it bc they provided so little. No one should really eat more than two of these, but we managed to choke down three to four each.

The burger was great. I ordered it rare and it was perfectly cooked. American cheese, big sour pickle, sliced onion, butter lettuce and a beautiful slice of percently ripe green zebra heirloom tomato. I had a side salad (instead of tater tots). It had arugula, some kind of sprout shoot and herbs. The dressing was lite and citrusy and I really liked it.

The duck was random. I love duck and I love the flavor of duck. This just tasted to my like some breaded and fried puck of meat - I missed the duck part. The brioche pancake was yummy, tho.

The side of broccoli (I don't remember the last time I paid $12 for a veg side) came w thin slices of pickled watermelon, sweet candied peanuts, lardons, fresh herbs, and a julienned veg I couldn't place. I liked everything separately, but didn't think it was extra good altogether.

We brought our kids and they brought out big bowls of Mac and cheese and canteloup for free (and without us asking) and our server also brought out a brownie sundae at the end of the meal for free. That was a nice and rare surprise.

Husband drank a manhattan cocktail fr list (tasty but too sweet). I had left hand sawtooth on tap (yummy).

The room is kind of random -- nothing notable about it except they tried really hard to dampen the sound in the room and did a great job. It's very quiet. Music was fun '80s.

PS Our server was v nice. I had read the staff was really nice and knowledgable. The only thing I wish he did differently was to warn us that we were ordering too much food. We brought home most of the duck and half of the burger. The wings kind of killed us.

Aug 11, 2013
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Momofuku Ko or Tocqueville for anniversary dinner?

I fully agree that if you are looking to replicate the days when you were up on the NY scene and want to blow your minds,, go the way of KO.

Why not book the sitter for Sunday, too and go somewhere else that's cheap and romantic? One of your old favorites?

If I had another res at KO, I wouldn't turn my back on it. If you go w Tocqueville, I'd happily use your KO spot for you :).

Jul 26, 2013
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Aamanns - Cooenhagen - TriBeCa

Friday night we ate at Aamanns. My husband and I walked in with our two girls (under three) and were seated at our choice of table. By the time we left, tho, they were pretty full. I like the space. Light bright and white. Lots of hard surfaces, tho, so it is loud, which sometimes is just fine when you have kids bc no one else can hear them!

We ordered the four course tasting menu to try many things. First two courses (due to kids, we asked them to bring two at once to speed things along) were mixed smorebrod (open faced sandwiches on rye bread) and mixed herring. For smorebrod, we tasted one with chicken salad (my husband said he thought he could have made the chix salad -- and he never cooks!), one w boiled potatoes, mayonnaise and potato chips and one w smoked fish. They were pretty tasty, if not a little boring. There were two kinds of herring, one marinated w ginger and served w apples and the other I think was creamy.

Next course had steak tar tar on one side and a warm pork pâté w mixed vegetables in mayo on top on the other. I thought the steak was excellent. The beef was airy and tasted big quality. It was served w an eggy sauce and capers and sliced cornichons and potato chips for crunch and more salt. It wasn't really all mixed together and more layered -- and I really enjoyed it. The pork pâté was also very good! I've never really had a warm pâté, but i may try to heat it at home, as it was quite tasty.

Dessert was a lemon mouse served in little mason jars with some crispy things on top. It was very good -- but we had to battle our two daughters for tastes, so we didn't get much!

It was $46 per person for the four courses. It was a lot of tastes, which I appreciated, and none were very big (maybe four or five bites each). I would go back, but maybe for lunch and now that I've tasted, would order off the menu. My husband didn't feel satiated, I think because he's used to eating a big warm meal and the only thing that was remotely warm was the small piece of pork pâté. It was fine for me, tho. Especially on a hot night.
The had lots of beautiful infused aquavit -- but we didn't try any. Next time...

Jun 30, 2013
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Butterfly Supper Club - TriBeCa - ho hum

We popped into the Butterfly Supper Club in TriBeCa - a new Michael White Resto. It was crowded when we arrived on a Sunday at 730 and we took the last empty table.

I think it's meant to be a high end diner from the 1960 (at least that's what it reminded me of). The menu was fairly short - a handful of appetizers, three salads, three sandwiches and maybe four entrees. The menu was also quite heavy -- nothing really seemed light and healthy.

We started with fried cracklins - which were fine. I've never really had good or bad cracklins and frankly I don't enjoy them much (my husband snuck them in the order). I started w a Caesar salad. It had both romaine and kale. I tasted as if it hadn't been freshly dressed and it was dressed way too much. Pretty limp. It came with shaved Parmesan, fried capers and "anchovy breadcrumbs". Between the heavy dose of dressing and all the toppings, it was a salt bomb and, as a result, almost in edible. Funny, as I like all the things in the salad, just not all on top of each other.

For entrees, we got the fried chicken and the patty melt. Fried chicken was excellent. Four pieces (menu said bell and Evans, I believe). Breast split in half, drumstick and thigh. Very tasty, if a bit greasy (it's rare that f chic is not, no?). It came w a small ramekin of unremarkable cole slaw and a super buttery biscuit brushed on top w honey butter. I asked the server for some honey, as I love biscuits w honey (it's like my desert) and the server acknowledged that the biscuit is made w honey but they don't have any to serve along side it. He said I wasn't the first person to ask and they are collecting feedback so they can improve in subsequent weeks.

The patty melt looked v ordinary to me, but I didn't try. It. It came w French fries that were cold, pickles and some yellow sauce. My husband said it was tasty.

We brought out two young girls (both under three). Service was very accommodating for them and there were a lot of other kids in the resto.

They had a fun looking cocktail menu -- my husband just had a manhattan which was well made and I didn't drink.

After such in insanely heavy meal we skipped dessert.

I may go back, but no time soon. Too heavy all around (granted we ordered really heavy, but the menu wasn't really light on the all around). I think they have a few kinks to work out and I'd have to have a serious hankering for fried chix to bring me back. And, there's some great fried chic is the hood already (bubbys, cornerstone).

Ho hum.

Jun 30, 2013
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Delivering baby at Mt Sinai -- Great takeout??

This is all such great information! Thank you! I'm going to check menus now and put in my order. Spicy mexi and wine bars sound v good night now!

I wouldn't have thought it so surprising that a hospital-bound chowhounder would be asking for foodie recs near a hospital -- I mean, has anyone eactually ever tasted hospital food worth eating??

(With my last baby at another hospital, my good friend brought me a bag full of treats fr Eataly - exactly what the dr ordered!)

And Yo In Yo Out is a hysterical name for a restaurant -- kind of summarizes 9.5 months of pregnancy in one fell swoop!

Jun 25, 2013
Stickies in Manhattan

Delivering baby at Mt Sinai -- Great takeout??

I'll be giving birth in the next couple of weeks at Mt Sinai on upper east side. Where can I send my husband for some delicious takeout to speed up my recovery? Would love to have some good food ideas lined up so he doesn't come back after an exploratory walk with a slice of cold pizza for me!

Nomad -- Walk-ins?? Tonight?!

Thank you all! My friend and I walked in at 7 and were promptly seated in the beautiful and bright atrium. I had read that the non alcoholic cocktails are the best in the city and both my friend and i are pregnant -- so we indulged. The cocktails were super good! Delicious dinner snow pea chiffonade salad, baby lettuce salad, tagliatelle w lemon and crab and hake. We shared carrot cake , which was super good. All in a very tasty and fun meal! And relatively affordable to boot!

May 13, 2013
Stickies in Manhattan

Nomad -- Walk-ins?? Tonight?!

Spiritchaser -- Thank you for such a helpful and clear explanation! I just called and they can't seat us, but did confirm what you said about the bar having 12 seats that serve the full menu first come first serve. She also suggested that we come earlier than 7 for a better chance at a bar seat. Appreciate it!

May 13, 2013
Stickies in Manhattan

Nomad -- Walk-ins?? Tonight?!

Quick question for all you knowledgable chowhounders out there:

If I were to show up at Nomad at 7 tonight, any chance a party of two would be seated anywhere for the Nomad experience that's so hard to come by?

When I look on their website -- it seems that there are a myriad of areas w/in the hotel to eat. Do all of these serve the delicious nomad menu? I can't imagine they reserve tables well in advance for all of them.

Am I totally confused here?

Thanks in advance!

May 13, 2013
Stickies in Manhattan

New job 31st & Ninth - tasty lunch and dinner suggestions?

This is awesome! Thank you guys! I cant wait for work next week! (Well, that's not entirely true...)

Feb 17, 2013
Stickies in Manhattan

New job 31st & Ninth - tasty lunch and dinner suggestions?

Hello! I've recently started a new job on W 31st btw Eighth & Ninth and I'm looking for tasty fast lunch suggestions w in maybe a 5-10 block radius (prefer something quick and inexpensive, love ethnic) and some nicer dinner suggestions (same general radius). I feel like I'm in a bit of a restaurant dead zone, but I really hope that's not the case.

So far for lunch I've done Pio Pio Rico and Zib Zoob (or something like that) for pretty tasty Asian noodles. And for dinner, I like Keens, a few places in K town (Han bat and the new fancy place on the high floor of the bldg on 32nd and bway) and the Bresslin and John Dory.

Someone suggested mexicue on Seventh, but I haven't been yet. Anyone tried? Other suggestions?

Feb 17, 2013
Stickies in Manhattan

Need raw bar rec for next Saturday evening

Two other downtown choices: The Dutch (where you also probably won't get a reservations, but could go early for a table) and Giorgione. I love raw bar and go to both of those places with relative frequency. It's been years since I've been to it, but blue ribbon had a v good one -- check and make sure before you go to that one though.

Oct 14, 2012
Stickies in Manhattan

Burgers in Soho/Tribeca north?

Walkers, walkers, walkers! Really good.

Dylan prime. Bubby's. Mercer kitchen.

Jul 12, 2012
Stickies in Manhattan

Montreal w/ Kids and Parents -- Foodie family needs recs!

Thank you for these great suggestions! We are getting excited. I had our concierge hook us up with some reservations. Her is the itinerary:

Saturday 30 of June : Joe Beef at 7pm for 4 pers. is confirmed. They are full on the other dates.

Sunday 01 of July : Vallier for brunch at 1pm for 6 pers. is confirmed. www.restaurantvallier.com

For dinner, casual place for you to choose:
Modavie, Méditerranean cuisine at www.modavie.com
Bevo, italian cuisine at www.bevopizza.com
Vieux-Port Steakhouse , seafood and steak and a beautiful terrace at www.vieuxportsteakhouse.com
Please confirm the number of persons.(6 or 8


Monday 02 of July: lunch at La Banquise at 1 pm for poutine and beer. No reservation required. www.labanquise.com. The best in the city.

Dinner at Le Local at 8 pm for 2 pers. is confirmed. www.resto-lelocal.com

Tuesday 03 of July: lunch at Bouillon Bilk at 1pm for 6 pers. is confirmed. www.bouillonbilk.com

Dinner at Au Pied de Cochon at 8 pm for 4 pers is confirmed. They are full on the other dates.

On July 1, does anyone have an opinion of the suggestions? I would like to try Garde Manger -- but I read somewhere that they specifically will not accept kids (is that legal?!).

Montreal w/ Kids and Parents -- Foodie family needs recs!

Hello! Or should I say Bonjour?!

I will be traveling to Montreal with my husband (we're in our late 30s), parents (in their 70s - not super mobile) and two young girls (1 and 2 yrs old) from June 30 to July 4. We are staying at Hotel Place d'Artes in the old part of town.

We are all big foodies and my kids are suprisingly great in restaurants (we live in Manhattan and eat out with them probably 4 or 5 times a week). The last time my husband and I were in Montreal w/o kids we ate at APDC, Le Club Chasse et Peche, and some restaurant with the work 'lait' in it that was quite good. We loved going to Jean Talon and buying all kinds of great foods to eat.

I would love some specific recommendations for:

1) Restaurants that are family friendly (for the 6 of us!) with great food, preferably within walking distance of our hotel or a short taxi ride away.

2) A high end restaurant that my husband and I should go to alone on date night -- when we leave my kids with my parents at the hotel. We've always wanted to try Joe Beef, but it has never worked with our schedule.

3) A place for great poutine and beer - also nearby the hotel!

Also -- we undertand that Montreal Jazz Festival is going to be happening when we are in town. Does anyone know if there are outdoor venues where we could bring a picnic blanket and eat things we've picked up at Jean Talon? Also, can one drink wine in public (like on the picnic) in Montreal w/o getting arrested?

Thanks in advance!!


Weds thru Fri dinner, solo diner

Ok, so took the bus to walrus and the carpenter. Well, well worth it. In fact, it's one of the best meals I've eaten in months. what didn't I eat? I ate all nine local oysters. Oyster gratin ( which was actually the one dish I didn't care for) , lamb heart carpaccio w pickled berries, a really incredible salad w cabbage and sunchokes, steak tartar, and the most deli ious desert of hot car amel ( as opposed to hot chocolate) w salt and pepper. Strong re ommendation! Bus is super easy fr downtown!

Mar 30, 2012
Stickies in Greater Seattle

Weds thru Fri dinner, solo diner

Mmmmmm....oysters and sparkly at bar Ferdinand followed by yummy meal at Sitka and spruce last night.....perfect! Going to dahlia lounge tonight w clients, their choice, hope it's good! One more night tomoro. Any sushi suggestions?

Woke up extra early for top pot donuts.....worth the extra early wake up call and walk in rain!

Mar 29, 2012
Stickies in Greater Seattle

Weds thru Fri dinner, solo diner

speaking of Venezuelan sticky suns.....Stickies here! Traveling to Seattle tomorrow And need restos for solo dinner Weds thru Fri. Am staying at renaissance hotel at 515 Madison and will sign up for anything from a solo seat at the bar of a high end restaurant with great cocktails and wine by the glass to a hole in the wall ethnic joint. Would prefer something near the hotel but am very willing to take a cab for great food. Nothing overtly touristy unless it's really incredible. Tx in advance for great chow advice! Love this site and promise to report back on my adventures!

Mar 27, 2012
Stickies in Greater Seattle

Trip Report -- Rio and Buzios - LONG

Just back from 4 days in Rio and three in Buzios.

Stayed at the Fasano in Rio -- which was completely fabulous, but where the food + drink prices were twice what they were anywhere else we ate. The first day, I wanted a big fresh fruit plate to enjoy at the pool after my long, overnight flight. For 18 Real (about $10) -- I got a small plate with four tiny slices of mango, four of pinapple and I can't even remember what the other one was. Really, like 8 small bites all in. Not a great start! Caipirinas at Fasano were about $20 US each....on the beach, they are about $3 US and at the nice restaurants we went to they were about $5 US to $10 US....

For our first meal, we went to Siri Mole (in Ipanema) -- which is supposed to have really delicious traditional Brazilian seafood dishes from Bahia area (which is where my husband and I spent three wonderful weeks in 2008). They have acaraje (bean fritters stuffed with all kinds of yummy things and searved with a spicy sauce) to start, and main dishes (meant to be shared by two people) of things like bobo de camarao, moqueca, vatapa -- which are all seafood stews served in clay pots with sides of rice, farofa and another pureed substance that I'd like to say is a squash, but I'm not sure. We ate tons of these dishes in Bahia and loved them. At Siri, we ordered bobo de camarao (shrimp stew) and it was quite good. The atmosphere of the resto, however, was a huge downer for us, just very sterile and our waiter looked like he'd been waiting tables there for 50 years and hadn't cracked a smile in all those years. It was definitely not the greatest place to spend a hot beachy afternoon. Probably much better for dinner. Our bill was about $75 US w/ beer for my husband.

One thing to note about Rio -- most of the 'hip' restaurants don't take reservations after 8:30 at night. So, if you like to eat late like us, you have to go and put your name on a list and take your chances. Two other things to note: many restaurants will offer you (by bringing it to your table) some appetizers called the 'couvert' -- generally bread, oil/butter and perhaps some other things. There is a charge for this added to your bill if you accept, so if you don't want it, just say so (we always said no, bc we didn't want to fill up on bread...). Also, service is generally included in your bill, even if it isn't itemized as a line item. If you're not sure, just ask.

For dinner the first night, we went to Sushi Leblon (in Leblon). Supposed to be super hip, difficult to get a table. It was small and crowded and hip (though I wouldn't call it super hip). I'm pregnant, so I couldn't indulge like my husband did -- but we also ordered a few non-raw dishes, some of which were great, some of which were sub-par. One of the better things was an appetizer of sauteed garlic scapes with garlic and soy sauce. Simple and yummy (if a little too salty from too much soy). We also had shrimp wontons that were sub-par and a cucumber, immitation crab stick and squid salad (sunamono) in a vinegar suce that was also sub-par (made too far ahead of time). My husband had a sushi entree and a couple of extra rolls and said is was good, not great (we are spoiled by good sushi in NYC). We also had a soba dish w/ lemongrass, coconut and grilled seafood -- and it was also subpar -- the noodles basically had absorned all the sauce and were sticky and the seafood was far overcooked. All in - not impressed. Our bill was about $130 US w drinks and beer for my husband.

Day 2 in Rio, we had lunch at Market in Ipanema. It's a great place for lunch -- modern, airy, colorful with a menu full of juices, smoothies, tasty salads, pastas and grilled meats and fish. While we didn't try them, the deserts looked really tasty, too. Again here -- some of the things we ordered were great, others not so much. My husband started w/ a trio of tar tars -- two were fish, one was hearts of palm. He said they were tasty. I started with trio of gaspachos -- each one was literally about the size of a thimble and none were very tasty. A very disappointing dish. We then shared two salads, both were quite good. I also had a smoothie -- which was so so good. Our bill was about $60 US w/ beer for my husband.

Day 2 at night, we went to Oro -- a new restaurant in Jardim Botanico area (I think). It's modern and has rifts of molecular gastronomy in the dishes (one dish we had 'olives' which were just olive juice in a caviar like shell, the desert included a mouse that was 'cooked' in nitrogen tableside into a frozen treat). The food here was once again hit an miss. The idea is to order a number of dishes -- so we had two snacks (coronets of salmon tar tar and cheese puffs -- these were good, not revelatory in any way), two starters (bread w/ a cheesy creamy thing and a poached egg, which was very good, and steak tar tar, which my husband said was also very good), shared a pasta (a take on carbonara, which I think it the best carbonara I've ever had) and had two mains (duck rice, which was sloppy and tasteless, and very overcooked lamb with a risotto that was also not very good) and shared a desert (which was a lot of fun -- many takes on caramel -- they cooked the caramel mouse in nitrogen and served it with five other caramel deserts: a milky flan, a tapioca type flan with nuts/fruit in it, awesome mini churros stuffed w caramel [these were so good] and a couple more I can't remember. Sounds like a lot, but it was just right. Our bill was about $160 US, with drinks for my husband.

Day 3 was a Saturday - so we went to Casa de Feijoada (Ipanema) for a big feijoada lunch. It was totally perfect, monsterously huge and delicious! A really great meal. Very traditional and excellently prepared. We really enjoyed this meal. If you haven't had it -- you are served a huge bown of black beans, another of pig parts stewed in the beans, rice, farofa, rice, sauteed collard greens and oranges (the best part). You eat them all together on your plate and it's really delicious and filling. I highly recommend. Our bill was about $100 US with drinks for my husband.

At night, we were still so stuffed, but we went anaway back to Rua Das Ferriera (this is a great street for dinner -- sushi leblon is there, as is zuka, as is Venga (for tapas) and a yummy italian place where we ate (Quadrucci) for some salads and pastas. Our bill was was about $75 w/ drinks for my husband.

During the days between meals -- we stopped at little lanchonettes for pastels and pao de queijos -- which were all a lot of fun and tasty. Also had juices at juice bars, coconut juice out of fresh young cold cocos on the beach, and some snacks on the beach (TRY GLOBOS! They are little donut shaped things sold by the bag that are puffed and crispy and can be either salty or sweet [salgado or dulce] -- they are cheap and YUMMY!). Being pregnant, I didn't try the empanadas on the beach, but I was sure tempted! These snacks are about $1 to $2 US each.

Day 4, we rented a car and began our drive to Buzios. It was a Sunday and we stopped on the side of the road not long after crossing the Niteroi bridge at a wonderful, huge churrascuria called Vacaria do Sul (estrada niteroi manhilha BR 101, kn 26.5, Itaborai). It was huge and awesome. Full of tables full of large brazilian families - with a big salad bar full of fresh salads in the middle and many skewers of delicious meat. We had a great time. I think we were the only tourists there and it was a lot of fun. The service was excellent -- although none of the servers really spoke much english, they kept checking on us and made sure we were well taken care of. I highly recommend if you are in Niteroi for some reason or if you are driving to/from Buzios. Our bill was about $100 with drinks for my husband.

For us, Buzios was a big disappointment. Our one previous trip to Rio was in Bahia and we had the most amazing time there -- some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen to in the world, world-class resorts and truely fresh and incredible seafood. Buzios is where Bridget Bardot vacationed in the 60s when it was a small fishing village. It because a playground for the rich and famous after that -- and now is highly developed (compared to Bahia). We stayed at Casas Brancas, which was well worn and a disappointment. On recommendation, we ate at two of their restaurants: the deck, which is a casual pizza place that was actually quite good) and Rocka, which is a short drive away on praia brava. The setting was pretty, although VERY windy, but the food was subpar (my husband has the local oystrs on the half shell, which were fresh but very minerally for his taste. He also had the fish tar tar, which he said was basic. I had an octopus carpaccio, which is just OK -- a bit 'fishy' tasting for octopus). We had crepes one night at this famous and crowded place on the main drag in town (rua das piedras) -- and they were just OK. And, for our last dinner, we went to the highly touted restaurant at Hotel Insolito -- and this was also just OK. I had a salad w/ langostinos to start that was very basic and just OK. My husband started with a seafood pasta dish that was good, not great. He had a brazilian lobster w/ a risotto -- lobster grossly overcooked and risotto just OK. And, I had a filet mignon with a cheesy starchy cake (don't think it was potato, but not quite sure what it was). The filet and the cheese cake were both quite good. We finished with profiteroles that were really yummy.

On our drive back from Buzios, we took Route 106 (coastal) and had hoped to stop somewhere for a big seafood lunch. We found a place, but it was so sub-par, I didn't bother to remember. All in, we were just not that impressed by Buzios, and especially not by the food. Back to Bahia for us...

BTW - eat before you get to the airport (or at least before you go through security for international departures in rio), because there is only a snack bar beyond that (with really tasty pao de queijo).

Do Any Sichuan Places Deliver to the Financial District?

Try Liberty View -- It's yummy!

Liberty View
21 South End Ave, New York, NY 10280

Sep 29, 2010
Stickies in Manhattan

L20 Tatami Room?

Wow - that is a pretty epic review! I'll have to write my own after my experience this wknd! Have Alinea Saturday at L20 Tatami on Sunday...

1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

Aug 31, 2010
Stickies in Chicago Area

L20 Tatami Room?

Anyone been?

I have a res there next weekend and was hoping to here that it's worth the $225/pp price.


Aug 25, 2010
Stickies in Chicago Area

Mommy + Daddy's Night Out! Suggestions, please...

My husband and I are going out on an all-too-rare-these-days-DATE this Thursday. We're looking for something young-ish (like late 20 somethign or 30 somethings) to remind us of our cool lives pre-baby, reasonably affordable (like maximum $25 entrees, preferably in the teens, as we're already spending a mint on our babysitter for the night) and downtown. We thought East Village or Lower East Side might fit these criteria. I think most places in West Village might be more on the expensive side. Nothing in Tribeca, please, as we live + eat out there all the time.

We'd need a place that will either take a resie on short notice (it IS Tuesday already, isn't it?!) or won't have an obscene wait (or if it does, it must have a great bar to have a drink at).

Anything new in the areas that might fit the bill? Also -- any bars near the suggested resto where we could have a beer/wine/cocktail before/after?

Thanks in advance for all the great suggestions!

Apr 06, 2010
Stickies in Manhattan

Vosne-Romanee + Beaune - Wine Tasting + Restos

Bonjour Chowhounds!

My friend and I will be in Vosne-Romanee (staying at Le Richebourg) and Beaune in late October and we are looking for recommendations for restaurants (lunch anywhere -- dinners near Vosne-Romanee as we don't want to have to drive far at night) and recommendations for wine tastings at vineyards that we can reserve in advance.

As for restos -- we dont' want to spend a million euros for the meals. If there are great bistros w/ price fix lunches or reasonable dinners- it would be perfect (less than 50 Euros a person per meal would be great).

Thanks in advance for the wonderful recommendations!


Oct 02, 2008
Stickies in France