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Anywhere good to eat in Stockholm?

I was there right before Christmas and had a hard time finding places that weren't booked up that served traditional Swedish food. Operakallaren (the back pocket of a very fancy restaurant) was casual, delicious -- the food came from the same kitchen, and they didn't take reservations. People I was working with there also recommended Sturehot, Grodan, East, Riche (we went there and it was great), and Kollage.

Mar 09, 2009
sfdottie in Europe

Gent (or Ghent), Belgium

Thank you! This is really helpful.

Gent (or Ghent), Belgium

Mmmm yeah that looks tasty! Any other ideas?

Gent (or Ghent), Belgium

I'm traveling to Gent at the beginning of August for a work trip and I'm looking for some fun restaurants for lunch and dinner.

I'm looking for a range:

* the local stuff you just have to try
* the fancy restaurants that you go to for special occasions (or when it can be expensed!).

My coworker and I love love love good food.


Thank you!

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

Sodra Larmgatan 20 , and the phone number is 031-138090. It sounds like the same place. They had a really nice salad buffet table out in the courtyard, along with tables. Have fun!

Mar 25, 2008
sfdottie in Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

I just got back, but for anyone that goes out to Gothenburg I recommend Pour bon, a bread shop (might be a chain) that made amazing bread and croissants. The fig bread was amazing.

I went to Smaka and sadly wasn't very impressed. It was good but not great.

I did go to a nice place called Stallgården for lunch one day. They have two choices a day on the menu. We had a choice between reindeer and halibut. The reindeer was pretty good, served the same way they serve meatballs (same sauce, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries).

We were there for a while, so we tried a few different places, including a thai place called "Spice" that was pretty good.

All in all, a good trip and good eating!

Mar 19, 2008
sfdottie in Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

PS the Swedes described it as the best restaurant in Sweden and the highlight of seafood here, which Gothenburg is known for.

Mar 09, 2008
sfdottie in Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

It's never too late, we've just barely gotten here :) Some local Swedes recommended a restaurant called Sjomagasinet that we went to tonight. It was incredibly expensive, but very delicious, rich, and authentic.

The highlight was the herring platter starter marinated 7 different ways, accompanied by crackers, hard cheese, and potatoes. I'd go just for that and a bottle of wine and be happy (and not order any more because it's richness overkill).

Mar 08, 2008
sfdottie in Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden? (Goteborg)

Any Chowhounds have recommendations for specific restaurants in Gothenburg?

Seafood is good, since it sounds like it's the local specialty.

Going to be there next week and I have to entertain my (American) work team for lunches and dinners, mainly dinners.

Any recos are appreciated!


Feb 27, 2008
sfdottie in Europe