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TFL wine list?

Yep, I've submitted a request via the contact form on the website - no reply yet (although admittedly it was the middle of the night California time) so I figured I'd ask here in case anyone had an easy link.

TFL wine list?

Hello folks,

My wife-to-be and I will be in wine country for the first week of our honeymoon, and we've got dinner reservations at TFL (yay for fast fingers on OpenTable) and Cyrus.

Now, if I am going to have a stupendous meal, I want stupendous wine, but I frankly can't be paying thousands of dollars a bottle, so I intend to take advantage of their corkage policy. I'm just trying to work out how I am supposed to tell what's on their list, when the list isn't on the website. Does anyone have a link? Or a number I can call (the only contact number I can find is the reservation line number, and you that's not going to work for obvious reasons!)

It's probably unlikely they will list the specific wines I intend bringing (most likely a very mature Monfortino and a pretty rare white Hermitage) but I don't want to waste my time packing a suitcase specifically to protect a couple of special bottles if I won't be able to open them.

Thanks in advance.