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Favorite Korean Market in Ktown?

The surefire way to rank Korean markets, in my opinion, is the degree of parking chaos that exists in their lots. Over the past decade or so, I have become the authority on Koreatown parking, and therefore my pick of the "best" Korean markets are #1 Hannam Chain. 2740 W. Olympic, and #2 Galleria Market, 3250 W. Olympic.
If you're able to park nearby, Hannam is good for seeing working class Korean families doing their groceries alongside a fair amount of recent immigrants. Be aggressive w/that shopping cart. Food is war.
Galleria is one of the most crowded grocery stores in So. Calif. The clientele seems younger and more upward mobile than Hannam---Koreatown Galleria's multilevel parking garage sometimes resembles Berlin in its abundance of Beemers, Benz's and Audi's.
Koreans now dominate the downtown wholesale produce market and local markets consider vegetables and fruit loss leaders. Be ready for astoundingly fresh fruits and vegetables at rock bottom prices at most Korean markets.
However, Galleria's meat and fish sections are weirdly mediocre.
The HK/Galleria markets are part of a nationwide chain. The upper deck of the KTown Galleria parking structure affords one of the best views of L.A.'s downtown skyline. And REMEMBER $5 Jyajyagmyung in the food court.

Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town

The first place I had soondoobu in L.A. was Beverly Soondoobu when it was actually on Beverly Blvd. in the mid-80s. The waitresses there always bid me adieu with "Muchas gracias," thinking that I was surely their only regular Chicano customer. "Cholo jya arimasen. Boku wa Nihonjin da yo!"
I gravitated over to Sokongdong for a few years, but the owners changed and so did their flavorful soup. Haven't found anything as tasty as their oyster/pork combo anywhere.
Today, I satisfy my soondoobu jones at BCD on Wilshire, which, if I'm not high, is the only 24-hour Korean eatery on the boulevard with ample free parking. See the pretty Korean girls wander in drunk after the clubs close.

Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town

Hey, degustateur... What LA Korean restaurant has the best vegan options? Ahaha, just kidding.
Seriously though, if you share all our secret KTown joints, our [ahem] non-Asian friends will be packing these places, and you know how they tend to linger over their meals, like, for up to an hour.
Great list.

L.A. Most Outrageous Sausage- Pastrami- Egg- Chili- Cheeseburger

Best burger threads are always contentious, I know. But they should start with something like this:

What grind works best w/a Vietnamese Press? (moved from L.A. board)

I've been drinking Korean instant coffee for three years-- you know, the kind that comes in those cellophane tubes and is sold under the Maxim and Maxwell House labels at the Korean grocery stores -- and I can't stand drinking that shlt any more. Life is too short.
Peeked into the cupboard and spied a shiny Vietnamese press up in there. I'm thinking the ground stuff labelled for a French press would do the trick. Can any aficionados out there chime in? Condensed milk and boiling kettle await your reply... and an imaginary lemon bar too.


Dec 16, 2009
Gohantabeyoka in General Topics

1st Annual Korean BBQ Cook-off Saturday

This isn't Kansas anymore, Phurstluver. This is post-whitebread Los Angeles, baby!
Keep your mind open and your palate will follow. Suggestions? Two words: Gop jang (seasoned pork entrails). Have fun! You've never tried kim chi? Hmm.

1st Annual Korean BBQ Cook-off Saturday

I usually find the offerings at these ethnic food fests to be sub-par, but this cook-off has 10 pretty solid restaurants competing for the barbecue bragging rights of Koreatown, so I think I'll brave the heat and head for KTown to check out this event.

Stop me if it's already been hyped here, but it's Saturday, Aug 8, from noon to 8 p.m. at the northwest corner of Vermont and Sixth St. in the heart of Koreatown. Details:

LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold, KCRW's Evan Kleiman and LAT's Russ Parson's will be the judges, so the 10 restaurants vying for the title of Best BBQ in KTown better bring their "A" game and their nastiest kimchi.

The flackage promo-ing this benefit for the Korean American Coalition smacks of Tofu Festival's of the recent past, and I'm a tad skeptical. But I LOVE KOREAN BBQ! so I will be there.

Korean Soon Tofu

I second that emotion.

So. Calif. Japanese Obon Festivals

Japanese Americans all across the land from New York to Los Angeles will celebrate the ancient Buddhist Obon festival in the coming weeks with joyous folk dancing, religious observances and traditional Japanese foods in what is the most authentic cultural event remaining in Japanese America.

These festivals feature unpretentious Japanese American comfort food---udon, maki/inari/chirashi sushi, chicken and beef teriyaki right off the grill, steamed corn on the cob, yakisoba, Okinawan dango, botamochi, nikuman, shaved ice in every artificlal color of the rainbow including azuki and ujicha

You don't have to be Buddhist or Japanese or a Chowhounder to dance and honor the spirit of those who have passed during the year.

Here's a pretty inclusive schedule of Obon Festivals:


Frozen dumplings?

There are a couple of ladies selling huge, delicious homemade meat, clear noodle and chive-filled Korean mandu near the cellphone guy in Glendale H.K. Market. Buy a bag, fry 'em, steam 'em or make Mandukuk. Mmm. Hey, gyoza, mandu, "potstickers" are getting pretty expensive. H.K. is on Pacific just south of Glenoaks. Me? I'm usually sitting out front near the Coke machine or else I'm across the street at Paris Baguette blogging and tweeting. So there.

BiBimBap with Brown rice

For me, the beauty of bimbimbap is the interplay of the tastes of the naemul with the baekmi (white rice). I don't even mix it up properly like my Korean friends say to. I like the unified and contrasting vegetable and white rice flavors.
As for hyeonmi and boori (barley/bean) rice... DOUBLE YUCK!
Coworkers prefer brown rice sushi over white rice. Yuck again! I'm passionate about this, maaan.

Little Tokyo's Sakura Shutters

Well, that's "30" for the little snack counter luncheonette Sakura inside Little Tokyo's Mitsuwa Market. They closed up for good this afternoon. Had a chicken katsu bowl and a kitsune udon for old time's sake. Said good-bye to the workers.

J-Town's Mitsuwa Market is set to remain open till Sunday, but what for?
The shelves are 99% bare. I mean there's nothing left. Any salable inventory has been shipped away to other Mitsuwa's around town.

The Japanese market will be gutted and completely renovated.
It will reopen shortly as the Little Tokyo Galleria Market.
The good news is that shops like Utsuwa no Yakata, the very cool Japanese pottery store, Hanaichimonme, the manga-themed ramen shop on the third level and izakaya Honda-Ya will remain open as part of the new Korean-owned shopping center. A small Korean-operated handbag shop is having its grand opening this week on the 2nd level.

BiBimBap with Brown rice

Brown rice bibimbap?

Labels Tables

What a great name.
It's after 10 p.m. on a Saturday, and I'm thinking of eating YOU.

Good tarts around Hollywood?

Look for Jerroldeen on Hollywood near Edgemont after 3 am.

Tacos La Fonda Truck in No. Hlywd

Thankew, ceviche, but where has Bandini gone?

Tacos La Fonda Truck in No. Hlywd

Bandini hasn't updated his taco blog in months and I am still trying to treat myself to the top rated tacos at Tacos La Fonda whose truck is supposed to be parked at the carwash @ Vineland and Vanowen.
Is it still there? I can't find it. Day or night. I'm mad. Pls. help me.

korean truck found!

Hey, 608...
You can track the elusive Kogi BBQ taco truck that's been officially open since late Nov. via Twitter now. It meanders from K-Town to Hollywood to Westwood at night offering up galbi, spicy pork and chicken tacos, burritos and Korean treats like pork belly kimchi fried rice and the like. Decent, reasonably priced, fun eating.
- Track da Korean Taco Truck ---
- Korean Taco Truck Mania:
- Official Website:
- Feature Article:

hiddem gems in the van nuys area?

Hey, Uber:
As you know, I'm really cheap and often trapped in the valley, so
I'm just gonna scan your post here and keep it on my new 3g mini netbook for when that question comes up: "Where'd you wanna eat?"
Thank you.
PS Puro Sabor has my attention.

favorite bakery?

Paradise on Glenoaks in Glendale.

Chop Suey Café Bites The Dust

A lot of local Japanese Americans looked forward to the reopening of Little Tokyo's fabled and beloved Far East Cafe. More than just the food, the old chinameshi-ya conjured up a lot of history and fond memories for Nikkei baby boomers.
After all, we were all born, married and died there eating almond duck, pakkai and hom-yu with huge bowls of steaming long-grain.
"Chop Suey" is a crass copy, so we're staying away. You gotta pay your dues to cruise J-town, baby.
Let Far East RIP, alongside Matsuno Sushi, San Kuo Low and the rest of once secret places that we so cherished. We're beginning to accept that we can never get the old Little Tokyo back. Japanese America is clearly going extinct.
As for latecomers like the Tofu Festival, that's a whole other story, featuring Japanese Americans who put butter on their gohan and sugar into their matcha.

Any suggestions for a great whole roast chicken or BBQ chicken to bring home in west hollywood or the westside

Can't beat Costco's roasted chicken-----> 6 samoleans

Peruvian in SFV?


Peruvian in SFV?

Aha, here's my chance to do what a lotta Hounds do, OP asks for a regional pick and well-intentioned respondents lead you all over town---WAKATAY, open a few months in Gardena, is a Japanese Peruvian restaurant!
It's right next to the Marukai Market on Redondo Beach Blvd., just 40 _short_ freeway miles from the SFV.
Menu on their website. It's funny that Marukai had Inka Cola on sale Saturday.
Hint: Peruvians eat a lotta fish. Order the seafood. The "small dish" selection's also very tempting.

REVIEW w/ pics: Korean Chicken Smackdown - Kyochon vs Bon Chon

Seems like these franchise Korean chicken places like Kyochon and Bonchon twice fry to get that extra crispiness.
I am seriously addicted to the spicy wings @ House of Joy in Glendale, a Korean-style Chinese restaurant across from the HK Market on Pacific just south of Glenoaks. Eating a plate of the House of Joy's wings is like eating candy; takes some serious willpower to stop. The orange stain around my mouth is now permanent, baby!

Live Nudes & Lunch

I often find myself in one of the Southland's (topless/nude) gentlemen's clubs around noon. Several of the ones I patronize offer lunch among other things, but I've yet to find any as beguiling as a three-song lap. Do any of you have a secret fave with decent lunch? I'm serious.

Best college-age cholesterol hangouts?

Switching the wayback machine on:
Elbowing your way past the linebacker-types at the old Fatburger location @ San Vicente & La Cienega on a Saturday night to grab your Double King bacon and fried egg cheeseburger, then a couple of hours later dodging past the rock (cocaine) addicts and slim-hipped prostitutes cross town at El Taurino for asada tacos and strawberry champurrado or venturing further south on Hoover for a giant coctel de camarrones and a baggie of mafufa at Arturo's elusive mariscos truck at sun up. We had no fear.

Comme Ça visit this weekend

How much is this scrumptious lunch time CHEESEBURGER J.Gold speaks of, CP?

best pumpkin pie in LA?

Since I was cruelly laid-off I've rediscovered the baked goods section at Costco Burbank.
They sell a 14-inch diameter punkin pie for under 6 samoleans.
A punkin cheesecake almost had me stickin' a finger in it, but I was able to restrain myself at the last moment. Mmmm.
PS I usually have my pie w/black, black freeze-dried coffee @ 2:45 a.m., just before NPR's Morning Edition comes on. I haven't slept in weeks.

Chinese food delivery - Studio City

Hey, Uber:
Is Golden Chopsticks still @ Magnolia and Laurel?
When I used to order to go, I would tell 'em---cook it for Chinese people
and it wouldn't be half bad.