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Arlington Recommendations?

I will be staying in Arlington for a conference and would appreciate any tips for good food close. I could always take the train into DC but if someone has any recommendations right in Arlington I would appreciate it! I hear the quarterdeck is good for crabs, any agreement there? I also love any ethnic cuisine. I live in a small mountain town so I don't get the opportunity to eat it often, so I'm looking for recommendations that lean towards the exotic. Thanks! Wendy

Help with sushi in DC

I am coming to the area in August and am looking for a fantastic sushi place, something that has the more exotic offerings. Any hints?

Mexican in Rio Grande Valley

Believe it or not, I cannot find any "real" mexican food on SPI, Rio Hondo, Harlingen or Brownsville. La Playa in Harlingen is good but I want something like I would get from a street vendor in Mexico City, real, authentic, filled with Jalepenos. Thanks

Feb 26, 2008
mrsmccook in Texas

Moving to Tyler, where do we eat?

It is a bit out of the way, just off the interstate to the north is a little BBQ joint called the Bodacious BBQ. Great ribs, brisket, etc. Just good Ol' Texas meat products with a sprinkling of excellent coleslaw.

Feb 26, 2008
mrsmccook in Texas

Sushi near Staples Center?


Feb 26, 2008
mrsmccook in Los Angeles Area