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Where to buy Cavatappi Pasta in LA?

Just bought some yesterday at Fresh & Easy...It's my secret pasta I use in my mac & cheese...

Aug 29, 2009
willyrosner in Los Angeles Area

NY Pizza near Burbank, does it exist?

Pitfire Pizza on Lankershim and Magnolia in NoHo has great pie IMHO. Their cheese pizza witrh sausage is wonderful.

Aug 12, 2009
willyrosner in Los Angeles Area

Best Sandwich at Bay Cities?

I always thought Bay Cities was really good. Not amazing but certainly something enjoyable. That is until I tried their grilled paninis. BEST-SANDWICH-EVER. I think they do a few different kinds now but I always get the panini godmother...Something alchemical happens to the sandwich when they grill it up and it becomes truly sublime. They aren't made to order. The sandwiches are stacked in a pile next to the hot food case on the right of the deli...If you're in a hurry they're a great grab because they're pre-made and you can get one and be eating it before most people have even had their number called....You will thank me....Also, these sandwiches tend to have longer shelf life than the regular sub. I've heated it up the next day and it was delish. I dream of these sandwiches. They call me to Bay Cities like a Siren calls a sailor.

Apr 11, 2009
willyrosner in Los Angeles Area