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Chile Gravy

this is just like my mexican aunts taught me to make... well minus the flour/roux-oregano-ancho powder part.... let me make a suggestion... do the ancho chile, onion and stock part in the blender.... that's all you really need.... fry the tortillas... dip in ancho-onion sauce.. and fill with chopped fresh onion and crumbly farmers cheese....seriously.. this is incredibly good.. its simple.. but really good!

Jan 26, 2009
tuxpena in Recipes

Help! Need Mexican Recipe for Dinner Party!

you can make enchiladas the mexican way my aunts used to.... toast 2 ancho chilis and in a blender, blend it with hot water, 1 onion and maybe a tiny bit of buillion to make a red sauce... then lightly fry corn tortillas, dip in sauce, and fill with simple mixture of fresh onion and that crumbly rancherito (farmer's) cheese, roll and place in a dish and cover with remaining sauce... its not as gooey as a standard enchilada... but its darn good... i almost liken it to cheesy chilaquiles... lol...

Apr 01, 2008
tuxpena in Home Cooking

Leftover chocolate chip cookies (slightly overbaked)

Dunk in milk? Personally, im one of those who prefer a crunchy cookie... so u can send them to me.. ha ha ha. :)

Feb 26, 2008
tuxpena in Home Cooking