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downtown toronto vegetarian ??

i am looking for all veg or vegan - price isnt as important as a super-licious nosh ?

downtown toronto vegetarian ??

going to toronto soon on business -loooking for tasty vegetarian goodies near downtown TO - any ideas ?

coffee in kingston

i have heard that the sleepless goat pours a nice cup of fair trade cofffee in town - i will doing business there and i need my bean . any thoughts ??

Staying near the TO airport area- looking for good eats

I will be in toronto for a few days soon and im looking for good eats - indian - pizza ,wings - mexican- i am open - where should i go after a long day of meetings for good food - some thing i should not miss?????????

Best Donair in Halifax, NS?

I agree ...Bash Toulanys is the best donair in the city .... if im halifax i always go there .... and its always great ...mmmmmmmmm. i have got to get there soon .

Jun 04, 2008
coffeecup in Atlantic Canada

Chowhound worthy stops on 401 (Toronto to Montreal)

Also...if not there is a great Fish and Chip shop in Brockville at 40 water st. west -Don's fish and chips ... they do a very good job and are very busy - take out only ... but there is a lovely park not far away where you can have your lunch and watch the lakers sail by on the river. They also sell Vernor's soda if you are a fan....

Chowhound worthy stops on 401 (Toronto to Montreal)

Hey Currycue....... I suggest you time your lunch stop for Kingston ..right at the end of princess street -downtown is Pan Chanco ... a bakery with a fabulous takeout - lovely sandwiches on fantastic breads - great soups and lots of other goodies .... you will not be sorry .

What foods would you buy organic?

I agree with KOKO ... the best way to buy is local and organic ... and the tasteis just fantastic. im currently buying a salad mix from my favorite organic farm and its so good .As for coffee that from poorer countries esp- arabica is sometimes organic by default just because pesticides are an added cost ... fair trade and organic via a transfair canada roaster is the best way to go.

Apr 07, 2008
coffeecup in General Topics

Low Sodium groceries/eats

hey ... Food basics IE: metro A&P hasthere own house brand of canned tomatoes that are low sodium , there are not premium priced either.

Houndworthy in Kingston?

Hold the Bus to Kingston .. The Sleepless Goat on Princess Street is a worker owned co-op and has fair trade coffees and some neat vegetarian dishes. BUT ..apparently worker owned co-op means let no man or woman EVER clean the place .. I don't know anyone i know ( and i used to go there regilarily ) bothers to go back beacuae of the apprent no cleaning rule they have in place , Just imagine the Kitchen ... i don't know what is up with our city's health dept. ... but please don't ever suggest anyone you care about ever go to " the goat" . as for little cambodian village .. a great , affordable option .

Houndworthy in Kingston?

Casa domenico is perhaps the most overrated restaurant in Kingston ... i have never had great srvice there and food has been under epectation every time . i know several others who had equally dissapointing evenings there . i think the Chein Noir and Aroma , woodheads Chez piggy - Pan Chanco are your best bets . As for Aqua Terra a in the the food is generally quite well service is hit and miss ...

Houndworthy in Kingston?

Regarding the hours at Luke's ... i meant that you show up when they are sup[posed to be open and they are just not open yet ..the be back in twenty minutes thing . Lukes folks set him up in the restaurant .. they own a winery in "the County" . As for Aroma ... no connection with the London place ; Breakfast / brunch at Pan Chanco ... Chez Piggy's bakery and take-out gormet food place ... good quality -Great Service - Woodheads has great Pizza - the place is always busy ... and its a loud restaurant .

Houndworthy in Kingston?

I hear the chowline at the Kingston Pen serves a mean brisket >>>> I have heard the food at Luke's is Great , he now is largely buying Organic and local ... The problem is with Luke's is the hours are very inconsistant ( so after four or five times .... he has not been open for some reason or other ) .. also i have been iformed by everyone who goes there that the serve is appallingly slow . However i will continue to try and attend .. let me know how you get along !!!
A suggestion i have for you is Aroma On Ontario Street ..interesting, great tasting tapas and mains an extensive wine list as well .. The chef there is very keen on local or high quality ingredients as well .
Enjoy yourself .......

Tired of Careless Kitchens

My wife and i dined here in kingston at Megalo's ...just a salad i ordered a caesar - decent -real bacon ..but $8.99 for a lunch salad . My wife ordered a garden salad... it came and the greens and tomatoes were frozen .. black and yucky ... sloppy service and kitchen shame on on them serving that .. we didn't pay for her salad ( it wasn't eaten ) ... but no appliogies either ... if you serve messed up salad ... what else are you getting wrong ... it is hard to find decent food and service is even harder to find ... it is a joy when you get both only a few stellar places in town .. and a few mom and pops'

Buddha Dog? Thoughts? Death Watch?

i have Dined in the buddha dog in Picton and found the product tasty but not satisfying for the pricing . It is more like a tapas or appetizer . I found it funny to base a whole restaurant around this ,instead of making a menu item amoungst other high quailty local ingredients . if it has trouble in Toronto...... imagine 2 months worth of tourist bsiness paying your bills in Picton based on a little hotdog ..... a pretty narrow product offering ( no mater how excellent it is )

Gourmet Dining in Kingston Ontario

Aroma on Ontario Street ..unique tapas style tasting menu- amazing mains ... small sampling glasses of wine OPEN KITCHEN will not be disappointed .

Fish House at DVP/Sheppard

I used to go to the fish house at dvp/sheppard and it used to be good ..... is it still there or swimmin' with the fishes - any other fish restaurant ideas

Crockpot was off overnight

You Have maybe 5 Dollars worth of food there ........if someone gave you 5 dollars for the pleasure of making you very very sick would you take it?? Unless its Kobe Beef or truffles it is not worth it...

Feb 27, 2008
coffeecup in Not About Food

Affordable Eats in the Financial District

I would work my way over to St Lawerence market for some varied and tatsy options , lots of cheap , quality grub to be had .