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to chez panisse or to not chez panisse, that is the question

I would like to speak up on behalf of Cez Panisse on many levels. I've been to the cafe twice over the last 18 months and the food, service and ambience have all been memorable. While not the cheapest meal in town I felt it was good value for the quality. On another level though the place has good karma and I support it for that reason too. Several years ago my mother, who was disabled, decided to go the the cafe for lunch with a friend to celebrate my mother's birthday. When they got there and realized the cafe was up a steep flight of stairs, which my mother could not navigate, they apologized and said they would need to go elsewhere. The folks at Chez Panisse told them they would be honored to serve them lunch downstairs even though downstairs was not open for lunch. They were gracious and welcoming and my mother and her friend had a most memorable lunch being the only ones seated downstairs. A place with that much heart deserves support.

Paris restaurants closed this week

I will be in Paris at the end of next week and called a couple today for reservations. They are both closed until March 3rd. Anyone know why? Will I have trouble at my choices (not 3 stars) making reservations only a couple of days ahead? Thanks.

Feb 26, 2008
buckygirl in France