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Professional Gas Ranges -- Oven Sizes -- the Elephant in the room?

Although that's true for commercial ranges, like those made by Garland for restaurants, the ranges the poster is referring to are not commercial ranges. Instead, they're commercial-style ranges made for the residential market. The latter usually have slightly different features, such as additional insulation, than their restaurant counterparts in order to comply with residential homeowners insurance requirements. Also, ranges of this type do not have pilot lights. Some people do choose to put true restaurant ranges in their homes. However, if they do so without fulfilling the additional requirements set by insurance companies, like sprinkler systems, they risk having their homeowners insurance invalidated.

Sep 24, 2012
foodieseattlelady in Cookware

Fall Dinner Party Menu

I'm having a fairly fancy dinner party for 8 people with a fall theme as well.

My menu is as follows:

Hors d'oeuvres to be served with Bubbly Hard Cider:

Mushroom Duxelles sandwich between Puff Pastry

Potted Shrimp flavored with Garam Masala in Phyllo Cups & Garnished with Cilantro

Smoked Salmon rolled with Gremolata served at English Cucumber Slices

Roast Beef rolled with Roasted Garlic Puree Served atop square Daikon Radish Slices

Soup: Thomas Keller's Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Brown Butter & Nutmeg Creme Fraiche & Fried Sage Leaf garnish (to be served with a Dry Reisling)

Sorbet: Pear Sorbet (featuring puree of pears poached in Johannesberg Reisling)

Main: Goose with Port Wine Sauce

Ricotta Gnocchi (aka Gnudi--see thread)

Red Cabbage braised with Bacon & Red Wine Vinegar

(To be served with a Bordeaux or Cab Sauvignon)

Salad: Roasted Beet with Arugula, Blue Cheese, Walnuts & Walnut Vinaigrette

Dessert: Apple Gateaux made with filling of Sweetened Sour Cream & Apples Sauteed in Butter & Nutmeg, Apple Jack-Soaked Genoise Layers & Whipped Cream Icing

(To be served with Coffee and Spirits)

Marcella Hazan bolognese - oil / fat factor

Yes. Some people really like the fatty part. But, you can always pour off as much fat as possible.

Removing bitterness from cooked greens

For more fibrous greens, like those you refer to, blanch first for just a few minutes in boiling water (your pasta pot will make this easy). Then, saute in olive oil or butter with whatever flavorings you like. I usually add some red chile flakes, anise and a little garlic. Easy & delicious! This is also great added to pasta.

What's cardamom good in?

Everything! Add it to rice, season a steak or red meat with it, or add to a dessert recipe. It's fantastic in chocolate recipes or any butter-based dessert.

Huge Cauliflower - now what?

Cut into large horizontal slices (I like to think of these as cauliflower steaks), blanch and brown in either beurre noir or brown butter.

Button Mushrooms--Massive Amount

Make a large batch of Duxelles. The Duxelles can be frozen and added to all sorts of things.

What to do with figs???

My favorite thing to do is cut them in half, drizzle them with honey and put blue cheese on top of them. Then, roast them at 400 for 15 minutes. Sprinkle good finishing salt and cracked black pepper on top before serving. Enjoy!

Mediocrity in Seattle?

Your examples of all of the bad brunches in "Seattle" comes down to two restaurants? Really? And those two are in the outer suburbs? While your have every right to your irritation, your statement is absolutely false. Look around, try crusing Yelp or talking to your friends and finding out about the good brunches around. Or, just trundle around the Pike Place Market one day, and drop into one of any number of excellent, hand-made brunches.

Pike Place Market
1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

What to do with leftover buttermilk?

Brine chicken in it, make salad dressing with or bake anything from biscuits to irish soda bread. It has tons of uses!

December 2014 & February 2011 Cookbook of the Month: THE ESSENTIAL NEW YORK TIMES COOKBOOK Chapters 1-4

I love green goddress dresssing, and really missed the inclusion of tarragon in this recipe.

November 2010 Cookbooks of the Month: WOLFERT's World of Food and The Cooking of Southwest France

Don't worry about it. It's the same. They just redesigned the cover art.

Why not buy the new lightweight Cast Iron cookware with steel/wood handles?

That's funny!

Yes, the oven is for more than cookies.

Cookware is one of the few things in life that can last for your entire life if you make the right choice. However, plastic and wood handles with NOT last for your lifetime. In fact, most manufacturers who produce pans with those types of handles aren't known for producing pans that last for more than 5 years. Something to think about when making an investment.

If I were you, I would buy cast iron dutch ovens and skillets and heavy aluminum saucepans, like All-Clad or Calphalon.

Mar 03, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Cookware


For knives, check out City Kitchen. They sell more Shun knives than any other retailer in Washington state, and also have an excellent selection of other knife brands.

Mar 03, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Cookware

Don't Be a Garden Mooch

I've attended one party held at the private home where the homeowners lent their home to one of their son's friends, and it was a disaster. A decorative lamp the host brought leaked lamp oil all over the wood floors. The day after the party, it gas stove top was found to have been left on very low, so that a puff of flame went up from the entire thing when a burner was turned on! One week later, a bowl of rotting salad was found secreted on a shelf. To top all of that off, the host did not even send the owners a thank card or small gift, like flowers. All in all, I felt really bad for them because they felt somewhat used.

As other commenters have noted, hosting a party means that the public portions of the home (aka "event space") must be cleaned both before and afterwards. This includes not only the bathrooms, but the kitchen and the indoor and outdoor seating areas. Will you clean those? Also, what happens if it rains? No matter how thorough the host may be, it's likely that bits of trash and mess will be overlooked. Also, for a garden, that a certain amount of plant destruction may taken place. Although plants may seem relatively cheap, some of them may be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, especially in the case of trees and specialty plants. What will happen if one of your guests kills or damages one of those plants? Are you willing to pay for it?

If the owner of the garden is one of your closest friends in the world, who loves you so much that your friendship might be hurt by the word "no", you might be able to ask. Otherwise, don't. Just by asking, you may be putting that person in a very awkward position, where she risks feeling put upon or damaging your friendship.

As an alternative, you could make a series of upscale brown bag lunches or picnic baskets at a local garden or park. Some parks and gardens also have kitchen areas that can be used for free or for a nominal fee.

Feb 28, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Features

Alcohol in food at restaurants - Legal?

Lots of restaurants use alcohol in food. If you've ever gone to an Italian or French restaurant, you've had either a sauce or a dessert with a little alcohol in it. The FDA isn't the governing body for restaurant code, that is set by state and local governments. For those bodies, the presence of a little alcohol in food is a not an issue because it really is such a small amount.

What do you HATE about your kitchen?

I too suffered without a dishwasher. Have you looked into one of the dishwashers that hook up to the sink<

What do you HATE about your kitchen?

Switching to gas was a revelation for me. I too have a gas stove that is nothing fancy, and it work really well. When you look at the pictures in lots of cooking blogs, it's amazing to see how many people who love to cook manage to cook really well in stoves that don't cost more than a new car!

Being Billed for No-Shows [split from Ontario]

If it's a cancelation fee and not a request for damages, then your argument would be moot.

Being Billed for No-Shows [split from Ontario]

If there is a service agreement, wherein the restaurant gives notice of a cancellation fee, then that is said "provision", isn't it?

Do your friends invite you to dinner?

Yes! One of my friends looked agog at a roasted chicken I made and asked, "What did you put on this?!! It's so good!" I told her, "Salt." She was shocked. It's not rocket science.

Do your friends invite you to dinner?

Food allergies these days are the monkey wrench in so many menus! Just prepare either a different protein/protein substitute or starch substitute in place of what you were going to make. Then, just remind yourself that at least you didn't invite a vegan and celiac to the same party.

What to do with guests who only want to host?

Within the past year and a half, I've run across a new problem that has perplexed me. One of my husband's best friends and his wife built a new home a year ago. Since then, they have begun to go out less and insist that people come over to their house. This has become such an issue that they hosted one dinner party where the host called his friends who had not RSVP'd or said that they were unable to come and implied that they were not good friends if they failed to come. Their house is almost an hour from our house and we have a two year-old. These friends do not have children. Thus, aside from an open house they host once a year, where we can easily leave if our little bundle of joy becomes overtired or just overly tiresome, this places a burden on us. This burden would be less if my husband's friends were willing to come to our house for dinner once in a while. I am an avid home cook and love entertaining. However, this couple has refused every single invitation, from baby showers for shared friends to sports events to dinner parties, to our home within the past year and a half. I feel like the girl who keeps traipsing after a cute boy, and keeps being rejected. After so much of that, even the most ardent admirer gets the hint. I am tempted to simply stop inviting them, and simply encourage my husband to spend time with his friend on the occasional guys night out. Then again, that seems a little petty. I suppose I could just see each invitation as a gesture I do not expect to be returned, like saying please and thank you. What do you think I should do? I am unsure.

Emile Henry pie pan --will I be sorry?

I love, love, love, love, love my emile henry pie pans! I cannot say enough wonderful things about them! With them, I've never singed a single crust. On top of that, they are simply beautiful.

Also, if I were you, I would check out the prices on ebay. Sometimes you can get them far more cheaply than Williams-Sonoma.

Jan 22, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Cookware

Le Creuset - Help me Choose 7.25 or 9 qt

Oh, also, if you love cast iron, you should read Molly Stevens' All About Braising.

Jan 22, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Cookware

Le Creuset - Help me Choose 7.25 or 9 qt

They also have a 16 qt goose roaster, but then again that just confuses the topic.

If you're really jonesing for both, buy the 7 qt Martha Stewart cast iron pot at Macy's when they're half off (which they are right now). That way the normally, $150 pot will be less than $100!!!!

Then, if you want to, you can still drop the $250+ on the Le Creuset. The only bummer about the 9 qt is that it doesn't come in as many cool colors as the 7 qt.

Jan 22, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Cookware

Measuring Cup Accuracy

That's why chemists use volumetric flasks for publishable experiments. If you are really interested in that level of accuracy (pastry is really the only area where quite that level seems necessary), you can buy them online and through scientific supply catalogs. You can also learn more about creating the closest possible execution of a theoretical model under online headings referring to Quantitative Measurement in relation to chemistry.

Jan 22, 2011
foodieseattlelady in Cookware

Best Caterer in Pacific Northest

I really like City Catering. Their chefs are accomplished and have an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. For my wedding, their take on authentic mexican food, mole included, was so authentic that my guests called me afterwards to ask what restaurant they could get more of it at!

Additionally, they have a marvelous in-house pastry chef who is an absolute whiz. Her dessert selection for my wedding included, dulce de leche cupcake drizzled with caramel sauce, banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, chocolate chipotle cupcakes and yellow cupcake with mango buttercream. They were all so delicious that we ended up having mini cupcakes so everyone could have a bit of each type.

On top of all of that the service could not be better. They will handle all of your rental from linen to crystal, and they do all of their own staffing, including amazing bartenders. For my event, they created a menu of three different margaritas! In addition, a marvelous member of the waitstaff is assigned to the host or hostess to make sure that they have everything they need. Marvelous!

Excellent Felafel found

Ooh! I LOVE this place! The meat is so flavorful. However, the wait can be very long. So, either call ahead, or bring some work or a good book.

Turkish/Greek Coffee

This may sound odd, but the best Turkish coffee I've had in Seattle is at the Dilettante Mocha Cafes. There's one on Broadway, one in Westlake and a few more around. Strangely enough, there's one at the airport. In fact, I first tried their Turkish coffee there and now it's my silver lining whenever the security line is too long.