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Dade/Broward multigenerational lunch

Looking for a variety of new places to try this summer. No "scene" spots, no gargantuan portions, just really fresh interesting food with veggie options. Thanks

Cuban restaurant - Versailles or somewhere else

El Pub, 8th St.

Cheap Eats Food Tour--What Am I Missing?

Yes to Joy's Roti House. You will probably have a long wait, but it's THE BEST roti I have ever eaten. And cheap. And giant. So fresh. Sub Center is good. I've been going since the 70's. don't eat there on the night shift - day time is best. Save room for a frozen custard from nextdoor!

Fruit and Vegetables in Miami

Yes, Publix produce in general is appalling, and the Dadeland location seems to be the worst of the lot. The Publix in Homestead is the exception, however, especially during harvest time. If you're in a hurry or don't want to go around to stands in the Redlands, you can usually get decent local stuff there and pay the same or less as other Publix locations. Robert Is Here has fair prices, usually, and a pretty good selection, plus he's a stand-up guy.

I've also done an organic share delivery, where you pick up at a central location. I guess the price would have been fair if the food hadn't all been handled badly. The fruit went bad in two days without ever ripening, and the potatoes looked like they had been munched on by locusts.

I haven't been to that little farm stand place on US1 near Gulfstream in a long time, but my mom shopped there regularly and said it was a deal. As for the Farmers Markets around town, you can get good stuff, but you're gonna pay dearly for it. I've seen prices as high as seven dollars a pound for non-heirloom tomatoes, which is a little steep.

Fishmongers in Miami

Been going to Golden Rule for years, never a problem. I'm a fisherman's daughter...the place smells right, if you know what I mean?

London Restaurants for Single Women

I'm not a bar/pub person, but I have dined alone in London extensively and have never had a problem, especially in the theatre district or in The City. Sometimes men send a drink, but they're always polite. Paris, on the other hand...

Mar 29, 2012
tangelo in U.K./Ireland

Going to Venice, but can't eat fish or meat. Restaurant recommendations?

I'm a vegan, went to Venice with an omnivore and an ovolacto vegetarian. We had no plans about where to eat in advance. We wandered around, talked to people, and had only ONE quasi-bad meal in a whole week. We were polite, we tried to speak Italian, and we were able to explain what we wanted/didn't want. Mainly, we stuck to trattoria. We had great salads, soups, pastas, and vegetable plates and no, there wasn't any cream of fish secreted away in the food. Italian restauranteurs take pride in what they serve, and the standard of food was excellent. I say don't worry too much. Go, have an adventure, explore. The worst thing that can happen is that for one meal you get something you don't want, and on the way back to your hotel you buy some bread and fruit.

Mar 26, 2012
tangelo in Italy

TOP SUBS in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami, Ft Lauderdale)

Sub Center in Hollywood has been around forever, and lately the food there's been really good. I've gone there for years, mainly out of habit. The service is idiosyncratic, sometimes it's great, but other times they sit down while they're making your sub and it takes forever to get out of there. It's fresh, though.

I miss that little web cafe sub shop that used to be in the same strip mall as Soyka in midtown Miami. They had cornichon.

Soyka's Restaurant Cafe & Bar
5556 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33137

Sub Center
5913 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021

Broward - All you can eat sushi

Agreed. Both Kyojin locations have become subpar, in the same way that the Emerald Coast went from decent to "feh." I've had better sushi from Publix. If you're in Dade, just forget "all you can eat" and pay Matsuri. In Broward, Marumi.

Three Afternoon Teas, London

I'll try the National next after reading this. I've had good and bad teas all over town, and quality seems to be independent of cost/location - especially when you factor in the crowd experience. My current theory is that if you go into one of the museums and the tea is sub par, you can at least salvage the experience by enjoying at the art. I had a shockingly delicious and cheap snacky tea at the V&A recently. Might have been a fluke.

Jun 14, 2009
tangelo in U.K./Ireland

Cheap good food in London with two teenagers.

If you walk down Exhibition Road toward Cromwell Rd, cross it and keep going, there are a few pretty good and inexpensive little places around the tube station. One is the tiny noodle bar on the corner of Exhibition and Thurloe - it's really good. There are a whole load more informal places and useful little shops in the streets around the corner by the station as well.

Jun 14, 2009
tangelo in U.K./Ireland

Royal India, Griffin Road in Dania/Hollywood

Funnily enough I went yesterday and my experience was quite similar to the OP, so this place is amazingly consistently bad. Imagine being able to maintain such a low standard for five years! The potato dish you referenced seemed an awful like the one I saw. The chutneys were not - not chutneys, not edible. The naan was OK. The salad was fresh. The vegetable curry seemed to consist of frozen green beans, the odd potato, and a lone carrot. The dishes weren't spiced in any way remotely Indian. The waitress was a grim version of Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle series, and she'd appear at the table at irregular intervals and and blurt out, "I take plates now," or "you vant anytink."

really good grocery stores

I shop at a number of Publixes throughout Dade and Broward and yes, there are good ones in Boca and a couple of adequate ones in Dade. I live in Pinecrest and I think the Dadeland location might be the very worst of them all - fortunately we have Joanna's Market for bread. I'm a native and my mom shopped at Publix when I was little, and it's completely different now. Employees routinely chat on cell phones while working, bag boys light cigarettes while wheeling your groceries to the car, and customers are treated as a nuisance. The produce is poorly handled and not worth buying, the dairy is often sweaty, and I've seen tons of past-dated items being sold. Prices often don't ring up the same as what's on the shelf, either. It's pretty bad when SuperTarget is better than the local outfit!!

Feb 15, 2009
tangelo in Florida

brick oven pizza

Lately I've only been having pizza from DiNapoli in Pinecrest.
(305) 255-0331
11755 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156
Their other dishes are spotty hit/miss, but the pizza's always good, and the salads as well.

Jan 04, 2009
tangelo in Florida

gourmet diner

The thing about this particular place that's so impressive to me is that it's been consistently good for years. Sure, some meals are better than others, but I've never had a horrible experience there. In South Florida, this is amazing.

Théine Coral Gables, any info?

Everybody always says they want to try it, but nobody I know has actually been. Apparently they do lunches, etc. in addition to teas?

Oct 08, 2008
tangelo in Florida

Any Recommendations on South Miami Restaurants?

Whenever I'm in that area lately I just go a little further north to US1 and Augusto (next to Starbucks) and eat at one of the two Moon locations. I've never had a bad meal there in five years. If you like Asian, give them a try.

We used to be regulars at The Big Cheese until the other night - nothing was right. The iced tea tasted salty, the pasta was cold and the sauce was hot, the garlic rolls were stale and the salad was overdressed. The service was appalling, too! We've been going there for ten years, it's a shame, but the attention to detail just isn't there anymore. We are far from fussy, and love red sauce joints. This was the third bad experience in a row. Never again!

I have never been, but a friend raves about Two Chefs at 82?? Dixie, in a strip mall near Joanna's Market. I think that's Ludlam? Her family even used them to cater a wedding, and were very pleased.

In South Miami itself, I like Khoury's. It's middle eastern food, always done right. The service is above average. It's at 58th avenue and 73rd st.

I don't know about Deli Lane. While I've never had a horrible meal there, a friend worked there and at the Tavern, said it was very unclean and warned me off.

The Beverly Hills Cafe is one of those places where the quality, service, cleanliness tends to waiver. We've been going back for years, though, because there aren't many other places where you can show up anytime in nearly any attire with any number of people and get a quick meal for a reasonable price. I'm a solid fan of 80's style big salads, and nowhere else in town does them as well as BHC. They never fuss about substitutions or special requests, either. The rolls are amazing!

Culinary vacation for single woman

Some of the suggestions here are great, but remember that most of Europe people take a break around Christmas. We found lots of restaurants and shops were closed, so make sure you get what you need and identify a restaurant or make friends in advance so that you don't end up eating in the train station...I didn't cry, but almost.

Sep 01, 2008
tangelo in Not About Food

First REAL Food memory

This is great!

I have two. The first, and I remember this quite clearly, is getting a green pea stuck in my nose. I was about two, and it occurred to me that the pea would fit nicely into my left nostril. I also remember my mother, who is given to emotional scenes, standing with me in front of the toilet shouting "Blow! Blow!" and then cramming her well manicured finger nail (white iridescent polish) into my little nose to get the pea. I was not allowed them for a few years after that.

The next one is the smell of clam boil coming from the kitchen. Every winter my aunt and uncle would come south with a massive suitcase filled with dry ice and live littleneck clams, a few lobsters, and ten pounds of chorizo and linguica from Furtado's in Fall River.My mother and aunt would layer them in giant kettles with ears of fresh corn and the house would fill with friends who'd go home stuffed, chins glistening with butter.

Aug 31, 2008
tangelo in General Topics

Disney Dinner Recs Needed

I was there for a couple of days last Spring, hadn't been for awhile. We were in a condo with a kitchen, so we ate breakfast at home every morning. We also packed water and light snacks (fruit, power bars) and despite warnings to the contrary, they were not seized by security!

Magic Kingdom: The character buffet lunch at the Crystal Palace, which I had um'ed and aw'ed about, was a great deal. The food was very fresh and much tastier than I expected, well spiced and properly prepared. The service was more than acceptable. I'd go again. Characters came back several times, nobody rushed us out, and it was very organized.

MGM: The food at the Brown Derby was tasty, fresh, and they adapted a meal to meet specific dietary requirements. It was good to get out of the Disneyfied rush and heat and sit in a "real" restaurant, however our waitress was appalling in every way.

MGM: Backlot Express: shockingly good grilled vegetable panini with black bean salsa on the side. I still can't believe that I ate that at Disney.

On past trips we've eaten at places on Irlo Bronson Hwy and in Celebration, and the only one I'd half recommend is the pizzeria at Old Town. It's decent, and very cheap.

Aug 31, 2008
tangelo in Florida

Eccentric/Unconventional Miami

They're still open on Hollywood Blvd and 441, one of the original locations, and they're even better than I remembered. They're pricey, but worth it.

Buying Produce in Miami

Welcome to my nightmare. During the season I gladly drive down to the Redlands for produce; I even found some good stuff at the flea market in Naranja. Winn Dixie is dire, and Publix has some issue with proper food handling; things are allowed to overheat on the loading dock or something. Those bagged salads go bad days before the 'sell by' date, and cucumbers?? Two days max from store to trash can.

I pay the Wild Oats (now Whole Foods) on US1 in Pinecrest, or even the Wayside Market on Red Rd in Pinecrest. At least the stuff isn't moldy within two days. That being said, some Publixs are better than others, with Dadeland being the worst and Kendall Drive and 107th being the best. A recent pleasant surprise is the Tropical Supermarket on Sunset behind the Wendy's at around 108th. It's cheap, clean, and the produce has been handled properly.

I've found Norman Brothers to be unreliable with respect to certain types of things, for example I've seen ancient fava beans and really bad lettuce there. It seems as though they're focused on the prepared foods now. The bakery never impressed me much. Good luck and let us know what you find.

Apr 02, 2008
tangelo in Florida

Nobu, No way (A weekend of Miami restaurant experiences)

Unfortunately the attitude you experienced from Chris Manti at Nobu isn't unknown in Miami, especially on the Beach. The tourist trade insures that tables are full despite poor, even contemptuous, service. Many locals are resigned to it. After a friend told me about her experience at Nobu (slow service, charged for items they ordered which never came), I will never go there.

Indian food in Miami?

Fr--fr--free naan?

*looks for car keys*

Wagamama what the deal?

I've been to Brent Cross, and you're right about that, and for some reason I always need to eat when I'm there. Could it be stress?

Wagamama: I use them because I'm not overly enamored of fried foods and I have a 4-year old, which makes informal, quick meals while out on maneuvers a necessity. They don't care if you share, they don't care if your child acts like a child, and they aren't going to charge you a pile of money for a hot, sit down meal. I've never had horrible service there. The loos are always clean. No, the food isn't stellar, but on occasion it's been quite good.

Mar 20, 2008
tangelo in U.K./Ireland

Fort Lauderdale Area restaurant worth a visit???

Last time I was there, admittedly a long time ago, we dined at Sublime. It was wonderful; gourmet vegetarian. Not everyone's cuppa joe, though. I've also had a good meal at Eduardo, recommended above.

Mar 12, 2008
tangelo in Florida

Sweetcakes Cupcakes in Miami

It's interesting how many people are coming out of the woodwork with strong feelings about cupcakes. Who'da thunk it?

Mar 12, 2008
tangelo in Florida

Review: Mint Leaf Open and Full

Ohhh, this is grim. My friend went the other night and had the Rogan Josh, and phoned me from the table enraged. I was waiting to try it myself (lunch special, not a spendy splashout) before posting a thread but since someone else has, I might as well chime in. To help my friend assuage her grief I've promised to go to Madras this weekend, and since I'm going to be in Broward I might also try Woodlands.

Mar 12, 2008
tangelo in Florida

New Indian Restaurant in Boca Raton

I used to love Madras - everything was always very fresh and well prepared. Even the buffet was good, and a great value. I was there every couple of weeks in '06, but then life changed and I wasn't going to make the drive from Miami that frequently just for lunch. Madras was always full of Indian families on weekends. I'm going to try Madras again this Sunday, so I'll post a report to this thread. I hope it hasn't changed!

Mar 12, 2008
tangelo in Florida

Harrods lunch

I haven't been there at a sit-down restaurant in years. Back in the mid-80's we used to go there frequently to assemble picnic lunches - fresh bread, greek salad, hummus, good cheese - because you couldn't get them just anywhere like you can now. While doing that we discovered they were doing an all-you-can-eat tea for five pounds. You only got one pot of exceptionally well brewed tea, but the gateaux and things were just spread out there on the table for you to enjoy. And they were very, very good. The boys from school would go and stuff themselves silly and then leave with more in their pockets, which is probably why the five pound tea buffet came to an end.

Please do tell us where you end up!

Mar 10, 2008
tangelo in U.K./Ireland