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Question for people who order their burgers rare...

Funny, I always stalker read these boards and never post, but some of the urban legends that people have about food safety worry me. Alanbarnes is definitely right about the juices being a sign that the meat has been cooked, and he's right about where e.coli comes from.

One of the big differences between rare steak, rare ground beef and rare chicken is where the 'bugs' come from. In beef, most of the pathogens are fecal (appetizing, huh ), so can end up on the cut meats during slaughter. Steak is safer when cooked rare, because the outside of the meat that could have been exposed to the bad stuff is cooked, while the inside wasn't exposed. The difference in burgers and ground beef is that the exposed surface gets mixed in everywhere when it's ground, meaning the middle has as good of chance of bugs as the outside.
Chicken is a little different...while alot of the 'bugs' in chicken are also from the gut, certain other diseases can infect even the muscle (some salmonellas, for example). Pork fits in this category too. So in that case, you want to cook all the way through, even if its not an exposed surface.
Sausage is even worse...not only ground up, but some sausages are even made from "gut' parts...
I'm not a food scientist, but I am a biologist, and I was always curious about this myself.

Mar 23, 2010
weezerific in General Topics

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Even though I'm sure nobody is reading this far down in this ridiculously long board, I have to add our family recipe... grandma made it, mom made it...
Zucchini Fines Herbes- Saute lots of zucchini with garlic in olive oil. Let cool, then mix with eggs, milk, and dried fines herbes. Pour into a casserole dish and bake until set...Sometimes my mom would add a breadcrumb/butter topping on top. I have been trying to find the exact recipe for this for years and haven't really succeeded...

Sep 08, 2009
weezerific in Home Cooking

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

When I was little, the scrambled eggs/macaroni/ketchup thing was the only protein I would eat. I still basically only eat eggs with the ketchup, maybe I should try the noodles again!

Sep 08, 2009
weezerific in Home Cooking

Lunch in La Jolla

Oh, go to Barbarella! It's not super groundbreaking food, but it is (in my opinion) excellent Italian, and the ambiance sounds just like what you're looking for... The restaurant is in a house and has some seriously funky decorations... Also, for an alternative idea, The Cheese Shop in La Jolla has good sandwiches (again, nothing super creative, just good basic food), and their oatmeal cookies are amazing...We get the food to go and then eat it on the beach...

Jan 05, 2009
weezerific in San Diego

Does Gum Really Take Seven Years to Digest?

I'm with tonicart... People wondering about gum in your gut doesn't depress me nearly as much as the parent who gives their kid gum knowing the kid is swallowing 5-7 pieces a day... Are you kidding me?

Nov 24, 2008
weezerific in Features

Fire-Charred Green Beans with Cajun Dipping Sauce

I don't know what went wrong, but mine turned out horrible! By the time the beans were blackened a little bit, they were practically freeze-dried... And I don't know if it was my cajun mix or what, but I ended up using a bunch more than a teaspoon to get enough flavor in the sauce

Oct 26, 2008
weezerific in Recipes

Worst experimental culinary disasters?

Ohh boy, have I had some really bad ones. Once, while I was in college I tried making Swedish meatballs. I had a very limited spice rack, so I decided to sub clove for allspice and leave out the nutmeg. I also didn't have any ground cloves, only whole, so I ground them by hand... I didn't anticipate the strength of freshly ground cloves, nor did I know it would not be a great substitute for allspice and nutmeg... Holy cow was it bad.
Think meaty clove with a hint of clove. Plus, since I ground by hand, there were still occasional huge chunks of boyfriend spent about 5 minutes spitting out pieces before leaving for McDonalds.
My mom had a cooking disaster years and years ago with turkey tetrazzini, and that's been our family's code word for crappy food ever since...

Sep 29, 2008
weezerific in Home Cooking

Tequila Shrimp and Asadero Quesadillas

Made the tequila shrimp with the intention of using it in these quesadillas. When it was done though, the shrimp were in so much sauce, I thought it would 1) be a waste of yummy sauce and 2) make the quesadillas mushy. So I bailed on them, served it over rice, and it was a hit...certainly could taste the tequila (not a bad thing in our house!), but could be a no for some people...

Sep 28, 2008
weezerific in Recipes

Help feed my boyfriend. It's like cooking for a toddler.

I'm 100% with milkyway! I did that to my fiance, he wasn't so much picky as inexperienced... After about a year of me cooking for myself and our 'I'll try everything" roommate, he got curious and now is on the 'healthy' kick like you wouldn't believe. Actually, its kind of annoying now...he makes me feel guilty!

Sep 26, 2008
weezerific in Home Cooking

Will Eating Luna Bars Make a Guy Grow Breasts?

Although I agree this is ridiculous, it is amazing what people will believe. I recently recieved an email telling me that soy milk and soy products make boys become gay... and they weren't kidding! So at least the phyoestrogen soy worry is somewhere near this planet- although still complete bunk.

Jun 26, 2008
weezerific in Features

Simple Poached Cod

I started making this recipe before I read the comments... I ended up substituting spring onion for shallot, chicken broth+lemon juice for the white wine (I was out), halving the salt, and adding fresh dill and more lemon juice.... Turned out pretty tasty! I would definitely do the bay leaves/peppercorns before the rest of the veggies, it was a big pain to pick them out..

Jun 10, 2008
weezerific in Recipes

I like my CSA

Has anybody tried JR Organics? They just started their CSA this fall, and as BeWise has a waitlist for every pickup site within a really long ways from my house, I'm thinking about going with them. But I go to PB's farmers market, and JR organics doesn't have a stand there, so I don't know what their stuff is like... And they don't seem to have a website...

Feb 25, 2008
weezerific in San Diego