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A Chow challenge: cheap veggie-compatible EV-area restaurant with atmosphere

Thank you all for the great suggestions. I'm particularly intrigued by Gnocco, Caffe Falai and Osteria Morini. Intrigued by Dirt Candy too. We will check them all out!

Dec 04, 2011
hikaruhana in Manhattan

A Chow challenge: cheap veggie-compatible EV-area restaurant with atmosphere

Hello fellow Chowhounds,

I have some friends coming in from out of town for dinner next Saturday night and I've got a little bit of a challenge on my hands. Here are the criteria:

* Dinner for four on a Saturday night
* Cheap (they are very budget conscious)
* Veggie-compatible (one is a vegetarian)
* Good atmosphere (i.e. no fast food but a nice sit-down place)

I know the EV pretty well but somehow I'm drawing a blank here. I was told 'no Chinese food' so I'm wondering if their palates are going to be up for any of my favorite Japanese izakayas or not. I'm thinking a more traditional sit-down restaurant. Any thoughts? I thought of taking them to Lombardi's and then Veneiro's but the price may be problematic for them. Other than that I've come up with Chat n Chew, which is fun but not necessarily quiet or conducive to having long conversations.

Any thoughts?


Dec 02, 2011
hikaruhana in Manhattan

Squab in Astoria

I ended up needing squab for a holiday dinner this past fall and was able to find it via D'Artagnan ( I ended up getting it from Eataly since I was in a pinch and was able to make a same-day reservation over the phone. Hope this helps.

Jan 29, 2011
hikaruhana in Outer Boroughs

Your advice on roasting squab

Hello all,

I'm making Julia Child's recipe for coquelets sur canap├ęs this Thanksgiving and using fresh squab from D'Artagnan. Julia's recipe calls for 10-12 oz squab but the ones I'm getting are going to be a bit heavier, 16-18 oz. Does anyone have suggestions on how I should roast them to control for that difference in weight? Any advice about preparing them would be greatly appreciated as it's my first time preparing squab. Quite comfortable roasting chicken so this is probably not a great departure but I wanted to make sure I prep correctly.

Thank you!

Nov 21, 2010
hikaruhana in Home Cooking

Afterparty with good schnacks?

Hello all,

So this is possibly a tenuously off-topic post to be making but I'm gonna post it anyway: I'm organizing an afterparty for a tech conference in March, expecting about 100-150 people to show up, and looking for a place to do it. The chow tie-in? The chow, of course. I would like to find a place not just with a decent club atmosphere (we're going to have a DJ and some events) but food that's better than just ok. Most of the parties I've been to have had less than memorable nosh and for a chowhound that's just not right. Has anyone got recommendations to share? I'm all ears.

Feb 25, 2008
hikaruhana in Manhattan