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Alone in Manhattan on a Sat night / Sunday

Thanks for the feedback so far! By "budget-friendly", I will have about $300-400 for the trip so really I just want to maximize my money. I will most likely need 3 meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch) and then whatever drinks outside of that (not picky but I do enjoy good foreign beer). I want to visit the Guggenheim but other than that, have no plans that include admission fees. Any advice on what to expect in taxi/subway fees would be great as well. I would like to walk wherever I can too. I will be starting on the upper east side and then going wherever my destinations dictate.

As far as the hostel goes, I am really just planning to sack out for a little bit and be on the move for the rest of the time so I am not too concerned unless it's unsafe. I was thinking it could be a place to meet people also.

For mingling - not too snobby or exclusive; don't want to pay a cover if possible. Just looking for interesting people to watch / converse / dance with (amateur dancing). I'm 30 and humble. I like all kinds of music (except country, but I wouldn't expect too much of that there). Whatever would make a memorable experience to take with me.

Thanks again!!

Feb 26, 2008
crancherry in Manhattan

Alone in Manhattan on a Sat night / Sunday

Hi, I (female) am going to be in Manhattan for work in a couple of weeks. I will have a late night Saturday and most of Sunday free and have never been to NY. Any suggestions for fairly budget-friendly solo dining? Also for going out / mingling? I like all kinds of food but would love something ethnic or unique to NY that I wouldn't find in Dallas.

I don't have a place to stay nailed down yet but was thinking of a hostel (Continental?) so I can use the money I have for entertainment.


Feb 25, 2008
crancherry in Manhattan