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Need advice on gas cooktop and electric wall oven for NYC apartment

I am renovating my kitchen in my NYC apt. First time shopping for appliances.
I am shopping for a 30-in gas cooktop, don't need really high BTU's, but must simmer well (I make a lot of sauces and custards). I see that Bluestar is reviewed well here but can I do w/o a hood?
For the electric wall oven, I'm looking for convection and self-clean features, in 27 or 30-in.
I'm also looking for brands that can be easily repaired in Manhattan. Thanks!

Aug 15, 2010
chungsun in Cookware

Sat night in Denver,CO

I'm looking for a restaurant in Denver, CO near the convention center for 3/1 night. We'll probably be a party of 3-4. We like all cuisines but would also like something unique to Denver. Budget is in the moderate range. Thanks!

Feb 25, 2008
chungsun in Southwest