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Kitchen towels

I'm with the WS crew. Mine last a long time, and I only replace when I don't like the look of them anymore.

Apr 07, 2010
njfoodiegirl in Cookware

Favorite restaurants in the Lehigh Valley, PA

We were in Bethlehem this weekend for skiing and we went to Asia restaurant on Susquehanna in Allentown for Chinese New Year on Sunday night. The food was delicious, well prepared and so very reasonably priced. The service was also great.

Feb 15, 2010
njfoodiegirl in Pennsylvania

Moving to Cranford/Westfield area and looking for suggestions

Second on hubbie is Asian and this is our go to restaurant for sushi. Henry (the main chef) is great.

All other recommendations are dead on. We love Mojave Grill and A Toute Huere. Also, Avenue East in Cranford, although we haven't been there in a while.

Feb 04, 2010
njfoodiegirl in New Jersey

Second Week of Restaurant Week?

Cedar restaurant's offerings are outstanding. Excellent! We were there last night and loved it. The food was great and they accommodated our large party with two children most admirably. We were very happy with all aspects of the restaurant.

Cedar Restaurant--New in PQ

We went to Cedar last night while visiting my BIL and SIL in DC. I can't say enough about it. First of all, it's a beautiful restaurant and while many establishments scale back on their restaurant week offerings, Cedar seems to do the opposite. They had tuna, lobster, and filet among their main course offerings. Truffles abounded as well.

Also, we have two children that were most efficiently accommodated. We had a corner to ourselves and ordered off the bar menu for them. After a long day of museums and monuments, the food and the staff were outstanding. Well done!

Top Chef Where are They Now NYC Edition

I'm not sure how Ariane is doing personally, but I was at her restaurant Saturday night and it was packed. Not only was it busy, the food was fantastic. We had a delightful evening.

When no one is looking....

Mine also line up like little birds for whipped cream out of the can.

As for me, I just scoop out the brown bits from the bottom of the pan after roasting a chicken. I would eat just the fond for a meal if I could............

Mar 26, 2009
njfoodiegirl in Not About Food

Frozen Pork Butt in Crockpot w/o Defrosting First?

Tedmom - I don't think that's a good idea. The temp of the meat stays at a dangerous level for too long, allowing for bacteria growth. You definitely want to defrost first. My latest "Cooking Light" magazine just had an article on it. You could probably go to their website for more info.

Feb 27, 2009
njfoodiegirl in Home Cooking


Was in Napa in 2005 and loved Celadon. We stayed at 1801 First B&B. They had a fabulous cook at the time and the breakfasts were to die for.

Sakura Asian Restaurant in Fords, NJ

We haven't been there, but have been looking for good Malaysian food since the Asia restaurant in Kenilworth changed management. Is there a website to preview the menu? I can't find one online. If we head down, I will definitely report.

Jan 10, 2009
njfoodiegirl in New Jersey

Great mussels in NJ???

I may lose my foodie cred here, but Carabbas and Bonefish both have excellent mussels. You can hit both of them on Rt. 22 in Greenbrook (or close). Barbarella and RPMcMurphy both have it down. Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2008
njfoodiegirl in New Jersey

Has anyone been to The Flying Fig in Berkeley Heights yet?

OK. DH and I went tonight to preview before we braved the restaurant with guests. I’m glad we did. It was underwhelming, I’m disappointed to say.

We arrived at 6:00pm on a Sunday night and the place was empty. (not surprising give the night and time) The waiter took our drink orders and we didn’t see him again for about 15 minutes. Very frustrating seeing as there was only one other table. They were seated after us and got their drinks before us. Ugh. Our waiter was clearly very inexperienced and didn’t offer much advice for the menu, except to order one app and one entrée per person.

We only had appetizers. (had a sitter at home w/the kiddies) All on the list were $10 or under, and since we were only having apps and there were supposed to be small plates, we ordered 5. We had the following: Tuscany Fries, Manchego Cheese Balls, Fried Calamari, Mediterranean Chicken Wings, and Salmon Tartare. When the plates arrived they were much bigger than we had originally planned. 5 apps were a little much for the two of us. Keep that in mind if you go.

The Tuscany Fries were good and topped with fried rosemary. Interesting, but in the end, they are just fries. I found the Manchego cheese balls to be very bland, but DH didn’t think they were so bad. They were served with an herbed tomato salsa/sauce that was tasty, but to me didn’t save the dish. The fried calamari was not breaded, but was simply flash fried by itself. It was served with a garlic aoli. I found this dish to be tasty, but not outstanding. My husband couldn’t get past the chewiness of the calamari. The chicken wings were nice and crispy on the outside, but I found them to be dry. They were served with a sauce very similar to the cheese balls, but with a little more spice. Eh.

Which brings me to the tartare. We love, love raw fish. We are always looking for new and interesting preparations. This tartare was noted as being prepared with fennel and cornichons. We were both excited to try it. Imagine our surprise when the dish appeared with chopped cooked salmon with a light sauce and cornichons and fennel. DH said, “It’s like a salmon spread or dip. It’s good for what it is, but if it had been listed on the menu as salmon spread, I would have never ordered it.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

There it is in a nutshell. I always try to give new restaurants a second chance, but I’ll wait till I hear some raves before I go back.

Dec 21, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Mid-Atlantic

Has anyone been to The Flying Fig in Berkeley Heights yet?

Have not been, but I'm having people here for the holidays. It looks like a great place to take them....I'll definitely report back if we go. I liked the dinner menue options and the wine list.

Dec 19, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Mid-Atlantic

Hot or Not: Blueberry Coffee

I have been drinking blueberry coffee for about 3 years on and off. I love it, but as a dedicated Maine fan, how could I not? I also love any vanilla or cinnamon flavored coffees. I do all of my flavored coffee in the morning. I enjoy it very much!

Jul 25, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Features

Mojave Grill ~ Westfield

Sorry, shopgirl, I took a little break from posting. Duty calls! I have 2 small children and perusing this site is a luxury!

I often split the ceviche with DH and have a salad for an entree. I'm on Weight Watchers and that fills me up without feeling too full. If I'm splurging, I get the tamales. Delicious!

Jun 04, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Mid-Atlantic

Rosie's Wine Bar in Garwood

I unfortunately have to agree. I went Sat. night with the DH and were not impressed at all with the food. We had the appetizer portions of the sliders, asian shrimp skewers, hummus and the sweet potato skins. The sliders were extremely much so that we didn't finish them. The asian shrimp skewers and the hummus were unremarkable. The sweet potato skins with cheese and sausage were the best of the lot, but were pub food at best. Not what we were hoping for.

My husband doesn't drink, so I ordered from the by the glass selection. Reasonably priced and a good number of wines on the list. I would only go back if we were going for cocktails alone.

Jun 02, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Mid-Atlantic

Mojave Grill ~ Westfield

We live in the area, and this is the place my hubby and I go to for consitently good relatively inexpensive food. Our favorite is the tuna appetizer (ceviche, I believe) and the corn tamales for main dish. We love it!

Apr 29, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Mid-Atlantic

Pepper-Roasted Cauliflower

I love cauliflower, but it can be a bit bland in many iterations. This one is definitely a keeper!!!

Feb 25, 2008
njfoodiegirl in Recipes