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Tuscan Coast


Thx for the recommendation. I will take a look and put it on my short list as I am only there for 2 nights in Oct.

Jul 01, 2014
drewster420 in Italy

Tuscan Coast


Will be in Bolgheri in late Oct 14 for 2 nights, and staying in town. I will take your recs on La Pineta for dinner(looking forward!) and Scolapasta for lunch. Will be doing Enoteca Tognoni for another lunch (mostly for the wine list) and Osteria Magona for dinner. How far is Scolopasta from Bolgheri? Will this work timewise if I'm winetasting at 1-2 wineries in Bolgheri before lunch around 1:30pm at Scolapasta. Do you have any opinion on Tognoni and Magona in Bolgheri? Thanks again for all of your informative and detailed posts!! I promise to do the same.

May 23, 2014
drewster420 in Italy

DC Grubhead needs itinerary review and suggestions

I am taking your advice and switching out Bouchon for Redd. I did not know Cyrus is closing, and will probably cancel it. I'm thinking about replacing it with Scopa even though its a completely diff menu/feel. What do you think?


DC Grubhead needs itinerary review and suggestions

Is Taqueria San Jose in the Mission or San Jose? I was trying to stay in the Mission for tacos, so I could also make it to Bi-Rite for dessert. I figured to get to Tony's for lunch right when they open at noon on a Friday. Will there still be a wait?

Also is the porchetta sandwich at RoliRoti worth the wait? Food trucks have caught on here in DC in the last 2 years and wanted to try what you have in SF.


DC Grubhead needs itinerary review and suggestions

I am headed there to catch up with the manager/owner who I used to work with here in DC. The BART station to use would be Oakland 19th?


DC Grubhead needs itinerary review and suggestions

Based on your rec and Tessari above, I've changed out Bouchon for Redd. I took a look at Redd's menu and it indeed looks fun with some of its Asian-influenced dishes/ingredients.

Carpe Diem was probably only going there for a couple of glasses of wine at the bar to check out the happy hour scene. I'd switch to Zuzu if the bar scene is better? I do get great Spanish tapas here in DC-Jaleo, Estadio, and Boqueria.

Pastries-probably looking for morning buns, pecan buns, cinnamon rolls, etc. Should I pick those up at Sweetie Pies? I'm staying 2 nights at Hotel Yountville and figured Bouchon bakery for convenience sake.

Bottega might be nixed anyway as a family friend works at Morimoto as a sommelier, and I might head there if he is scheduled to work.

Where would one go in downtown Napa to get a nightcap or a cocktail, assuming 10pm+?


DC Grubhead needs itinerary review and suggestions

Coming to the SF area for the first time Oct 12-20. Spending 4 nights in SF Union Square, 2 nights Yountville, and 2 nights Healdsburg.

In SF, no car, but will travel anywhere via BART or Muni to get to good grub. In wine country will have car and willing to travel.

I love bold flavors, offal, experimentation, and don't mind spending $$$ if its a good value but not for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses. I love wine, mostly Pinot Noir and sparkling, and a well balanced cocktail (whatever the hell that means). I have a recent fascination with Fernet Branca.

The items that I am missing in DC are: Chinese Food, good bakeries, bagels, Mexican., Vietnamese.

My SF itinerary is as follows: Swan Oyster Depot, Yank Sing, Slanted Door, La Taqueria, Commonwealth, Incanto, Frances, Tartine Bakery, Mission Chinese Food, Tony's Napoletana, HopScotch (Oakland), Bi-rite Creamery, and Ferry Bldg/Farmer's market on a Sat.

My Yountville/Napa itinerary: Bottega, Bouchon, Bouchon Bakery, Morimoto, and Carpe Diem (HH).

My Healdsburg/Sonoma itinerary: Cyrus, BarnDiva, Girl and the Fig, and Spoonbar (cocktails).

I am wait listed for TFL for my 4 nights in Napa/Sonoma and will cancel Cyrus ( my last night) if I get in for TFL at any time,

Please correct my itineraray or recommend something that I missed.


Etete or Dukem??

I''ve been to most of the Ethiopian restaurants around 9th St.(Dukem, Etete, Queen Makeda, Lalibela) as my wife is Ethiopian, and hands down, Etete is the all-around best. We frequent Dukem as a late-night haunt, when there are no other options, but the food and service can be inconsistent. Etete has the best service, and cooking, Speaking for vegetarians, they have a very full and cheap vegetarian platter, and don't forget the lentil-filled sambusas as an appetizer which come out piping hot. Also, they have a basic wine list(California, and South American), but I've brought in my own bottles for a $20 corkage fee, and 4 or 5 different Ethiopian beers. Only drawbacks is that its the most popular Ethio restaurant and the tables are small on the bottom level, and the top level doesn't have much ambiance. Queen Makeda, directly across the street is also a good option, but they seem to run out of items frequently. I know you had said vegetarian, but the Special Etete Kitfo is the best I've ever had, perfectly seasoned, with the right amount of butter and berbere and with 3 different cheeses.

Sushi Ko - Chevy Chase

I had dinner at Sushi-Ko in Glover Park and spoke with David, Co-owner/Mgr, he said they are doing a soft-opening this week, probably Tuesday. He didn't say what day will be open to public. He said they are trying to get the main seafood order in sometime this week. I would say sometime this week...let's hope!

Food and Wine Festival

They had food tastings with wine pairings from some of the local restaurants at the Washington Post stage(small 2 bite portions). Todd Gray from Equinox did the first pairing on Sunday-mmm good. Also, there were other booths giving out free samples of their products(not necessarily restaurants) such as chicken curry, Maryland crab soup, lots of cheese, etc-a good bit more than pretzels and dip.

Food and Wine Festival

I went yesterday(Sunday). I had a great time as my wife is a member of the restaurant industry and we got in for free with Trade tickets, and we got in early(noon) before the mass public was let in at 2pm. We took our time and tasted many Oregon Pinots, Cote du Rhone and some good Rieslings from New York State. Unfortunately, there were not many sparkling wines, or high-end wines to taste. Once the public was let in at 2pm, it started to get crowded, but not as bad in years past. There seemed to be ample food when I was there until 4pm. If I didn't have trade tix, I'm not sure if I would have paid $85/tix-that seems a bit overpriced-I would say $60 or so would be more reasonable. All in all, a good time.

Wash DC International Wine Festival 3/1-3/2

Are any other Chowhounder's going to be at this event this weekend? I've posted the link below. It's always a good time if you get there early, before the crowds get out of hand, and they run out of the good wine. I'm going on Sunday.

Monday night wine specials in DC?

Chef Geoff's downtown location has 1/2 off Bottles of wine on Monday nights. Although it is a chain, some of the Clyde's locations due as well on Monday nights-I think the locations that do are in the suburbs though.