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New to Baltimore suburbs - Where are the essentials?

For pizza I recommend Pasta Mista in Towson off Dulaney Valley Road. I grew up in NJ and this shop run by some guys from Naples is as good as the stuff I remember eating growing up.

Chocolate Babka in North Baltimore

I was wondering if anyone knew of store in North Baltimore that sold Chocolate Babka either made in house or I'd even settle for Greens. I know I could go to Pikesville but was wondering if there was something closer.

Italian Prune Plums - Did I miss the season?

Just was wondering if I missed the season for Italian Prune Plums this year. I usually check Whole Foods in Sept-Oct for them but I haven't been able to get to a Whole Foods or the JFX market for the past few weeks. Did anyone see them there or have they not been put out yet. Thanks guys.

Goodfella's Bar and Grill

I noticed the other day that the spot at 336 North Charles Street that was Miltons, then that mexican place for a month is going to be something called Goodfella's Bar and Grill. Anyone heard anything about it?

Mari Luna Bistro

Anyone try this place yet? I think it opened last month where Robert Oliver used to be.

Mari Luna
Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

Gordito's Cafe Baltimore

Anyone try this place yet on Charles Street?

Cacao Beans in Baltimore

I need to get my hands on some cacao beans in the Baltimore area. If anyone has seen them or knows where to get them in the Baltimore Metro Area, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


I had never gone to Chadwick's in Annapolis before but I decided to go today to try to get some British food for my grandfather. However, when I went to the address listed on the website I found that it didn't exist anymore. Does anyone know what happened and/or can suggest somewhere where I might find a place to get British food products. I know that there is a great place in Lancaster which stocks lots of Brit foods but I wanted something closer to Baltimore/Annapolis.

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

Is there a way to make your own Sweet Tea Vodka? I've made some other infusions and wondered if anyone had any ideas of how to make your own.

Oct 09, 2008
MrIncognito1 in Spirits

Cruzcampo in the US

I was wondering if anyone has seen Cruzcampo beer from Spain in the US, preferentially the east coast. I know that it used to be available before Heineken bought it out but I am not sure if its back yet or if it will be back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Aug 19, 2008
MrIncognito1 in Beer

Best Inner Harbor Tourist Trap

What do people think about the Rusty Scupper, I've had a good meal every time I've been there.

Cheese Fries - Baltimore

I had some pretty good waffle cheese fries at the Wharf Rat across from the convention center. They were a bit pricey but very good. I don't remember exactly what kind of cheese it was(I was taking advantage of their happy hour) but the fries were excellent.

Shaheen Restaurant

I was wondering if anyone had tried Shaheen. Its in Woodlawn on Security Blvd. I saw that the Sun is offering half off gift certificates and I wanted to know if its worth going. Thanks.

Cheese Fries - Baltimore

Way back when I was an undergrad at College Park I used to get the most incredible cheese fries from the Santa Fe Cafe. I was wondering first for recommendations of the best cheese fries in Baltimore and second if anyone knew of fries that were like the ones at the Fe. Thanks.

Wedding cakes

I am not sure if this is too far from you but we had our wedding cake last year done by Fiona. She bakes out of her home near Annapolis. The cost was very reasonable and she didn't charge us extra for doing special designs on the cake which other bakers did. It was the best tasting wedding cake that I have ever had. Even our guests commented on how incredible the cake was. If she is not too far from you I would 100% recommend her.

My Panini - Inner Harbor Baltimore

I noticed that there is a new place called My Panini in the Harbor Magic Hotel. I was just wondering if anyone has tried it. Thanks.

Best Indian Buffet in Baltimore

Has anyone tried Lumbini on N. Charles next to Mick O Sheas? Wonder if its worth going to when Akbar is only another 5 minute walk up Charles.

Baltimore Brunch

First of all, I wanted to know if anyone has been to Lucy's Irish Restaurant for brunch and if so, how was it and how expensive was it. Secondly, I was wondering if anyone had a favorite not too expensive place for brunch in the city. Thank you.

Vegetarian B'more B-Day Dinner this Friday

I am celebrating my birthday this Friday and I am looking for a recommendation of a good place to eat after I see the BSO at the Meyerhoff. I don't need something super close as I don't mind driving. The only requirement is that there are some decent non-meat dishes on the menu and that its not too expensive as I am on a budget. Other than that I am game for anything. Thanks for the help.

Quick (and preferably healthy) lunch options around Baltimore Convention Center

California Tortilla is right around the corner. I believe that they have a low fat chicken burrito which is quite excellent.