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Another closed restaurant- MJ Dukes in Wallingford

Tha'ts too bad - they had delicious Philly cheesesteak!

Oct 03, 2012
joan mar in Southern New England

Private Room between Southington and Enfield

I think JTimothy's in Plainville has a private room that would accomodate that amount of people. Don't know the details about what they charge though.

Oct 02, 2012
joan mar in Southern New England

Wednesday night dinner midway between Waterbury & New Haven

There is a new place in Cheshire called Luca Ristorante on Rte. 10 that has a great deal during the week (Two for $30 - incls. one app to split, two entrees, two salads, two desserts). Really can't beat it. Food is quite good & there are about 10-12 different entrees to choose from. I don't think you'd be disappointed.

Oct 02, 2012
joan mar in Southern New England


Where is Fez?

Jan 20, 2012
joan mar in Southern New England

Chantal dutch oven - cracking enamel - alternative bakeware for no knead bread?

I purchased a Chantal Dutch Oven about a year ago at Marshal's in CT and we loved it until last night! We were having ravioli for dinner and my husband decided to use a small saucepan to heat the water in. I told him it was too small and he pulled out the Dutch Oven, because our pasta pan was currently in use. He dumped the warm (not boiling) water into the Dutch Oven and continued heating the water to boiling. The ravioli cooked in the boiling water for 6 minutes and when I went to strain the water out found that the bottom and sides of the Chantal Dutch Oven were chipped (large chips)! Now, I've made chili, stews, soups, etc. in this pan many, many times and have put it in the oven and never had anything like this happen. I'm very annoyed that I now have to find another inexpensive (not cheap) Dutch Oven.

Sep 22, 2011
joan mar in Cookware

Anyone tried the new gelato / ice cream in Stamford- pricing is out of site

If that's the case, they probably won't be open for long. What kind did you order? Did it have gold dust in it? lol

Jun 27, 2011
joan mar in Southern New England

How to Handle Blood Sugar Crashes

I've been a type 1 diabetic for 25+ years and am now on the pump, so I don't have too many severe low bloodsugars. One time, though, when my husband and I had just married we were at a local Chili's and I could feel my sugar going low (and my husband could see that I had sweat on my upper lip) and I, for some reason, let out a yell!! My husband immediately got me a glass of OJ and I was back to "normal" in 10 mins. I'll never forget that day (and I assume neither will the other restaurant patrons, unfortunately)

Jun 20, 2011
joan mar in Features

New Haven restaurant for Yale undergrads

Ibiza would be a great choice! It's a little on the expensive side though. Another good choice would be Barcelona.

Nov 23, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

"L" restaurant Middlebury, CT

Well, I finally got around to using the gift certificate I had for L. We went with 2 friends on a Sat. night a few weeks ago. I had been there twice when it was Emmanuel's and had enjoyed it. The interior is still the same - no changes at all that I could see. It's a very nicely decorated room with about 5 booths and approx. 8 tables (if my memory serves). We sat in a large round booth. I felt it was too big for the 4 of us, but that was all that was available. Our server came over quickly and we ordered drinks. I've got a pet peeve that I wish restaurants would type out their "specials", so that you can look at them and think about ordering one of them without having to remember what the server just rattled off. I know you can ask him/her to repeat it - but something in writing I feel is much better. L does not offer that, though. I ordered a salad that had some fruit in it (can't remember exactly what kind) and it was quite tastey (and large). The server actually told us it was very large and would we like a smaller portion. I believe we just got the large portion and shared it. Several of our party ordered the short ribs entree with mashed potatoes and it was DELICIOUS! I had the rest of it for lunch the next day and it was so good even reheated! For dessert, my husband and I shared a dessert that tasted like an Almond Joy and it was very good. We both enjoyed every last bite of it. I thought all-in-all it was a great meal and the service wasn't bad either. One drawback that a lot of restaurants seem to share is the noise level. Considering the room was not full to capacity, it was quite loud, but not unbearable.

Nov 10, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

dinner in a wine cellar

We went to LaTavola on Sat. night and our party of 6 sat in the wine cellar. Our experience was good because the food was delicious, but it was VERY hard to hold a conversation with 6 people because the acoustics are not very good. There are about 10-12 tables of varying sizes and it wasn't uncomfortably tight, it was just loud. As the night wore on and the room emptied a bit, it was much better. I and several of my friends had the beef shortribs with goat cheese mashed potatoes and gold and red beets. It was incredibly delicious!! I didn't finish mine because I was saving room for dessert, but I couldn't wait to devour it today for lunch! We also ordered a salad, shrimp toasts, veal saltimbocca ravioli and mountain top mushrooms for appetizers to share and they were all incredibly good. It was really and truly a delicious meal, just wish the acoustics could be a bit better.

Sep 19, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

dinner in a wine cellar

LaTavola in Waterbury has a wine celler that will accomodate your party. I must admit I've not actually been down in the wine cellar, have only heard about it, but the food at LaTavola is GREAT! Might be worth checking out.

Sep 16, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Jfood visits Lake Zoar Drive-In (Monroe, CT) for a burger and fries

Oh great!!!

Sep 09, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

M.J Dukes Famous Philly Style Cheesesteaks Opens First Location Wallingford Conn.Route 5

We stopped at MJ Dukes for lunch on a Sat. afternoon a few weeks back. I had never had a Philly cheesesteak, so I can't compare it, but I ordered a 9 in. with onions and pepperjack cheese. It came on the bread they say they bring in from Philly and it was one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long, long time. DELICIOUS!! There was plenty of meat & onions on it for my liking. The handcut fries (with skin) were really great too. My husband had a chicken sandwich and he loved it as well. I had a taste and it was yummy. The service was quick and friendly. We will definitely be going back. So much better than going to ANY of the other fast food places on rt. 5 (including Sonic!)

Sep 08, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Carmen Anthony's Fishhouse - Woodbury

We went to Carmen Anthony's Fishhouse in Woodbury on Sat. night. We had a party of 8 and our table was ready when we arrived at 7 p.m. Our waitress came over (Sara) and she told us that she and Paul would be our servers tonight. We thought "great, we're going to have great service", but that wasn't the case for most of the night. We placed our drink order and it took a while for them to be delivered and that's the way it was for pretty much everything that evening. Only 3 appetizers were ordered and they were good (chopped salad and escargot, clams casino). We had to ask for bread (which, since we had 2 servers, was not good). This was not a big drinking group, so we were all waiting for our entrees and we had to finally ask one of our servers where they were (at 8:45) and he said there was a problem in the kitchen and "would you like to speak to Kathy", who we found out was the manager. We said "yes". My husband had ordered filet mignon with mashed potatoes and summer veggies. His meat portion was quite a bit smaller (like a hocky puck) than one of our friends. He was hungry when he finished eating and for the cost of the meal, that shouldn't be the case. Kathy didn't come over very quickly and finally all our meals arrived at 9:00 p.m., but one. My sister had ordered the Shrimp dish with pasta and she had to wait an additional 10 minutes. Paul, our waiter, asked again if we wanted to speak to Kathy and we said "yes". Kathy came over and offered us dessert in compensation for the slowwwww service. We accepted. An elderly couple, who came in at least 20 mins. after us and got their meals before us. We heard Sara say to them that "we're having trouble with the ovens tonight". So, it wasn't a good experience all around that evening. I expected much,much more from a restaurant of this caliber and feel that Kathy should have done more to entice us to come back.

Sep 07, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Need A Restaurant in Milford for Tomorrow Night! PLEASE HELP.

I am NOT a fan of any restaurant that when you walk in you feel like you are bothering them. I've read a lot of that on Chowhound and it seems to be mostly the Italian restaurants (and pizza parlors specifically), for some reson. What's up with that ? If you want my business, can't you just pretend that you're happy to see me and I'm not bothering you? (ok - now I feel better to get that out) ;)

Aug 26, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

"L" restaurant Middlebury, CT

Looks like no ones been yet, but I've got a gift certificate, so should be trying it out soon. Will report back.

Aug 13, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

New Cuban in Stamford?

I'm not cuban (or a food expert) either, but we love Soul de Cuba! Delicious, fresh food cooked to order. It's quite small, but cozy.

Aug 12, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Need A Restaurant in Milford for Tomorrow Night! PLEASE HELP.

I 2nd Bistro Basque! You won't be disappointed.

Aug 09, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Charlestown RI seafood festival....anyone going

Jeff Pitchell and the Texas Flood AND Eight to the Bar are playing on Sunday! Now that's a good lineup. Wish I was going to be there!!

Aug 02, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

6/19/10 The Suburban , Branford Ct.- Truly the Best of the Best!!

I haven't had a chance to try The Surburban yet, but after reading your review I CAN'T WAIT!!

Jul 29, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Nataz Adventures in Eating

For the $20 Chef's Choice, you get what he decides to make. As you saw on my review, the night I went the 3 entrees were a seafood dish, chicken dish & a beef dish - enough for everyone to eat some of each with leftovers to bring home, as well. If you want to order off the menu, the prices were as you noted. I believe the Chef's Choice is only on Wed., Thurs., and Sunday. The other days you just order off the menu. I've only been the one time, so I can't be sure about this, but that's what I got out of it.

It was a fun thing to do and everyone enjoyed the food.

May 18, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

brewbakers middletown ct.

Where is it in Middletown?

May 07, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Nataz Adventures in Eating

I had read about this place and heard it was good. I went with a group of girlfriends on Wed. night. They have pre-fixe deal for $20/person (up to 8 people). I was told by the waitress that it is $25/person if there are more than 8 in your party (I don't get that part). You don't know what will be served, it is Chefs Choice, but I was told that there would be a fish/beef/chicken dish included each night. Mostly everything is served family-style. We were first brought a platter of sliced fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with basil on top. There were 7 in my party and there were 7 slices. Next we were brought a very nice salad (not family style) that contained spinach, blueberries, melon, candied walnuts and a quite-tasty balsamic dressing. The next course was pasta and we were served a platter of home-made rigatoni stuffed with ricotta & spinach (I think) and covered in a sweet red sauce. Also there was a platter of huge home-made ravioli with a white sauce and fresh mushrooms in and around them. All very yummy. We were all getting full and the entrees hadn't arrived yet! The next course was a platter of zuppa de pesce (clams/mussels/crab) with angel hair pasta. Not too spicy, but quite good. Then a huge platter with boneless chicken breast accompanied by vegetables in a hoisin sauce. I did not have this, but everyone said it was good. The final platter we were served contained sliced filet mignon with mashed yukon gold potatoes. The meat was tender and the potatoes delicious. Dessert was not family style, but we were offered cheese cake with strawberries, tiramisu or devils food cake. I had the tiramisu and it was very light and delicious. This is a BYOB place and they charge $1.50/person corkage (which includes coffee/tea/soft drinks). The waitress brought us a bucket with ice to keep our bottles of wine cold. We all went home with 1 or 2 doggie bags each. They call it Adventures in Eating and it really was (in a good way!)

Nataz Restaurant & Catering
2025 Foxon Rd, North Branford, CT 06471

May 07, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

WE'VE GOT SCACCIATA! Wednesday and Friday -- South Side Market (Middletown, CT), Route 17 near Jackson Chevy

I've NEVER heard of this. I googled it and it looks like a cross between a stuffed bread and a calzone. Is that correct?

Mar 29, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Looks like the last Krispy Kreme in Milford CT is going!

I 2nd Neil's. They've got delicious stuff there!!

Mar 19, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

du Glace - French Bistro in Deep River Ct

My husband and I ventured out to Deep River Sat. night to duGlace. We had gotten one of those terrific WFSB gift certficates a few months back and have been waiting for the warmer weather to take a trip down Rte. 9. Well, good thing we went when we did. The waitress came to our table to take drink orders and we asked what red wines they had by the bottle and she said "here's what we've got left" and she recited 3 or 4 different wines. I asked why was that all they had and she she said "this might be our last night for a while", so I guess that means they're closing now but might open when the summer (and boaters) come back. I was really looking forward to this meal and I hate to say it was a disappointment. I ordered the lobster bisque (which I usually don't do because of the calories involved, but felt like I wanted to splurge a bit). When she put the bowl down in front of me, it didn't look like lobster bisque to me and when I put my spoon in there was NOTHING in the broth. My husband called her over and told her and she asked if I wanted to take it off the check and I said "yes". The chef (I think) came out a few minutes later with 2 large grilled shrimp on a plate and asked "who had the lobster bisque"? I put my hand up and told him she had taken it away. He said that she was supposed to have put some vegetables in it before bringing it to me and that the lobster was pureed into the broth. The broth did taste like lobster, but that's it. The rest of the meal was OK. Frites were served with everyone's meal (the steak and the pork dish), but I had ordered the grilled scallops and got about 8 grilled scallops and 3 more grilled shrimp (which weren't on the entree's description). I guess they were trying to use everything up before closing. The frites did look and taste like frozen french fries.

Mar 08, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

Bday Italian night out. Cavey's or Diorio's?

I'm not sure that Roma is better than La Tavola, but their parking situation sure is. I've been several times and have enjoyed it. It is a very small restaurant & bar. You have to go through the bar to get to the dining room (like Tavola), but it can be very tight getting through there. I've enjoyed the food I've had the 3 times I've eaten there (but haven't been recently, so I can't elaborate).

Jan 11, 2010
joan mar in Southern New England

La Tavola Waterbury CT

Have you purchased gift certificates from this website before. I was just trying to do it and it didn't seem too secure when I was entering my payment info.

Dec 08, 2009
joan mar in Southern New England

What brand of eggnog is your favorite?

I saw that episode and love that show. It's incredible what those chefs can make with one special ingredient! It's funny because I just saw the Hood Pumpkin Egg Nog in Everybody's Market in Cheshire last night. My husband pointed it out and we were wondering how it tastes. I guess we'll have to give it a try.

Dec 07, 2009
joan mar in General Topics

Five Guys Coming to Middletown

My husband and I stopped in to the Woodbridge Five Guys a few Saturday ago. It was our first time eating at a Five Guys. We both felt the burgers were delicious and quite juicy, but a little messy. My husband wasn't crazy about the diced onions though. The fries were delicious! And we shared one small order and there was more than enough for both of us. Although we enjoyed both the burger & fries, we felt it was a little on the pricey side for a burger & fries.

Nov 26, 2009
joan mar in All New England Archive