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Rogers Barbecue on Atando in Charlotte

Now closed -- they featured cornbread that was thin (about 3/8" thick) and light. Does anybody know how they prepared it?

Aug 30, 2010
PerCapita in Southeast

Crawfish in the Charlotte area

Where can I go for crawfish tails?

If no restaurants, where can raw tails be purchased?

Charlotte with a taste of N'Awlins

We used to go to Hotel Charlotte to get a taste of crawfish. But now I see that some dishes are off the menu, with a statement to ask if you don't see it. And I hear the quality is not what it used to be.

What's the scoop on Hotel Charlotte, and if it's bad, what are the alternatives in the Charlotte area? Crawfish-wise?

Rocky and Carlos

That's better than the old lady who was rumored to have shaped her hamburger patties in her armpit! 'Course, I don't know fer sure but them burgers wuz good! R.O.'s, Gastonia, NC... get 'em wid de barbq slaw.

May 13, 2008
PerCapita in New Orleans

Charlotte BBQ

michael b, I drive the 20 or so miles for the Hickory House bbq about once a month. Your comment about the Old Original brought back a few memories, as I worked across the street during college and we ate there often. But do you remember the joint next door, the Greene Street Grill, corner of Wilkinson & Camp Greene? Those were hamburgers, my friend. And the cold draft wasn't bad either. Is there an equivilent to the Greene Street Grilll in Charlotte now?

BBQ in Charolette

Why don't Charlotte residents like barbecue from the Hickory House on North Tryon?

Is the World Trade Center Bar open?

Yeah, I remember those appetizer plates were pretty pathetic. But what the heck, we were on for the ride!

Feb 13, 2008
PerCapita in New Orleans

In your opinion....

I was just thinking about Liuzza's by the Track yesterday. It's been almost a year since being there. My thoughts involved a cup of their seafood gumbo and one of their hamburgers. They mix onions and bell peppers in the burger (some call that a meat loaf burger). The roast beef po'boys ain't bad either.

Feb 13, 2008
PerCapita in New Orleans

Chateau on Morehead info

The Chateau (in Charlotte) was forced to close due to new highway exchanges in the '90's. It was a great steak house that always had a line for lunch. They had a piano player and fantastic hamburgers. It was a classy joint. The owners were supposed to open at another location. Did that ever happen? I miss them.

3 Nights at Le Richelieu in French Quarter


The breakfasts at the hotel are still as good as ever. Admittedly, they are short of staff, but try the Plantation Frittata with grilled biscuits. Petunias is another good breakfast joint, as is the Clover Grill.

Cassamentos is also a good suggestion for dinner. The Bon Ton and K-Paul's are also top notch.

Try Coop's and Liuzza's By The Track for lunch.

Jan 23, 2008
PerCapita in New Orleans

Casual Lunch in the Heart of the Quarter

I was hoping to try Stanley's in April... and had not heard he had closed. Do you know why he closed?

Feb 22, 2007
PerCapita in New Orleans

Murrels Inlet seafood?

Does anyone have experience with Nance's Cedar Hill Landing Restaurant? (not to be confused with Nance's Creek Front Restaurant)

We'll be in the area for one last visit to the Pavillion at Myrtle Beach, so any local seafood (as opposed to chains) recommendations would be appreciated.

Truck Stop food

A veteran truck driver recently said that the Broad River Truck Stop at the North Carolina/South Carolina border on I-85 was the "home-cooking capital of the United States." I've driven past many times, never stopping. Have I missed something?