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Lobster Bake

Does anyone know where I could get a lobster/clam bake in/around Fairfield County? I'm referring to the package type deal where you can bring it home and cook it yourself.


Saltwater Grille & Schoolhouse at Cannondale

Looking for a place for a late dinner tonight. Noticed that Saltwater is taking reservations for tonight on Has anyone had the chance to try it yet? Also, has anyone been to the Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton? What was the food/experience like?

Brunch for 1 yr anniversary

Sorry, was out of town this weekend so I did not see your post 'til just now. What did you think? We enjoyed our brunch very much there, it is a combination of the food and the experience of being there. Too bad the weather was not so great this weekend!

Brunch for 1 yr anniversary

Thanks for all the suggestions! We actually just got word that we have gotten off the wait list at Blue Hill, so we will be going there. Anyone been there recently for brunch? Suggestions as to what to order?

Romantic Dinner in London

Thanks for the recommendations! I've made a reservation at Le Gavroche, can't wait for an amazing meal!

Jul 14, 2006
btanmoran in U.K./Ireland

Brunch for 1 yr anniversary

Thanks for the recommendation. We were actually looking for something non-buffet, though...

What are your opinions of Restaurant X, Xaviars at Piermont, and Kittle House?

Brunch for 1 yr anniversary

We are looking for a place to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary with our parents. It will be for brunch/lunch on a Sunday. We tried to get reservations at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, but it was all booked. Any suggestions for places of similar caliber? Anywhere in Westchester/lower Fairfield County.

Thanks in advance!

London - Best traditional British grub, afternoon tea, and fish & chips?

Question -- Do you need to make reservations for afternoon tea at Brown's? We'll be going during the week sometime.

Jul 07, 2006
btanmoran in U.K./Ireland

3 days/nights in Paris

My husband and I will be in Paris in August for 3 nights to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary. We will be staying near the Tuilleries metro. I know that many restaurants may be closed in August, so I was hoping you all could provide some suggestions as to where we should eat while we are there. More specifically, we are looking to spend US$100-200 for dinner, good food, not stuffy.
Also, any suggestions as to where we could go during the day in terms of markets, cafes etc? We would love to do a picnic one day, great cheese, bread, and a bottle of wine.

Jul 06, 2006
btanmoran in France

Romantic Dinner in London

My husband and I will be in London for our 1 year anniversary in August. Any suggestions for a romantic one-of-a-kind experience? We are open to any type of food and are willing to spend up to US$400 for the 2 of us.

We're staying in Mayfair and would like to stay relatively close to the hotel, although we would be willing to go further for an exceptional meal.

Jul 06, 2006
btanmoran in U.K./Ireland