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Whole Foods Charles River

Gran, agreed! Despite working @ MGH and living literally around the corner, I no longer shop CRP WF b/c the cashiers are so rude and neglectful. I wonder if the errors mentioned by the OP can be traced to negligent cashiers who are so absorbed with co-workers they disregard customers and the items they should be processing. The front line staff is oblivious to anything other than having a good time with their co-workers; in fact they often treat customers as an annoyance. I now shop at Charlestown WF despite the inconvenience.

North End restaurant for 8 people group

Two weeks ago, we had a group of 10 at Lucia's. Great service!
Traditional red sauce dining. They also have full liquor which is not always easy to find in North End. Our out-of-town group loved it. I made my reservation in April - whatever you choose, do it quickly and reserve asap.

Name of the Italian Restaurant that used to be at 75 Chestnut Street

Oops. My mistake. It was The Charles. Owner Nate Grifkin recently passed away. A wonderful man

Name of the Italian Restaurant that used to be at 75 Chestnut Street

The Continental was there many many years ago.

Graduation dinner/May 2015

Another vote for Davios and/or Grill 23. Food and service first-rate. Well rounded menu. Don't delay in making your reservations. I had family in Bexley and visited many times. A fine city. Good luck.

Similar to Claude Postel

Dating my self to the Dark Ages. On our honeymoon nearly 20 years ago, my husband & I enjoyed a very special evening at Claude Postel. So sad it is gone. Returning to Montreal this fall and seek something similiar. If any of you Hounds (or your parents, grandparents!) have a suggestion, we'd be very grateful. Thank you so much.

Which Boston-Cambridge restaurants have been around since the 1980s?

Forgive if off-topic, but nothing cured a hangover like a grilled cheese and raspberry-lime rickey from the Travis on Newbury.

Salt @ Wentworth?

Despite the mixed reviews on the Board we dined at Salts during MLK wknd. We loved every aspect of the experience. Beautiful room and ambience. Great service. And the food was amazing; fresh, expertly prepared and so so good. Can't wait to go back.

Lobster rolls in downtown Portsmouth

oops - thanks for the catch (so to speak). always get the two mixed up.

Lobster rolls in downtown Portsmouth

J's Oyster on the waterfront does a nice lobster roll.

Deuxave vs Ten Tables Cambridge?

Overall the food was good, not great. The lobster gnocchi was great. My sole was good. Dining companions enjoyed their selections which. The room and ambience are outstanding. It was not an inexpensive evening which is fine but, the waiter absolutely impeded upon and detracted from the experience for me, which is not.

Deuxave vs Ten Tables Cambridge?

After a recent visit to Deuxave I'd say that I was disappointed but would give it another try. Our waiter was off-putting. Questions resulted in long-winded answers and it felt like he was trying to show us how smart he was. Spent far too much time talking in general and about himself in particular. Won't be quick to rush back

Salt @ Wentworth?

Reviews indicate inconsistencies. Anyone been recently?

Help me decide where to cry about my advanced age.

I too have a painful reminder of aging coming up in a few weeks. Plan to shed my tears at Deuxave. Hope you have a Happy Birthday.

Charthouse Experiences?

Ever been to Oceannaire Seafood Room on Court Street? It's located in an old bank and the interior is impressive. Oceannare is a chain but I've never had a bad meal there. Great raw bar, comprehenive selection of fish, side dishes plentiful. They can accomodate large parties. Professional and friendly staff. We've taken guests often and everyone has always raved.

Craigie Poularde=Ecstasy

DH and I shared the poularde for 2 last night. Never knew chicken could taste so good. In fact the entire experience was in a class by itself. Lobster sausage - OMG! In addition to the quality of the food, the dining experience was enhanced by knowledgeable attentive and friendly staff. What a great vibe! Hats off to Chef Tony Maws for creating a little slice of heaven in Cambridge.

fine dining on NShore - Urgent


I'm looking a 4 to 5 star restaurant for this Saturday ( 5/16) around 6pm. Any suggestions? I have called many establishements but due graduation weekend - most places are reserved.

Thank you so much,


Chart House with Parents?

Thanks everybody - your comments confirmed that Chart House may be a nice venue for their specifications. Happy Holidays.

Chart House with Parents?

We are planning dinner with our elderly parents the Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend. We prefer downtown venue, parking or valet available, full liquor, no dietary restrictions, noise level moderate to low. We're considering Chart House but welcome other suggestions. Has anyone been to CH recently? Thank you.

Ogunquit dinner, The Front Porch and Where else?

We were in Ongunquit a couple of weeks ago and had a very good and reasonably priced meal at Prime. Portions were large and sides come with the meal which is unusual for a steak place. We will definitely return there.

Craftsteak at MGM Grand, Bring your bankroll

We had an unpleasant and expensive evening there a few weeks ago. Husband's $57 sirloin was ordered medium and served bloody rare. He sent it back and received a steak that was cold with lots of gristle. We won't be going back.

Thanks for Woodstock Recs

Thanks 'Hound for your recommendations. Here's a brief summary:
Stayed at the Woodstock Inn. Loved it. Especially impressed by the kind, friendly, helpful and hardworking staff. Everyone there was exceptional.

First night Prince and Pauper. Started with county pate accompanied by ground mustard, pickled watermelon rind, cornichon, toasts and ligonberry syrup. Loved the pate Meaty and not too rich, just perfect with cocktails. Mr. Takeout had salad which he enjoyed and duck which he pronounced the best he's ever had. I had the veal medallions which were tender and delicious and served with just enough sauce. Apple tart for dessert.
The service was good and the ambience was cozy - just what we'd imagined for Vermont.
We'd return to Prince & Pauper in a minute and recommend it highly.

Lunch next day at Simon Pearce. Again, Board recommendations were on target. We really enjoyed the whole experience. Husband had crab cakes served with Asian slaw and greens. I had Artichoke & Pancetta quiche. It was a little rich but good. We were fortunate to sit outside and the service was very good. I'd also recommend SP for lunch - the setting alone is spectacular.

Second night we dined at Woodstock Inn. The reviews are mixed. Husband had salad and pasta with chicken and apples. The pasta dish was very good and the tastes were interesting. I started with cream of cauliflower soup and it was so salty that I could not finish it. When I mentioned to server that soup was quite salty, she kindly offered to take it off bill. My entree was scallop and shrimp risotto. The scallops and shrimp were perfectly cooked but the risotto was undercooked. We were surprised that the dining room was nearly empty. I should also mention that I ordered the Woodstock Inn Oatmeal for breakfast one morning and it was quite dry. The service was very good but I was disappointed overall by the dining experience.

We loved Woodstock and look forward to returning. Thanks to all who provided recommendations.

Woodstock, VT suggestions?

We will be spending a weekend at the Woodstock Inn in mid-July. For this trip we prefer dinner venues that cater primarily to adults. Mr. Takeout prefers not to wear a jacket if possible and we'd both appreciate locations within a 10-15 minute drive. Other than that, we are open to and enjoy all types of cuisine. Your recommendations are welcomed and appreciated.

Lunch near Mass general

The King & I is just around the corner on Charles Street and serves wonderful Thai at reasonable prices. Their Pad Thai is excellent.

Where's Ina?

Haven't seen anything new in ages. I miss her. Has she moved to another network?

May 10, 2008
takeoutgirl in Food Media & News

Bloody Mary & Lobster Roll Kittery/York/Ogunquit?

Thanks I saw the website and I spoke with them today. The BB that's open is the outdoor seating. The larger BB Etc. doesn't open till May.

Bloody Mary & Lobster Roll Kittery/York/Ogunquit?

Taking a day trip on Patriot's Day. Looking for a casual venue serving good Bloodys and lobster rolls. Something along the lines of Barnacle Billy's Etc. which is not yet open. Thank you.

French Martini

Thank you JK.

Apr 03, 2008
takeoutgirl in Spirits

French Martini

I am having a hard time finding fresh pineapple juice. Any suggestions (Boston area)?Would it be a sin to use canned?

Also is this a drink that I can make by the pitcher ahead of time and serve individually via cocktail shaker?

Finally if anyone has an exceptional recipe for this could you kindly share it?

Apr 01, 2008
takeoutgirl in Spirits

Watch the Game near MGH?

The Beacon Hill Tavern on Cambridge Street across from Foster's has TVs and very good burgers.