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Strip T's increasing funkiness

Great ramen. However, for a tonkatsu broth, fairly light. A bowl of ramen you could actually eat and continue on with your day (compared to, say, Tan Tan or Spicy Miso at Sapporo, or tonkatsu at Ippudo or Hide-Chan in NYC).

Does any place in Boston make a killer roast lamb and feta sandwich?

Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square (Somerville) has been running an awesome Lamb Panini (with feta) for awhile now. Not Boston proper, but, damn, is that a good sandwich.

Best Chilli Crab

The classic Singapore dish. Anyone have a strong opinion? Probably in Chinatown?

Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

If you are watching your waistline, I do not recommend building your social circles out of professional kitchens. While no longer working in the restaurant world, I find myself at the bar and across the table from cooks more often than is good for my stomach + liver... Not complaining.

Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

My favorite in the area. Weekend special soups/stews are phenomenal as well. This is how I spent last Sunday:

Your worst Boston area restaurant experience

Not in the business any more, but, yes, definitely have worked in it. I am acutely aware that it is a mixed bag-- some of the industry is devoted to hospitality and food quality, some are more ambivalent and just looking for a paycheck. I imagine that is true of any industry. I just empathize with victims of the rule of 5-- if someone has a good experience dining out, they will tell 1 person. If someone has a bad time, they are more likely to tell 5 people. Chowhounds are probably the exception to the rule, but I still feel the sentiments expressed above.

Your worst Boston area restaurant experience

Yes. I must say, I've had my fair share of bad experiences, but I really don't like this thread. Let the rough nature of the business take care of bad restaurants, we don't need to expedite their death-- it will come fast enough. And as for the good spots we all catch on their off-nights... well, I'd rather not celebrate those moments publicly. Just my opinion.

July 2012 Openings and Closings

They actually plant the produce at your table while you watch, and you get to sit there, water it, and watch it grow until it's ready to eat! Farm-to-tableside.


Second rec for Winsor Dim Sum Cafe on Tyler St. yumyum is right on: if what you are looking for is the big room, cart experience, Winsor is not your spot at all (I would recommend Hei La Moon for that). However, if what you want is the best dim sum dishes possible, I think Winsor makes the best food.

Cambridge breakfast. Again.

In Union Sq, Somerville, The Neighborhood Restaurant is worth the trip. Friendly staff (they bring you coffee and pastries if you're waiting in line out front!), honest food: fresh, delicious, affordable. That's my sit-down breakfast spot.

Taqueria el Amigo. Uno mas. (long)

That's awesome, I'll do it this weekend. Where I live in Somerville it's a pretty short ride through Chelsea to East Boston. But thanks for the route, I'll head over to Waltham soon.

Taqueria el Amigo. Uno mas. (long)

I've been a Taqueria Jalisco devotee for years. Acutely aware that I needed to get out to Waltham to hit up Amigo, but being mostly mobile on my bike, hadn't done the diligence to hijack a car and get there. But after reading that, it's moving up my to do list. EDITED for obvious reasons.

Bon Chon/Bull BBQ

Anyone been, early reports? Very curious to know how the Korean BBQ set up is. The area is in need of some good KBBQ!

Looking for best bahn mi in greater Boston

MC- I'm 99% sure they get daily deliveries. I've walked by early in the morning and seen them opening up shop with a bunch of brown paper bags full of loaves out on the counters.

Why No Hound Raves for The Salty Pig?

Good option in the neighborhood and might hit up the patio more often in nicer weather, but not a huge destination spot. Menu/concept/dining experience it occupies the same space as Coppa, although, in my opinion, a couple dollars cheaper for a significant drop in food quality. ES alum runs the FOH and keeps the beer/cordials/wine selection on point. I don't know who's running the kitchen, but have been twice and was not disappointed or overwhelmed. Only charcuterie item made in-house was Chicken Liver Mousse, came in a small quenelle. Definitely not doing anything under the table, all items on the charcuterie side have an origin/source listed. Had a decent pizza and the accompaniments to charcuterie -- pickles, mustard, etc -- were satisfactory.

Honestly, love the design of the menu, just would like to see a little more execution from the kitchen. There seems to be very little they pick up to order-- which would lead you to believe the few things they do cook would be done with a lot of care. I want to love this place but believe they could try a little harder in the back.

Chinatown Bakeries: Best Pineapple Bun

Thanks for the clarification guys! I assume they are just dumbing it down/oversimplifying for patrons who are less familiar with Chinese pastry, but when they have the English names written out (like on the door of the steamer case in Bao Bao) they do refer to them as pineapple buns with ____ filling. But good to know the truth!

What do you call the oblong baked pastries that are often filled with custard or coconut cream? Crueller-shaped, almost. Those are dope at Hing Sing.

Chinatown Bakeries: Best Pineapple Bun

Yeah... Eldo was pretty dry and crumbly in a bad way (as opposed to crumbly in a buttery delicious way), with all the filing congealed in a small sphere in the middle. Clearly keep them at room temp as opposed to in the steamer at Bao Bao, who's are a little smaller but have a nice warm filling spread through the entire soft bao. Hing Shing is pretty on point too.

Chinatown Bakeries: Best Pineapple Bun

Last week it was jin dui, this week pineapple buns. Chinatown bakeries may be the best kept secret in town for cheap, fast + delicious (sweet or savory).

Red bean is my favorite filling, and I'm pretty stuck on Bao Bao and Eldo right now. What are your favorite spots for pineapple buns?

Jin dui/Sesame balls in Chinatown

Anyone have recommendations for the best jin dui/sesame balls in Chinatown? I'm talking about the small balls of rice flour, coated in sesame seeds and filled with bean or lotus paste. Addictive and delicious. Looking for restaurant or bakery rec's. Thanks!

TASTY BURGER - Davis Square

Yeah, I'm guessing it will just be in the garage somewhere. Which is cool, because I never found the appeal to Flat Patties that some other hounds have.

What is the superlative taco and where to find it in the Boston area?

Kenji is usually as on-point as MC, but I got to disagree with him (or whoever from SE put this together) here. Amigo and Jalisco are the best around. And I think the best in a slightly more upscale setting is probably Lone Star. Beats La Verdad, in my opinion.

That being said, you'll probably still find me and my friends at La Verdad on a Tuesday, cuz, hey, they're only a dollar.

Getting so bored -- new ideas welcome

Second East by North East, Muqeuca, Bergamot, Casa B with mixing things up in mind. Amazing spots, all of em.

February 2012 Openings and Closings

Technically January, but Deep Ellum's new taco spot, Lone Star Taco Bar, opened last night.

Lord Hobo: Any changes since new chef?

I've enjoyed various bar snacks there and have found the quality of the food increasing steadily in the last 6 months. That being said, I do find their offerings more appropriate for colder weather. The popular Polenta Fries are delicious and solve the fry problem people were citing a few months ago.

On Sunday they posted something on Facebook about a new menu, and there website is currenlty "under construction." Seems changes are afoot.

TASTY BURGER - Davis Square

Earlier tonight, Chowder reported that Tasty Burger would be opening a second location in Davis Square:

Anyone have more details or guesses as to what space it will go into? Maybe the old Pulse Cafe spot or something down towards Downtown and Rosebud? With this and Brick & Mortar's imminent opening, I don't know if I'll ever cross the river again...

Best Burr Grinders


I'm looking to buy a burr grinder for my coffee beans. I've used a roommate's Breville in the past and enjoyed great coffee, but, unfortunately, am no longer living with the owner of said machine. I was wondering what everyone else's top choice for grinder was. I am thinking about dishing out $100 for another Breville but was wondering if there are any cheaper options people think achieve the same quality.


Oct 20, 2011
maxinboston in Cookware

Garden at the Cellar POST-Gilson

Thanks Carrie!

I know Chef Arms was sous'ing at Garden before he took over, and my comment didn't mean to reflect a lack of confidence in him- I was just said to see Gilson go and have been busy since! I was prompted to post because I looked at the new menu and did a little reading online and liked the changes I saw! Hearing what you have to say only reinforces that (Clear Flour can do no wrong) and I'll make sure to drop by soon. Thanks for the info.

Garden at the Cellar POST-Gilson

Has anyone been into the Garden at the Cellar this fall? I was bummed when I heard Chef Gilson was leaving- Garden is one of my favorite spots in town, and I ate there as much as I could before he took off. I've been out of town frequently since, and relocated to Davis Square so I haven't been able to make it back. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I sort of wrote it off when Will left, or at least moved it to the back burner. I just checked out Chef Arms' new menu and, while it is barely changed, it looks great and has me wanting to go back. Has anyone been since he took over?

Will Gilson leaving Garden at the Cellar

Just saw the news online. Does anyone know exactly when his last day is? Garden was one of my favorites so this is tough to hear, but I'm sure he'll leave things in good hands.

Olecito Brookline!

It's open, finally. Drove by yesterday. Anyone been yet??