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Fresh strawberry (only) pie in SF?

Can anyone tell me where to find fresh strawberry pie (no rhubarb, please) in San Francisco? Thanks!

Marmite vs Vegemite Taste Test

It's been a very long time since I've posted but I just wanted to share the not-very-scientific results of a blinded taste test of Marmite vs Vegemite we had today. It seems many folks on the internet prefer Marmite (and even more prefer neither), but I have recently found I enjoy Vegemite better and wanted to know where my work friends stood on this topic.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: Two tasters and two slices of toast with butter and either (A) Marmite or (B) Vegemite. Both yeast spreads were acquired at Cost Plus World Market.

RESULTS: Taster #1 reacted poorly to both. She claimed that Toast A (Marmite) "tasted more sour, but also slightly less flavorful" and Toast B (Vegemite) was "strong, tasted more like fake meat", and that both were "gnarly". It should be noted that she previously declared a dislike for the taste of B vitamins. Taster #2 reacted favorably to both, saying Toast A had a milder taste and Toast B was "more harsh, but still delicious," and "I would love to eat A. I would like to eat B." Taster #2 noted that she was "severly hypoglycemic and low on electrolytes" at the time of tasting.
Personally, I find Marmite to be more meaty (umami) and smoky, more rounded in flavor and very much like eating beef bouillon (which is not so terrible), and I believe this makes Marmiate more versatile for cooking. However, I like the lighter, saltier taste of Vegemite on toast.

CONCLUSION: None. People like one or the other or both or neither, and the results of this study are not statistically significant in any way, shape, or form. 66% of us participating in this study (n=3 with one of them being me) thought Marmite has a smoother flavor than Vegemite, but that did not translate into preference. Future studies are recommended.

May 14, 2013
coolbean98 in General Topics

Please help me identify this squash!

Mm, that sounds great - thanks for your post! It is kinda hard on the outside, like a pumpkin. Do you think it's a winter squash? If so, when you bake it, do you just scoop out the middle to eat?

Sep 09, 2008
coolbean98 in Home Cooking

Please help me identify this squash!

Please help me identify this gigantic squash that my husband's boss (an obviously impressive gardener) gave us! What do I do with it???

Sep 09, 2008
coolbean98 in Home Cooking

Izakaya at Sebo [San Francisco]

Does anyone know if they are still doing Izakaya Sundays at Sebo, and if so, how late they serve? Domo!

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

Off topic, but I think all their savory items are delicious. The cakes I've had are okay, but I think savory is where it's at. I love their butternut squash quiche!

Candybar (desserts & wine), SF - anyone try it yet?

My friend Lauren and I went to Candybar last night and my impressions were similar to that of jrhsfcm. I had been to Chikalicious ( in NYC a few years ago and of course that was the first thing that came to my mind. Like Chikalicious it is a small, minimalist space, but Candybar is much darker and the back of the space was not very inviting. Flavor-wise, I was excited by the menu (I had the chocolate sorbet with foie gras tapioca, and the vanilla cake with pickled mango and olive oil), but found many items overdone. Many items were too cloyingly sweet and ended up overpowering the flavors they tout on the menu, like the perfume of lavender in the bellini, the freshness of mint in the lemonade with gelee, and the bittersweetness of chocolate in the sorbet. Really, you could hardly taste those things...just alot of sweet. Other combinations (like the vanilla cake and pickled mango) were adventurous but just not harmonious in the end.

Anyways, we'll post more details about the outing soon. It offered an interesting menu and friendly staff but I didn't find it to be as fun an eating experience or as refined in flavor as I was hoping. Like jrhsfcm, I love the idea of dessert bars and hope there will be more of them around, but in the meantime I hope Candybar will work out these kinks as they get more settled in.

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

Are they vanilla with pink or blue frosting? Because that's good enough for me. What do they taste like?

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

Crixa carries cupcakes?? I live around the corner and I've never seen cupcakes there - do they only have them at certain times? Or are they some kind of small cakes that don't look like conventional cupcakes (I guess the difference would be shape and those crinkled liners)?

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

How do they taste? I think we're going to try and do at least one "standard" (like vanilla), and one fancy flavor - do they have a variety?

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

Hi, all! We're looking for cupcake recommendations for a cupcake-off we're doing at work. We all live in the East Bay (Richmond, Berkeley) so we prefer East Bay bakeries, but it's more important that they're good (we want the best!) than easy to get to. So far we're getting ones from Teacakes and Love At First Bite. Please help us! TIA!

where to go in Berkeley for Dinner???

Cafe Gratitude:
and what seems like endless other places. Check out Robert's links below.

Just Bought A Bottle Of Cachaca

Oh sorry, not coconut milk but condensed milk! It's called a batida de fresa, but batidas can also be made with other fruits like passion fruit or banana. I have since tried them and they're delish, albeit girly. :)

Jul 05, 2007
coolbean98 in Spirits

Sawadee Thai in Richmond/El Cerrito

Oh, sorry, I was talking about Sawadee, not the place on stilts.

Irma's Pampanga

According to my dad it was the reason he married my mom. :)

Duck Fat

I used to buy it at Magnani's (about $5/pint) or Ver Brugge's in Berkeley, although if you have time, I now just render it myself from whole duck and reuse it as it makes your dollar go alot further.

Late Night Dining Ideas (Bay Area)

Just wanted to add to this handy list that

SAHN MARU in Oakland is open until 11PM. And is delish!

himawari in san mateo - my 6 shop ramen soujourn is complete! (review etc.)

Cool! Can you please post addresses for the 6 shops?

Sawadee Thai in Richmond/El Cerrito

I've been there a few times. It's cute and the service is okay. It's not all that - I don't remember the food being memorably good, but not bad either. Kids love the low tables with the cutout floor underneath so you don't have to sit cross-legged.

Japanese vegetarian - minako or cha-ya?

I saw someone somewhere recommend the okonomiyaki at Minako. Do you know what they put in theirs? Is Minako mostly Kansai-style cuisine?

ISO Dr. Brown's sodas

Not really any of the places you mentioned, but Saul's in Berkeley has them.

What to order at Chow

Yes yes yes! I can't leave without the ginger cake with caramel and pumpkin ice cream! I also tend to get...I can't even remember because I get so distracted by the dessert. Mussels, I think, and also the Thai steak salad.

Bay Area Rabbit Recommendations?

OMG, I love the Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit at Farmhouse. The tiny little leg confit was favorite, but really, the other two preparations were just as good. Best rabbit I've ever had!

But that's not too local (well, for me at least) - I think the last time I had it in SF was at Lulu.

ISO Lyonnaise Cuisine - SF, Berkeley or Oakland

I would love to find some good quenelles (I like the pâte ones, but I'd take the fish ones too), but I would also love to see a good meat menu. How about a good tête de veux?

ISO Lyonnaise Cuisine - SF, Berkeley or Oakland

Hi! Could anyone tell me if there are any good restaurants that specialize specifically in Lyonnaise, bouchon-style cuisine in San Francisco, Berkeley, or Oakland? TIA!

Belden Lane in SF

I've had some very nice dinners at Plouf and B44. I have only been to Cafe Bastille once and don't remember what I had, but I remember that I thought it was nice and not bad.

High-Tech Burrito

Oh jeez, maybe I'm getting the two mixed up in my head! Glencora below says they still have the unwrapping diagram, but I'll bet I'm remembering the 360 degrees from the other burrito place. It's so hard to keep them straight. :) But High Tech does still have passable burritos for what it is, technology-impaired or not. :)

High-Tech Burrito

They used to have this kinda corny thing on their wrappers about "how to eat a burrito" and some diagram showing how you tear off the foil, 360 degrees around the burrito. I guess that's the "technology"! That said, their burritos aren't bad tasting.

Best Indian Food in Berkeley?

I totally vote for Vik's and Udupi Palace for cheap, too. They're so different that I couldn't really pick one over the other.

Takoyaki outside of festivals

Whoa, what does it taste like with ground beef? Is it good?