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Homemade "dessert shells" for strawberry shortcake

Williams Sonoma and King Arthur Flour used to carry the pans for those cakes- they're called Maryann Cakes and a google search yielded a few recipes

Apr 05, 2015
floofy cricket in Home Cooking

What a Week's Worth of Groceries Look Like in Different Parts of the World

I've seen these before; these are excerpts from a book the photographer did back around 2005- Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. May explain why some photos look "dated"

Dang Butterscotch Rootbeer

yes- refrigerated back wall, along with a lot of other really interesting sodas

Dang Butterscotch Rootbeer

in the north bay, just picked up a bottle at Harvest Market in Novato.

Where to find packaged green tea cheesecake?

If it came to them prepackaged, I wouldn't be surprised if it was from John & Jill's Cheesecake in Novato- they sell frozen cheesecakes, mini cheesecakes, and mixed variety cheesecakes from their kitchen/office space in Bel Marin Keys. (the green tea cheesecake is delicious!)

Need Inexpensive Wine Recs

Have you checked out Andrea Immer's book, Great Wine Made Simple? It could be a great resource for setting up your party & lists good buys in each category.

Jul 06, 2006
floofy cricket in Wine