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Cornish Pasy Co Scottsdale Location

According to their Facebook page, it might be January 2013.

Nov 16, 2012
ellessu in Phoenix

Downtown PHX Lunch

I served Grand Jury twice a week for 3 months, so I feel your pain (if you are selected). My fellow jurors and I frequented Duck & Decanter (quick & easy -- that hour lunch break goes by quickly). You might also consider Tom's Tavern, Sing High, Bar Smith, First Watch and Foccacia Fiorentina.

Jul 16, 2008
ellessu in Southwest

Extra Virgin?

We're here on vacation and had dinner there on Monday night. We lucked out with one of their outside tables. The Hub had the fresh cavatelli and I ordered the lobster ravioli. Both were delicious. Great casual spot and good prices.

May 08, 2008
ellessu in Manhattan

Lobster ravioli in Manhattan?

My sister-in-law will be visiting and my husband and I would like to treat her to a nice dinner. She LOVES lobster ravioli. Are there any restaurants that have great lobster ravioli? Thanks in advance.

Apr 27, 2008
ellessu in Manhattan

Park City Eats

Which resort will you be skiing in PC? I was at Park City Mountain Resort a couple weeks ago. After (my feebled attempts at) skiing, my husband and I had a light lunch at the Legacy Bar & Grill. It is located right by the Payday Lifts, on the ground floor.

PCMR dining options:

If you do not mind walking or driving the short distance to Main Street, there is a cool bar called No Name Saloon. We had a good time there. Funky interior and great buffalo burgers. Also, be sure to check out the heated bench just outside the door!

Feb 26, 2008
ellessu in Southwest