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Wine stores in Rockville

Will be in Rockville for a week. Can anyone recommend a wine store around the town center? Am familiar with the one next to Urban Bar-B-Que hoping for one closer.

what to eat at Esca?

Ditto these responses. We went in February and Esca was one of our splurges. I got salmon and my wife one of the pastas. Although the salmon was perfectly cooked, it was not a knockout tastewise while my wife's pasta was special. Don't get the fish for an appetizer either. I recall that the wine that I had by the glass was very tasty as was the Negroni. Also I was surprised at how casual some people were dressed. Since we were from way out of town (Maine), I had a tie and jacket but certainly didn't need to be that spiffed up.

Sep 14, 2013
mainahs in Manhattan

Sugo, Cicchetti

After eating at this restaurant last Thursday and reading quite a few reviews, the conclusion I come to is that this place is very uneven. We went here at 6:30 because Founding Fathers had over an hour wait and we were able to walk right in to Sugo. Our food (gnocchi, raviolli stuffed with spinach, onion love pizza, calamari and ceasar salad) was not outstanding. Overall it was too salty. To me the raviolli and gnocchi were tasteless. The salad had almost no dressing on it although the romaine was fresh and crispy. I liked the flavor of the pizza but could have used a few more onions to love. The calamari was tender but the coating too thick and salty and the dollop of sauce too little especially for three people to share. Albarino, pinot noir and sangria were not especially good and not worth their prices.

Interestingly, I could find no reviews of this place on Chowhound just a mention in another post.

food with a view on Maine coast

Cook's on Bailey Island with good view of famous Cribstone Bridge and working harbor. Good scenery on the way down too. New Dolphin Marina Restaurant in South Harpswell has a spectacular view. Although I'm not crazy about the food/prices, my wife likes them.

Jul 16, 2012
mainahs in Northern New England

Anything of note near Mt Blue/ Webb Lake in Maine?

You're really pretty far out there when you get to Mt. Blue. I think that your closest bet would be Farmington. All of the towns that you list are small or not well off. Bethel might be worth checking out although it is not on your drive to Mt. Blue. The only other town I can think of that would be a possibility would be Kingfield. Otherwise, there is a Whole Foods just off 295 in Portland.

Jun 29, 2012
mainahs in Northern New England

Breakfast in Brunswick ME?

What about good diner food? Brunswick Diner just before the light where Rt 1 turns and Pleasant St. goes straight to downtown. The Big Top Deli downtown gets great reviews for its sandwiches and serves breakfast. For lighter stuff for dinner there's Lions Gate (which has many on draft great beers and good pub food) on PLeasant across from the Diner or the Sea Dog which is right across the bridge in Topsham. Eat outside on the river if the day is warm.

May 06, 2012
mainahs in Northern New England

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

Just read the thread on the availability of Maryland crab and the use of other crabs in crab cakes. It may be that I have not really had Chesapeake crab at all. This is a situation that cries out for further research.

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

In the interest of harmony among the various states and regions, the next time I am in Maryland I will eat freshly steamed blue crab and report my "unbiased" opinion. This will probably be in February. Are there crabs available then? Any particular additions to the crab meat or just a bit of melted butter ala lobster?

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

Ya know, here's the deal---the amount of controversy means to me that the Chesapeake doesn't really produce a great crab cake because, IMHO, Chesapeake crab isn't that tasty in and of itself. Now Maine crab is wonderfully tasty without any accompaniments and this means that many simple crab roll places produce delicious crab food. Maine crab is delicious and needs only the addition of only mayo and maybe scallions.

Bingham, Maine

Wife and I went leaf peeping in Northwest Maine and spent the night in Bingham. Maplewood was disappointing for dinner although the cook did a good job cooking mediocre meet medium rare. Lackluster salad bar. They advertised frozen margahritas but the mix was terrible and if there was tequila in it my wife couln't tell. The waiter said that he knew how to make a Manhattan but no.

Thompson's for breakfast on the other hand was wonderful. Locally made breads, donuts and, it tasted, sausage. Also real good coffee.

Oct 16, 2011
mainahs in Northern New England

Heading to Chincoteague Island VA this weekend..

When my wife and I went in April we ate dinner at Bill's. Although the table clothes were white, we did not feel that it was dressy and most people were vacation casual. On top of that, the food was very good. In my wife's opinion (and she's a seafood person) the oysters' Rockefeller were the best she has ever had

Are there any (good) German restaurants in Portland?

Yes, Richard's is good. We've been going there for years. Love the combination plate of sausage, other meets, suarkraut, potatoes. Dinner rolls are a treat.

Jul 08, 2011
mainahs in Northern New England

Eat at Trattoria Athena

Yes sorry about the lack of place and directions. It is on Mill St in Brunswick and quite small and hard to get to if you are not from the area or have GPS. Mill St. exits off Rt 1 just before it goes under the Maine St. overpass in Brunswick. Otherwise you have to turn off of Maine St. onto a one-way street, go down a block, turn right and turn right again.

Jul 03, 2011
mainahs in Northern New England

Eat at Trattoria Athena

My wife and I ate at Trattoria Athena a couple of years ago shortly after it had opened and I thought that its reach had extended its length somewhat. But tonight we had a fantastic dinner there and would recommend highly eating here. Spreads of taramasolatta (sp?) and tzadtziki were delicious especially (to me) the tzadtziki. Very flavorful. The greek and italian olive oils were intensley olively on bread slices. Welk salad---sliced welks with lemon juice, shalots and hot peppers over arugula---yum. Excellent goat kabobs with rice, grilled zucchini and greek yogurt. Also excellent were lamb chops with roasted greek style potatoes. For dessert tiramisu very chocolately and not sweet was well done although I like mine with more mascarpone. A scoop of Greek coffee ice cream and one of pine resin were very tasty and refreshing. We had a bottle of Greek Roditis white wine which was dry and flavorful. My only complaint was that the greek coffee was weak.

Go there, eat well and enjoy.

Jun 30, 2011
mainahs in Northern New England

Rockville restos

I'll bet many of you have been saying to yourselves, "I wonder where Mainahs reviews have been?" or "Who?". Be that as it may, I was recently in Rockville and here's a report on the restos visited.

Bob's Noodles: still a go to place especially for carryouts. Had the Taiwanese Hamburger this time. Good but unusual. The "bun" is sweet as is some of the filling. The pork tasty. Ginger chicken casserole was good as was the oyster appetizer.

Lebanese Taverna: this place disappoints. Chicken was over cooked so dry and tough. Baklava small and not tasty.

La Canela: We tried to go to Matchbox but there was a 40" minute wait. Went here and we were the second table in there at 7PM. However, food was delicious and this place has a 'chef'. The waiter brought out a Peruvian form of an amuse bouche, a flaky little pouch filled with fish, I think, and a tangy sauce. Piscos were yummy and I could have had more than two but was driving. Calamari appetizer was tender with good tartar sauce and red onions. My sister had the Mixto seviche which was made quite spicy hot. I had lamb shank which did fall off the bone and had a very tasty sauce. The pesto with flank steak was also good but seemed strange in a South American restaurant. Probably an indication of my ignorance.

Againn: This disappointed a bit and on a Tuesday evenning when we couldn't get a reservation at Matchbox until 9 there were many empty tables here. Potted pork was creamy but bland but the onion chutney was quite good. My hamburger was excellent. I ordered bourbon old-fashioned and got some that tasted more like a Manhattan but it was so good that I had two. Came with sour cherries. Cheesecake with stewed figs not so good and I like figs. Cheddar soup was too salty. Bangers and mash, eh.

La Canela
141 Gibbs St, Rockville, MD 20850

Half-priced wine night?

Last year, Cava in Rockville had half price bottles on Tuesday night. Got a bottle of Moschefilero (sp?), a very nice Greek white.

Capt. Daniel Stone Inn, Brunswick, ME

Can delicious food be had on a Wednesday night in a restaurant where I, at 62, was one of the youngest customers and several women had what looked like blue rinse in their hair? Yes! 10 Water Street, the restaurant in the Captain Daniel Stone Inn, is the answer to those who have remarked that mid-week restaurants can have off nights.

When we arrived at six there were only three or four other tables with diners and I was worried that my wife's birthday dinner would be mediocre. Not so. My martini was well prepared and ample and our glasses of wine much larger than one usually gets and only $8 each. My wife had spinach and artichoke fondue with yummy focaccio. I had deliciously cooked giant scallops an top of carrot crostini (deep fried shredded carrots and potatoe?) Mains were lobster hash and scallops with mushroom risotto. Desert was simple but also delicious chocolate mousse.

This is not an inexpensive restaurant, probably one for special occasions for us but we will be back.

Sep 11, 2010
mainahs in Northern New England

Everything in Farmington, ME is horrible.

I am sure that the dining scene in Farmington has nosedived since the closing of the (Miss?) Farmington Diner. Now the other restaurants have no standard to try to match. How about Giffords Ice Cream? I could have their coffee shake for three meals a day.

Sep 11, 2010
mainahs in Northern New England

Rockville report

One thing that I enjoy about visiting Rockville is the variety. In one small strip was Yekta Kabobi and Grocery (visit, it's a trip), Joe's Noodles, a European knick-knack store with a counter of pastries, a Russian grocery store with strudel (dense and good) and various Russian beers.

Yekta Kabobi: Kabobs were very disappointing. Barg might have been "best quality, marinated beef" at one time but you couldn't tell it from the final product---dry and not much flavor. Ground beef was tasty and Cornish hen OK but I do not think that any of these were grilled, they were baked. Grilled meat has some char to it. These had none. Also, overall I think this is expensive for what you get. I asked for barg and hen together and it cost $20.

8407 Kitchen Bar (Silver Spring): Ginger-lime martini delicious. Oysters with ginger creme fraiche were plump and tender. Summer sausage light and tasty. Tomatoes with pressed watermelon? I can press my own watermelon, thanks. I have now given up on crab cakes from any restaurant from which I can not see the ocean. Ask for the creme fraiche if you ever order this in order to give it some pizzazz. And the succotash accompaniment? Uh, I think I counted four lima beans. Skate was uninteresting. OK, you've cooked fish properly, now what? Total for two was over $130---not worth it.

Thank goodness for the Hollywood Diner being open at 11PM. Just good diner food and you can get a beer.

Joe's Noodles: Lunch of chicken with eggplant and basil and marinated cucumbers---very good and very reasonable.

Yekta Kabobi
1488 Rockville Pike Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852

La Ferme disappointing

I have to say that the service was fine---there were waiters every where and attentive. The only complaint on that front might be that there was no offer of the wine list just a card with wines by the glass. There was no large party on the night that we were there. An assistant chef should be able to cook a steak as ordered and selling fish that is not real fresh should be beyond a "good" restaurant.

Any good food near Skowhegan ME ?

Skowhegan's really out in the boonies. If someone can not give you specific recs, I'd Google 'Skowhegan restaurants' (which I just did) and search the menus and reviews.

Jul 06, 2010
mainahs in Northern New England

La Ferme disappointing

Went to La Ferme for a relative's birthday dinner and was very disappointed in the food for several reasons. One was that a steak that was asked to be prepared medium ( "no red") came quite rare. This is basic preparation technique and someone wasn't paying attention on a night in which there were few patrons. Another disappointment was that the dover sole was not fresh. A bit chewy and slightly fishy. Sweetbread was good but unimaginatively prepared. Cheeses for desert bland. All in all I found this place to be in a time warp. The dishes were, from what I know of French food, classic French from 40-50 years ago but even so based on our dishes not up to snuff.

This looks like a place where the elderly rich and business people (the few other customers on a Tuesday night) would be quite comfortable but it is not a place for people into food.

La Ferme
7101 Brookville road, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Pierrot Bistrot

Glad to hear that this place is still good. My wife and I went about three years ago when we spent a weekend in Boston and liked it very much.

Mar 17, 2010
mainahs in Greater Boston Area

First anniversary road-trip: Montreal, Quebec City, Portland, ME, and Boston

For breakfast in Portland, I'd suggest Bintliff's or Becky's Diner. Don't know what your budget is but there are many very good restaurants in Portland now: Fore Street, Street and Co., Emilitsa, Bresca. Actually, I've never been to the Lobster Shack but it looks like a place for good lobster rolls and fried clams. Try something with crab which I like more than lobster.

Mar 14, 2010
mainahs in Northern New England


Went to Avila around 9:30 last Thursday and did not find this a place I would go again. I had three appetizers. Fried calamari was very tender and lightly breaded and for $6 a bargain but could have used more sauce (which I am sure I would have been given had I asked). Tuna tartar had a truffle aioli sauce that I didn't like and that overwelmed the fish and soaked the cucumber which would have been better crunchy. The few pieces of fried calamari on top of the tartar didn't really fit with the dish. Squash filled ravioli was good, quite sweet but had been under the hot lamp too long. The cream sauce was sticky and the ravioli so hot that it burned my tongue enough to cause a blister. No reason for this as the restaurant was almost empty. Three different glasses of white wine were each, 'eh'.

1 Charles Street South, Boston, MA 02116

Nov 22, 2009
mainahs in Greater Boston Area

Suggestions for lunch in Bath & Dinner in Boothbay Harbor

Consider Brunswick and Wiscasset for lunch as well. They are about 15" before and after Bath. In Brunswick maybe Richards a good German restaurant on Maine St. Or MJ's on Maine St. as well. It has well prepared basic food. In Wiscasset maybe Sarah's more a sandwich/soup place. It looks out on the Sheepscot River which is tidal. Le Garage down the street from Sarah's used to be well thought of. It also has good, well-prepared basic food with a nice water view also. I think an unadventurous aunt would like it.

The Gelato Fiasco: Brunswick, ME

Maine is very working class and parking is easy at Dairy Queen (the one in Topsham I pressume?), difficult in downtown Brunswick. I love the hot fudge sundaes with soft serve at DQ. What is a gelato fiasco anyway?

Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos

Well perhaps I was confused by my lack of understanding French. At the top of the one page menu were about 6 different dishes. I assumed them to be appetizers and ordered the quail salad. The five or six dishes listed below those were all for two and I asked for fish for one which they accommodated with a small bass.

Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos

Agree with your assessment of Au Cinquieme Peche but I was at Bistro Bienville last week on Wednesday and they had no small dishes. I will go back whenever I get to Montreal again because it is an engaging little neighborhood place, but I would not call the cooking excellent.


We go to the Macaroni Grill in Portland, Maine whenever we are in that area. The food has always been very well prepared and tasty. I especially like the flounder with caper sauce and rice with sun-dried tomatoes.

Aug 20, 2009
mainahs in Chains