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2013 Red Bank Roundup

For those of you who like Neopolitan style, wood-burning pizza, give Biagio's in Red Bank a try. I've tried quite a bit of this stuff around NYC and NJ, and their take on this style of pizza is one of the better efforts I have tried. To me, their as good as other NJ offerings, such as Nomad (Hopewell), Arturo's (Maplewood) and A Mano (Ridgewood). I actually think I have a small preference for Biagio's, but it might be their proximity to where I live and the fact that I have been there about 10 times already! They are related to Mossuto's market in Wall, but I like this place better.

Service can be spotty (both here and at Mossuto's), but I tend to look past those indiscretions if the food is worth it.

Other places in Red Bank I frequent are Senor Pepper for cheap, seemingly authentic Mexican, and JR's.

Mar 25, 2013
crvgt in New Jersey

Favorites - Three categories - Statewide - Pizza, Burgers & Bagels

Bagels - Hot Bagel Bakery, Oakhurst

Pizza - Biagio's, Red Bank

Burgers - Delicious Orchards, Colts Neck

Oct 19, 2012
crvgt in New Jersey

Red Bank: Zebu Out / Mossuto's Market Pizza In!

They opened up just this past Friday. happened to be walking by and stopped in. the space us still unfinished but pizza was great - wood burning Neapolitan style with interesting, quality ingredients. Thought prices were reasonable as well. Some kinks still to worked out but definitely will be back

Oct 07, 2012
crvgt in New Jersey

Krispy Pizza, Freehold & Old Bridge

I grew up with Krispy Pizza (among many other pizzeria's) in Brooklyn in the late 70's and early 80's and they always offered a very solid slice which was, in fact, quite crispy! When the Old Bridge location opened a few years ago, i was excited to see a good Brooklyn pizza place open up nearby. After several early visits, my feeling was that it was not the same as what i remembered from my youth - most of what i tried was quite ordinary and was not really any better than all the other ordinary local places.

Then i tried their "Palermo" pie - a fresh mozzarella square - and was sold. It is an outstanding pie. As opposed to their Grandma pie, which I agree is not that great, this one is really good. A light and airy crust as opposed to their Grandma's dense and flat crust. Its sort of in the style of Brooklyn's L&B in the sense that the cheese goes on first, then the sauce - and a lot of it. But it is different from L&B in that the sauce is chunky and more "fresh" tasting. You do have to like a saucy pizza to enjoy it, which i do when it comes to sicilian style pies. If you like that style, then give it a try. It's pretty much the only thing i order there now - their rice ball is also pretty good, but my homemade one is better, so i never order it!

Apr 16, 2012
crvgt in New Jersey

Sal's Original - Shrewsbury

the website is functioning, but the link attached contains erroneous characters at the end...this should work.

Jun 13, 2010
crvgt in New Jersey

shanghai bun, matawan nj // gross ANY decent dumpling places in Central Jersey?

I'm in Japan as I write this... Happily, there are a number of very good places to get soup dumplings here. Had them at Din Tai Fung in the Takishamaya shopping center yesterday and they were quite good along with a number of other types of dumplings.

Athough I enjoy a number of things at Shanghai Bun, including their soups and their homemade noodle dishes, unfortunately the xiaolongbao is not one of the things that i think they make very well. The skins are tough and they invariably leak out all their soup even before you pick them up.

The place i like the best is Hong Fu in Highland Park. They have a soft, but not-too-thin skin, a really tasty broth and a very nice filling. I think Shanghai Park in Princeton has very similar ones as well (think these two restaurants used to be related). They are also a little larger than most restaurants out here in Asia serve them, but that's not a bad thing to me. The rest of the food on the menu is also very good, so give this place a try.

Shanghai Bun Restaurant
952 State Route 34 Ste 6, Matawan, NJ 07747

Mar 16, 2010
crvgt in New Jersey

86th Street Chinatown?

yes I remember was eventually replaced, I beleive, with New Dynasty.

Feb 23, 2008
crvgt in Outer Boroughs