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4 Nights in Mesa - Good and Local

Even though I never made it to my original two targeted restaurants, Contigo Peru and Los Dos Molinos, the trip was a success.
Got it started right off the plane with Susie's Mexican Cafe, followed up a short time later with Blue Adobe Grill...where I learned that the Double Stacked Enchiladas, Christmas Style...really aren't my friends.
A good bounce back the next day with some In-n-Out Burger (we don't have that in Atlanta or NYC). Also was able to hit Carlsbad Tavern one of our late nights.
Found on our own: we went for a couple of lunches at De La Cruz Bistro, across from the Mesa Arts Center where we were operating out of. Went for the specials of Pork Belly Sandwich one day and Ribeye Steak Sandwich the next. No let down either time.
Most places seemed to close at 9p, so we were fortunate to find Monti's where I wasn't expecting much, but got a cheap and pretty damn good steak.
Lastly, we discovered a taco joint on the corner of W.Main and S. Country Club that was really, really good. In an old gas station, across from the Taco Bell...the chorizo, egg and potato breakfast burrito for $2.99 made my day.
Good trip all around. Really happy I never set foot in Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill...which was basically in my hotel parking lot.

Feb 26, 2012
doc1969 in Phoenix

4 Nights in Mesa - Good and Local

Almost twenty years in Atlanta, but originally from NYC/Boston.

Feb 14, 2012
doc1969 in Phoenix

4 Nights in Mesa - Good and Local

These tips are great...thank you to all. Susie's and Los Dos Molinos will definitely be hit.
Hopefully, we'll have some time to drive up to Scottsdale, Carlsbad Tavern will be a valuable late night haunt, though it's nine miles from the hotel. Citizen Public House is somewhat more of a journey. Will also refocus on Tempe, as well. Four Peaks fits the bill.
I've never eaten at an authentic New Mexican spot, so I'm especially looking forward to that!

Feb 14, 2012
doc1969 in Phoenix

4 Nights in Mesa - Good and Local

First time visitor, in town for work...will be logging long hours, but should be able to break away for several meals. Scoured the Phoenix Board, but am having trouble finding the real gems, i.e. non-chains and great food.
So far, I have Contigo Peru and Blue Adobe Grill.
Hoping to find a few other options, as we may be working later then these places are open.
Southwestern, Mexican, Burger Joints, Diners, Ethnic Places, Good Bar Food...all recommendations are welcome!
Alcohol being served is a definite plus, but not a restricting factor.
We'll be staying in the Mesa Riverview area, but will have wheels.
Thanks in advance.

-and how about Bars? if I'm forced to go to a Chili's again, I swear it's all over!

Feb 13, 2012
doc1969 in Phoenix

Atlanta- dinner in L5P near Variety Playhouse

Wisteria is in easy walking distance. Just walk three blocks up Colquitt Ave; which connects Euclid Ave (which Variety is on) with N. Highland Ave (which Wisteria is on).
Everything I've ever had there has been great, but my favorite remains the Skillet Fried Chicken.

Jan 15, 2009
doc1969 in General South Archive

BBQ in Atlanta

Fox Bros. is good, Rolling Bones is alright....but I think Daddy Dz is what you're looking for as a first experience in a southern BBQ Joynt.
You really cannot go wrong with any of them, but I visit Daddy Dz on a weekly basis; and between the food, the smells, the music and the divey nature of warms me inside. Enjoy.

Also, getting to Daddy Dz or Fox Bros on MARTA (the rapid transit rail system) is easy from Centennial Park.
Daddy Dz:
Get on MARTA at the Dome/CNN Center stop (W1).
Head East to the King Memorial stop (E2).
Walk South on Grant St. for two blocks to MLK Drive.
Walk West on MLK for two block to Hill St.
Daddy Dz is on the corner of Hill/MLK.

Fox Bros:
Same deal but get off on the Inman Park Stop (E3).
Walk East along Dekalb Ave for about a mile.
Fox Bros on left.

Jan 08, 2009
doc1969 in General South Archive

Fairground food - the Big E

Center cut pork chop sandwich near the Better Living Center. Baked Potato from the Maine Building. Lobster Roll from the Maine Building. Tom Thumb donuts remind me of going there as a kid.
I'm looking for something new and different. Anyone?
Is there a listing of food vendors anywhere?

Catfish--Atlanta or northern GA

I live in Atlanta and I love catfish, and I have never had any catfish in town that I would really recommend. Six Feet Under is alright...but just that.
When I get really good catfish and lots of it, I tend to find myself in Mississippi.
Atlanta is a good eating city, but it doesn't have everything. Sorry.

Sep 11, 2008
doc1969 in General South Archive

One night/morning in Louisville, KY

Headed to Louisville, KY for the first time this coming weekend, and am hoping to find a few leads on places to eat in the downtown area. Not looking for anything gourmet or fancy, more interested in recommendations on restaurants that just serve good food.
Bars, dives, joints, greasy spoons and holes-in-the-walls are just fine by me. Want some authentic Louisville flavor, whatever that is. Thanks.

Aug 11, 2008
doc1969 in General South Archive

Atlanta Sandwiches

My favorite sandwich in town is the Pan con Bistec at Papi's on Ponce.
Marinated shaved steak with grilled onions, swiss cheese, a handful of french fries pressed on garlic cuban bread. Does it get any better than that?

Aug 11, 2008
doc1969 in General South Archive

I-77 North between Charlotte and I-81

I'm thinking lunchtime on Saturday, and I sure don't want to make it fast food.
Anything worthwhile in the proximity of I-77? I don't mind making a slight diversion.

Sep 13, 2007
doc1969 in General South Archive

I-83 North to Harrisburg; I-81 North to Scranton

Wow, I had never heard of Old Forge Style Pizza. I'm definitly going to buy a tray and bring one back on the ride to Mass. with me. Is there any pizzeria in Wilkes-Barre itself that specializes in this? (I was born in Wilkes-Barre, but have no ties there and haven't passed thru the area in 20 years. I'd get a kick of trying something something brand new in the place of my birth).

I guess now I'll be looking for a place to get a good Italian Hoagie maybe between Harrisburg and pizza town?

Thanks for clueing me into something I had no idea about.

Sep 13, 2007
doc1969 in Pennsylvania

I-83 North to Harrisburg; I-81 North to Scranton

Hey All,
Driving from the Atlanta to Mass., and Day 2 will find me travelling from DC up thru Pennsylvania.
Interested in good road food...whether it be a diner, hot dog stand or above the ordinary local hoagie shop.
I'm thinking I'll be ready to stop to eat somewhere between Harrisburg and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on I-81.
Any and all help is of now, I have next to nothing...just word of a place to get a top notch Sicilian Hoagie in Kingston, at a joint called Tony's.

Sep 11, 2007
doc1969 in Pennsylvania

Anything Worthwhile on Rt. 78 b'twn Birmingham and Holly Springs

Sadly, there really is nothing. Lots of fast food. A few BBQ shacks.
And don't even attempt going to a local place on a Sunday.
All are closed.

Jul 02, 2007
doc1969 in General South Archive

Western Ireland... foodie destination?

I wholeheartedly endorse Moran's Oyster Cottage. To me, it was the quintessential Irish dining experience. I went last fall and I loved it. Not touristy, it was moslty filled with local families who seemed to know each other. It is a thatched roof cottage overlooking a river, and the interior was heated by a peat fire.
While the oysters were good, they weren't the highlight for me (perhaps because I make annual journeys to Appalachicola and New Orleans to gorge on oysters).
At Moran's I had the best smoked salmon of my entire life. I still think about it quite often, and I'm afraid I just can't eat smoked salmon anywhere else. Ah well, I'll just have to pay a return visit. Enjoy.

Jun 26, 2007
doc1969 in U.K./Ireland

Anything Worthwhile on Rt. 78 b'twn Birmingham and Holly Springs

Going on road trip this weekend to the Hillcountry of Mississippi.
Does anyone know of anything roadside on Rt. 78, specifically between Birmingham and Holly Springs? On previous journeys, I've just winged it and found bbq shacks or places to get some good fried catfish. Another time, I was forced to go to Sonic. I never want to do that again. Thanks.

Jun 26, 2007
doc1969 in General South Archive

Titusville Area Recs. (other than Dixie Crossroads)

Spending a few days in Titusville this coming week. From what I remember, there is a dearth of places worth seeking out.
Not interested in Dixie Crossroads. I've given it a shot several times, and it gets more annoying with each visit.
Have been to Grills down in Port Canaveral, enjoyed it, and am planning on returning.
Also heard good things about Oceans up in New Smyrna Beach, as well as Maria Bonita for Mexican.
While I always am interested in seafood when near the ocean, I'd take any kind of recommendations: burger joints, bbq, lunch/breakfast spots, etc.
Hole in the walls are fine...just interested in some good food.

Mar 15, 2007
doc1969 in Florida

Bonita Springs/Naples Recommendations?

Haven't found much while looking thru the boards about "can't miss" places in Bonita Springs. I've never been to this area of Florida, and am mostly interested in fresh seafood.
Would drive as far down as Naples if the food was worth it.
Only in the area for one dinner and a breakfast or lunch.
Concerned more with the food than the ambiance.
Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

Mar 02, 2007
doc1969 in Florida

Atlanta Last Second V-Day Thoughts

Any comments on Pacific Kitchen, Repast, or The Globe?
All 3 are offering a prix-fixe dinner, and based on the menus, Pacific Kitchen looks best,
but I've read quite a bit of negative things about the place.
Also curious about Petite Auberge. The crowd has always turned me away.
Is it more than just a room full of bluehaired people?
Thanks in advance.

Feb 12, 2007
doc1969 in General South Archive

From White Plains to Troy up I-87 - Looking for a Good Roadside Lunch

Flying into White Plains, and heading up I-87 to Troy, and then
Rt. 7 over to Bennington, VT.
Would love to find a worthwhile place to stop for lunch.
Don't mind taking a little sidetrip, if it's for a good cause.
And a good lunch is always a good cause.
Roadside Diner, Pub, Burger Stand or Pizza Joint is what I'm looking for.
All input is appreciated.

Bennington VT - Only Blue Benn Diner?

Did a quick search of the boards, and the only real recommendation I'm seeing is for the Blue Benn Diner.
Any other worthwhile places for dinner?
Specifically...Timburr Alley or Hunter's?
Has the Madison Brewing Company improved at all?
I haven't heard many flattering reports, a good Brew Pub is exactly what I am looking for.
I know of Pangaea, but am not looking for that upscale or expensive of an experience.
Many Thanks.