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Calgary restos

Hey Calgary Hounds!

Long-time Toronto hound here and one greatly looking forward to my upcoming trip out West for Calgary Stampede.

Currently, I have a ressie for Charcut but was told today that it's overrated and over priced. Thoughts?

How about "Avec'? Any thoughts on there?

How do the two compare??

Many thanks!!

Jun 16, 2012
DAB in Prairie Provinces

Niagara Falls buffets

Understand that the Niagara Falls Hilton has a HUGE buffet on offer. Can anyone confirm this?

Off to Niagara with a goup of guys Saturday night and it might be fun to hit a huge buffet for dinner.


Apr 29, 2012
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Event Space

Looking for suggestions on event spaces in downtown that would fit up to 75 ladies on a Tues, Wed, or Thursday night for a series of seminar. Any places must be able to serve cocktails and nibbles!

Any help is appreciated!

Apr 26, 2012
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Peller Estates Restaurant?


Any recent feedback on the restaurant at Peller Estates?

May 22, 2011
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Resto Crawl

As follow up to my post, here's what we did:

We decided on the Dundas and Ossington area as we haven't spent much of any time there, except for a dinner at the Hoof a while back.

We started at Brockton General. What appears to be a former dive bar from the outside (and from the inside a bit too!), was a dream. Although TorLife says it has 30 seats, I think it's less. A really small menu - really REALLY small menu. We only had 2 dishes and a 1/2 litre of a Lailey Gamay Zeigelt. The 2 dishes were a pork terrine and a really nice rutabaga 'on toast', with a puree and roasted rutabaga. There were 2 servers on and I'm really glad we got the one that we did as the other server seemed to have no idea what she was talking about, couldn't answer any of her Guests' questions and seem to entirely disorganized.

We went from there to Salt Wine Bar. Less of a Wine Bar (don't you need to have more wines by the glass than 4-5 to be considered a wine bar??) and more from of a tapas bar, this place is the complete opposite of Brockton - where Brockton was rustic, cozy, Salt is trendy, sleek, cool. But the food at both places is on par with each other.

We ended up doing 6 dishes at Salt - Salt Cod quenelles, spanish Jambon croquettes, grilled calamari, wagu beef crudo (the winner of all dishes that night!), a short rib sandwich, and the feature foie gras dish. My wife loved the Salty Chinuahua martini while I stuck with wine, a couple of Spanish and Portuguese reds. Service was good too, better than I expected.

From there, we went to the Painted Lady for a drink and then down to a place called Watsui, for a few more cocktails and a pulled pork 'dip' - great, tasty pulled pork and house-made wontons.

Brockton General
1321 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y1, CA

Feb 06, 2011
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Resto Crawl


I have a miraculous two days off on February 4th and 5th (Friday and Saturday).

I work in the restaurant industry and have my own ideas on what to do and places to go but I'd love to hear about what else might be out there that I might be missing. We'd want to do a crawl so small/share plates at various places would be best and we'd like to end up at Marben (Wellington/Spadina area) as we had such a great time there the last time we went a few months back.

We'd never go back to Scarpetta (were there for about 4 minutes once, which was about 3 and a half minutes too long).

As for price, we never like to break the bank but we do and can spend money.

Does anyone have any ideas?

488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

Jan 25, 2011
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Duggans Brewery - just a comment, more than anything else....

As the OP, I want to remind everyone that I reallty enjoy this place too - the beers are great and so is the food. I want this place to succeed. It's hardly a 'rush to judgment' when I've been there multiple times and have xperienced the same level of service each time. I've worked in hospitality for many years now and I know the difference between slow service because it's new, slow service because it's finding it's pace and slow service because there seems to be a disconnect between all levels of staff.

For me, eating out is about 'The Big 3' - the food, the booze and the service. And I've seen many restaurants fail just because the service wasn't there. Duggans has MASSIVE potential and I don't want it to fail.

Feb 02, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Duggans Brewery - just a comment, more than anything else....

Let me start that I've really enjoyed this new place on Victoria Street, south of Richmond East, since it first opened. I think my wife and I went a few days after they opened their doors. We've been there a handful of time, twice in the last week alone!

I really enjoy the beers and think the food is great. It's a nice 'little' to hang out and spend some time.

HOWEVER.......I feel that if they don't do something about the service levels, it won't be around long enough for me to enjoy more!!!

There always seems to be a long delay in having the beers delivered once ordering. Then seems to take a while for the server to come back and see if we want another (trust me, we ALWAYS want another!). The management doesn't seem to be involved, after watching the GM standing at the bar drinking a beer (wasn't sampling, but drinking a full pint), and the 2 other managers standing by him on Saturday night. This while the empty dishes that we had just finished sat (stacked nicely - I've worked in restaurants for a long time now) waiting to be cleared. The section sizes that the servers have seem to be way too big and at different areas in the restaurant. The servers and bartenders are really nice people and do a good job but it's just so slow.

I really hope people try this place as I really want it to do well - it's great to have a different spot in the area and like i said, the beers are great as is the food.

And no, I didn't say anything at the time to anyone - I wasn't interested in having anything taken off my bill or to make a scene. I have teh GM's email and I'll be writing something directly.

Jan 31, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


Yeah, I saw this too - looks like nothing's been moves out from inside, but eh there's no note, no info on way it's papered up.

Jan 27, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pillar and Post/Queens Landing, NOTL

Hi, all,

Any comments regarding these two properties in NOTL?

Service? Standards? Food? Wine?

I haven't been to either in decades and was wondering if anyone has had more recent experience.


Jan 24, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


Just as follow up, they are apparently no longer doing dinner at all now, just lunch and brunch.

Jan 19, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


Just walked by a few hours ago to check it out and make sure that I wasn't mistaken. There's a ratehr plain white piece of paper that states that the restaurant is closed due to kitchen renovations and will re-open on Jan 16 for brunch. Good thing too as I quite like that one!

Jan 14, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


No, they are closed for their annual winter holidays. They open back up on the 16th.

Jan 13, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

True Restaurant - Yorkville

Any reviews on this place? Just found it today.

Jan 13, 2010
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Recommednations for Truro, Cornwall

Hello, I'm a LLLOOONNGGG time Toronto-based Chowhounder and will be making a trip to England this coming February. My wife (a Cornwall native) and I will be spending a week in Truro, Cornwall. We always give ourselves one fantastic meal wherever we are (Veritas in New York, Ramsey's place in LA among others) so I'm looking for recommendations for a meal in Truro.

Any help would be appreciated!

Jan 11, 2010
DAB in U.K./Ireland

Prince of Ales

That is a real shame. I really took a liking to this place. Yeah, the beer list never got any better but the service greatly improved, as did the food. Th epatio was good and weekend brunch was quite cheap and very tasty. Damn, another one bites the dust.

Jul 05, 2009
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hyatt Regency: Food, wine, music, to see or do

Friday, May 15th.

ANd my mistake for requesting info outside of the restaurant and bar scene.

May 05, 2009
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hyatt Regency: Food, wine, music, to see or do

Any ideas of things in the area or nearby (walking, short cab trips) in the area surrounding the new Hyatt at King/Blue Jays Way?

Any thing goes - let me worry about the $$$ later, you just give me some ideas/suggestions!

May 04, 2009
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Queen East Resto

Have a bit of celebrating to do tomorrow night and am looking for a spot along the Queen East/Broadview area for some food and good wine. Any suggestions?

Don't want to break the bank but just give me the suggestions, I'll work out each one will be the best.

As point of reference, we had 'licious at The Citizena dn loved it, or something similiar maybe?


Mar 05, 2009
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant

While I realize it's pretty much a tourist trap, has anyone been here recently? I heard that have re-done their menu. What's the service like?

Jan 21, 2009
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dinner at Toba - dissapointing

I live just up the street from Toba, and it was the first restaurant the wife and I tried when we moved into the area a few years back. Great, friendly service, good wine list, and honest food, BUT recently, in the last year or so, the quality has really gone down hill. It's almost as if Tony needs to re-invent the place, put a different spin on it. Last time we went, we really enjoyed the watermelon/feta app, but I did find the squid over done. The winelist still does it for me, though - different stuff, good stuff.

Sep 19, 2008
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Prince of Ales

Anyone else been to this 'new' place where VOX used to be?

Went a few weeks back, a week after it had first opened. At that time, the beer list was something you'll basically get at any large chain restaurant and the server we had was laughable - couldn't list off the beer they had on tap, couldn't tell me what was in bottle and then couldn't desribe for me the one beer I hadn't heard of and wanted to try.

The menu sounds good, basic bar/pub food, with a couple of interesting twists. We tried one of the flatbreads - toppings were good, but the 'flatbread' was a pizza dough rolled out, not my idea of a flatbread, more like a thin crust pizza.

Have not been back since, wanted to find out if anyone else has, have they expanded their beer list? Has the food gotten better? Has the service? It was only a week in, and I know how difficult opening a restaurant is, so I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Haven't found any place in that area that tops Betty's for a beer list! Too bad it's dirty, dirty,

Aug 27, 2008
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Jordan/Beamsville wineries

Making the drive out to the area next week - was considering the following places: Tawse, 30 Bench, Daniel Lenko, Angels Gate, Lakeview.

Any suggestions on maybe something I'm missing out on? We quite enjoy the non-'traditional' places...really enjoyed Sunnybrooke Farm Estates when we were in that area last - really good 'fruit' based (as opposed to grape-based) wines.

Jun 26, 2008
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Garden @ Eleven... closed once more

Wife and I had a fantastic meal there about two weeks ago - with Pat Riley at the helm. Just happy we got to go at least once.

Wondering if it's the location that's cursed or the owners....with all the chains in the area, especially down on the Espenelade (sp), and all the bars/pubs, it was nice to have something original in the area.

May 28, 2008
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wine Classes???

I've taken both the professional series and the informal series of wine classes at George Brown and have found both to be top-notch. Have a closer look at GB - not all are sommelier/post-grad classes.

Dec 17, 2007
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Does Ki have a quiet little table for two?

Why don't you call them and request one?

Dec 12, 2007
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

"One" by Mark McEwan Review

Panko's not a batter, it's a Japanese bread crumb.

Dec 10, 2007
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Le Papillion

One of the worst meals in memory - flavourles, gooy crepes, terrible service, even worse chairs. Unless this place has undergone a MASSIVE overhaul (don't see that happening!), can't imagine it's any better.

Dec 03, 2007
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The ever controversial "The Keg"

Aren't most Kegs a copy of most Kegs? Isn't that the point of chains?

Nov 29, 2007
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best sub-$15 wines at LCBO?

As promised, these were the wines at the tasting last night, all very good choices:

LCBO 167551 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 13.85

LCBO 489278 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 13.40

LCBO 591693 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 10.20

LCBO 678656 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 12.95

LCBO 332304 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 15.15

LCBO 637603 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 12.95

LCBO 610683 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 12.45

LCBO 142117 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 11.15

Nov 16, 2007
DAB in Ontario (inc. Toronto)