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Saint Anthony's Feast this weekend?

Where and when is the Feast? Is Endicott in the north end or?

Boston's Best Delis

Thank you so much for getting back so quickly. I'll check out Sam LaGrassa's, Michael's and Royal Roast Beef, and get back to you all...

Boston's Best Delis

Hi there,
I'm looking for a couple of new delis to try. My friend is in love with roast beef sandwhiches, and Iove anything made with premiu, fresh ingredients...looking for a place that makes it's own ciabatta, preferably...
Thanks guys!

Visiting Philly from NYC

Hi there, I've been perusing the topics for Philly, and it sounds like Le Bec Fin, Vetri, and (I'll be on an expense account) the Saloon are all possible options. Am I missing anything that should really be in a "top three" list where an epiphany experience is driving the list?
I'm hoping to find a gem of a restaurant that I can talk about when I get back home. This will be my first trip to Philly. (This doesn't have to be an expensive dinner, just a really amazing one!).
Thanks for your two cents!

Mar 11, 2008
OrganicGourmet in Pennsylvania

Has anyone been to Grezzo yet??

It's a hit! Yes, there are real problems with the wait staff, (I doubt they are trained, but probably share a passion for raw food) and timing problems with the kitchen. This is par for the course in any new restaurant, especially one run by someone who has no formal restaurant experience. I have worked every aspect of a restaurant myself, and it is a daunting task for a newbie. I am considering offering Cohen my services to help get her wait staff up to speed as I really want to see this place establish itself permanently in the Boston restaurant scene.
I went there last week on a Wednesday, and the tiny place was packed. I had a coconut juice that rivaled Bonobo's in Flatiron. Perfectly cool with a touch of viscousity that gave it a good mouth-feel, and a sweet nuttiness that satisfied my gnawing hunger pains. The little amuse-bouche for the table, some marinated green olives in cold-pressed olive oil, also took the edge off my growling stomach. It was a good thing as our appetizers took 45 minutes to arrive from the moment we sat down at the table, and we had a reservation. My caprese salad was exquisite. The tomatoes were bursting with summer-fresh flavor, the oils used were also fresh, ripe and not overpowering, but simply added a constant back-ground note of richness to the dish, and helped marry the flavors of the fruit with the "cheese", which, I am happy to say, was not in over abundance. I've noticed that some vegan places really go nut heavy in order to satisfy the traditional palate, and this just wasn't the case here. I had just enough to add texture and roundness to each delicious bite. It was as good as the many dishes I've sampled at Pure Food and Wine in Gramercy, and much better than anything I've had at Real Food Daily in Beverly Hills. My lasagna was similarly bursting with ripe, summer flavors, a rare feat in the depths of winter in New England. Vegan food is so often a hopeless mish-mash of flavors and textures, I was delighted to see that the chefs here are obviously trained in gourmet raw food preperation. The flavors are distinctive, the layers of the lasagna were carefully married and well-balanced, and kept their brightness and flavor from beginning to end. I know a dish was successful when I can sit and recall it a week after having it. My mouth is already watering! I used to have to wait for trips to NYC to enjoy great raw food dining, but Grezzo's has definitely made the cut. I also had the cheesecake. It was good but not amazing. I didn't really appreciate the texture of it, and the crust was a little too heavy, but it is worth trying. My friend absolutely loved it, so it is more a matter of taste, I think. If there was one complaint about the food, (other than the wait time) it would be an overuse of onion. As raw onion is so strong, the chef could definitely be more sparing in his/her use of it in the dishes.
Hope you get a chance to try it out!

In Montreal for the Weekend, looking for dinner companions

Hey thanks Moosemeat. I may try Schwartz tomorrow. I have a reservation at the bar tonight at Au Pied. I tried to get in late last night but it was crammed.

In Montreal for the Weekend, looking for dinner companions

Hey thanks, that was actually on the top of my hit list, and I'm heading over there now. Thanks! Oh, and my budget is generous, as long as the chef can deliver. I've enjoyed great Pho for under $10 and Otoro for $22 per piece. You know how it is!
Thanks again. I'm around til Tuesday morning, so any more suggestion, please let me know.

In Montreal for the Weekend, looking for dinner companions

Hi there,
I've visiting Montreal for the weekend only, and would love to head out for a great dinner with like-minded people. If any one is interested or if you have recommendations for a great restaurant that has good seating for a single diner, please send me your suggestions. I want to try something special...I've been reading a lot of press about how great the restaurant scene is here.