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Your Most Requested Dish Recipe

tequila!! that's interesting! I will give it a shot! Although, I think the hot sauce might change the color of the guacamole a bit, no?

Aug 08, 2006
davidknowshow in Home Cooking

Best Sushi in the Bay Area

I don't think Sushi Ran is overrated at all. After moving from NYC to the Bay Area, I've been searching far and wide for a sushi dinner that 1) does not suck and 2) is reasonably priced. After trying sushi joint after sushi joint, I've only found a handful of establishments that can hold a candle to sushi in NYC. Sushi Ran is one of them.

Best Cooking Tip

1) Put a lemon in the microwave for 10-15 before squezing for juice - according to Rachael Ray... "it gets the juices flowin'." I've done it multiple times and it is alot easier to squeeze.

2) I can't believe that I didn't do this before, but when seeding an avocado and the seed is stuck on your knife... pinch the seed off of the knife. Common sense, I know. I'm just not that bright.

3) When you buy herbs from the store, immediately wash and dry them, wrap them in paper towels, throw them into a ziploc bag and suck the air out with a straw. This will help your herbs keep longer. Remember to label the bag!!

4) To avoid getting burns from cutting chile peppers... wear rubber gloves. Chile burn sucks. You can never seem to get it off!! What worked for me last time, although I do have to try it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke, was soaking my hand in a glass of cheap white vinegar for 2-3 minutes. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with lots of smelly soap, because vinegar smells! i'm still testing this one.

5) To get the garlic smell off your hands, wash your hands and rub them on stainless steel such as a soup ladle, water faucet..

6) When storing guacamole, place it into a small bowl and cover it with saran wrap. The key is to press the saran wrap into the guacamole and remove as much air as possible. I've been able to store guacamole for 4 days without it browning. I've never made it past 4 days... I just love guacamole that much :-)

Aug 04, 2006
davidknowshow in Home Cooking

Your Most Requested Dish Recipe

cumin, KOSHER salt, fresh jalapeno

Aug 04, 2006
davidknowshow in Home Cooking

Top 10 Tastes of California

your reply has prompted me to try Slanted Door... I'll get back to you and let you know if it comes even close to my gramma's banh xeo. :-)

Top 10 Tastes of California

I dined at both Incanto once (last March) and at Babbo many times.

Incanto has amazing appetizers - I tried one with beef hearts and a salad and it was delicious! The beef hearts were so tender, they were cooked and seasoned perfectly... absolutely wonderful.

The pastas however were a complete debacle especially compared to Babbo. I had a green (spinach?) fettucine with nettles and it was incredibly bland. I couldn't get over the fact that it was undersalted and flavorless. My boyfriend had a plate of spaghetti with just a plain ol' butter and lemon sauce. We were hoping it would be something more, but meh. I did, however, appreciate the freshness of the pasta. Luckily, we filled up on alot of the appetizers. I wish I could remember what they were because they were so good!

Babbo's pastas (Batali's forte IMO) are just so incredibly innovative and packed with flavor compared to Incanto. Garganelli + Funghi.. a delectable combination. Even his papardelle bolognese, which is usually a dish that reminds me of school lunches, was inspired!!

All in all, I really enjoyed incanto because it had good appetizers and it didn't break the bank. I would defintely go back.

Top 10 Tastes of California

There are Vietnamese places in NYC, but it isn't as good as the Bay Area. I especially enjoy the pho in the Bay Area. I've had pho in NYC and the noodles was ALWAYS overcooked and the broth was almost always underflavored.

I have not tried the Slanted Door, but after glancing at the food through the window... it is far from authentic. It's so fusion...catered to the tourists and those who just don't know. The prices are also unjustifiable with spring rolls priced at 8.50 when they should cost no more than 4.00.

Anyway, if you're coming from NYC, you'll need to try the pho here.

Pho Y#1 in San Jose for one of the best bowls of Pho you'll ever have:
1660 E. Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA 95121

Best place to get fresh mozzarella?

how about the south bay? the palo alto/mountain view area? or will i have to trek out to san francisco to cowgirl?