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what's chuck roast called here?

I wanna make a pot roast and have been underwhelmed by what the butchers have suggested.

Sep 28, 2012
CTgüera in Mexico

Where to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Dragon in DF?

Where's the best Chinese these days?

Jan 25, 2012
CTgüera in Mexico

DF - reco for bday drinks & dinner

a few GFs and I looking to celebrate bday, looking for fun atmosphere as much as food + drink

we are scattered from north to south, so location less relevant

its for wed nite, which I've heard is jazz night in some places, tho maybe not best idea . . .

Jun 21, 2011
CTgüera in Mexico

Avenida -- Greenwich

don't bother if you like authentic mexican food or polite service

Stamford - Bye bye A&P, hello Fresh Market

based on greenwich stores, black shelving, weird lights, more fancy foods, less regular stuff. and, yes, more expensive. i think they want whole foods people to shop in their store. i won't go there anymore, as there are better regular supermarket options, and better fancy ones too. An expensive A&P, who thinks up this dumb stuff?

Jun 13, 2009
CTgüera in Southern New England

Black Duck Westport

I used to work a few blocks away and we did our fair share of after hours drinking here, but we also had lunch @ the Duck frequently. I can recommend the Wisconsin burger. Others went for the chiliburger or tuna melts. Daily specials were never a miss. But, yes, keep your foodie expectations in check, this is a dive drinking bar first and foremost.

Seeking NJ wine discount store

Right across the GW bridge in Teaneck is Queen Anne wines on Degraw Ave, sign up in store for their email discounts & you'll do even better than their v attractive prices. Super find. I drive there from CT more often than I like to admit ;-)

Authentic Mexican in Fairfield or Westchester Counties

If you're willing to drive to Hunts Point section of the Bronx, Real Azteca (una fondita de verdad), has most of this, tho barbacoa only on wkends. I learned of this from a write up in the NYTimes. The quesadillas are american sized, but they always have huitlacoche, so they are forgiven. Back up here, only the yellow taco truck in Stamford is worthwhile, everything else not authentic. Btw, most of "mexican" places in ff county are run my central americans . . . hence lesser authenticity. If you didn't learn it from grandma and all your tias, its just not gonna be up to snuff.

Apr 04, 2009
CTgüera in Southern New England

El Charrito - Stamford Taco Truck Menu

Great to know they've re-opened. I was hungry for their tacos and other delights today, but thought it was too cold to be in that truck, so didn't bother to drive by and look for them.
I also advise calling ahead to hear what the daily special is, cause some of them are better than anything on the already tasty menu. They are also very helpful if the menu is "greek" to you!

Japanese near Rye

Don't know if you found anything yesterday, but next time you have the hankering . . . Ku in Greenwich (203.422.6310) does lunch, including omakase, tho lunch is M-F only. This is where the Japanese expats go to eat.

The Empanada Lover's Guide To Westchester County

Adam, thanks for all the careful eating and reporting back - I may try a few take out variety tomorrow for Super Bowl noshing. thx!

El Charrito: Taco truck in Stamford. We have arrived!

today are huaraches special again (had it with pork adovado), learned tomorrow will be tacos dorados de chorizo and Monday there will be tinga!!! the tacos al pastor aren't authentic but still tasty. Agua de horchata the perfect drink (if you didn't bring your own cerveza). this is like the street food of mexico :-)

Oct 15, 2008
CTgüera in Southern New England

middle eastern around Stamford?

admittedly have never had falafel @ Myrna's . . .

Greenwich: what are the better dining venues?

"better" dining in Greenwich- as in fine dining- includes classics like Jean-Louis, Thomas Henklelmann (echo earlier comment), Rebecca's (echo), Valbella's
other nice choices include Elm Street Oyster House (echo), Gaia, Polpo

most of other suggestions here are casual or informal, tho may be "better" to some in terms of good eats

Good soup in Stamford?

if Greenwich isn't too far, Meli Melo on the avenue is known for their soups (o.k., and their crepes), other direction Chef's Table in Westport, Fairfield has a dozen or more soups daily, shame Stamford doesn't have anything similar

middle eastern around Stamford?

if you don't mind driving over to White Plains, Yaranush is a great mediterranean market. 322 Central Ave, WP, (914)682-8449, you can call and ask if they have or can order if you are looking for something specific, but think you'll find it worth the 20 min or so drive . . .i enjoy going and discovering new things each time i'm in there.

for restaurant or take-out, Myrna's is delish, Stamford and now a Greenwich location. All the local Lebanese are there

Best Thai in Stamford, CT?

Little Thai Kitchen only area thai worth my $$$. Greenwich locale is mainly take-out, tho does a fair eat-in business weekday lunch. . . will have to try the Darien LTK.
Some like Penang Grill in Greenwich too, I've yet to try the somewhat recently opened Thail Basil on RR Ave, as always revert to LTK when I want Thai

Oktoberfest: where to enjoy...

Mackenzie's Grill Room in Old Greenwich is not in Westchester (but its close) and its not a German tavern either, but every year they do a great Oktoberfest menu for month of Oct. Exit 5 from I-95 or take train, its practically next to train station. I look forward to it every to this year's menu

Cheap eats in Fairfield, CT?

Mama Mina's pizza & italian on post rd. Homey, can eat well for $12-15 p.p. and it doesn't have to be hot dogs (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Need restaurant reco between Manhattan and Westchester

have had a great lunch @ X20, and am sure the nighttime views are also great. food is good there, hostess & service needs some work, but its well on its way.

Frank Pepe's Disappointing

I haven't been to the Fairfield one for a couple of months, but generally find polite & plesant service - tho wkday lunch is less harried overall. Our waitress specifically told us to order a pitcher for drinks (even tho we were only 2 people). Still dreaming about the clam pizza with bacon - oh my!

weekday breakfast in Brooklyn near cruise ship port?

Was going for Fairway, based on proximity, and coz I've had good steak dinners on UWS but never breakfast, but now am totally sold on Le Petit Cafe - Coffee & early opening further pluses. Thanks to all!

Jul 13, 2008
CTgüera in Outer Boroughs

weekday breakfast in Brooklyn near cruise ship port?

10-15 minute drive is definately acceptable, and Dizzy's sounds great . . . so, would you send a friend to Fairway or Dizzy's? Do you know if Fairway gets swamped when ships come in, or are most cruisers unaware of Fairway? thx!

Jul 08, 2008
CTgüera in Outer Boroughs

weekday breakfast in Brooklyn near cruise ship port?

love Fairway suggestion! will report back wherever we end up going

Jul 08, 2008
CTgüera in Outer Boroughs

weekday breakfast in Brooklyn near cruise ship port?

Am lloking for a good weekday breakfast place to go after picking up arriving passengers @ the port. It'll be early in the morning, and return traffic to CT will be killer, so we thought grabbing a nice breakfast in Brooklyn would be ideal . . . but seems like most recos are for wkend brunch . . . hoping chowhounders can help! thx

Jul 06, 2008
CTgüera in Outer Boroughs

P.B. Loco Flavored Peanut Butter

I love this stuff! But I always eat it spread on a ritz cracker, the salt of the cracker helps cut the sweetness. Simply delish . . . white chocolate rasp is the one. I can't imagine on toast or waffles for breakfast, but try it on the Ritz in the afternoon or evening.

May 20, 2008
CTgüera in Features