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Religious Experience at the new Earth Bread Brewery in Mt Airy

We've been three times since Christmas and while EB&B will remain on our list for a casual neighborhood meal, I can't help but wonder if it is a risk of losing the plot amidst its apparent success. Our last visit the place was packed with a mix of families and a Mt. Airy singles at the bar. But service was spotty, perhaps because of the number of servers or the way they tables were assigned. Most disappointing were the skimpy portions and the apparent lack of care in the way the food came out of the kitchen. It felt like there were corners being cut. Hopefully it was just a one off busy Friday night, and they get the balance right.

On our way back to the car we were sad but not surprised to see a completely empty dining room at Mi Puebla. In this economy it seems that people would rather stay home than settle for mediocre food.

While I know the construction project on the Avenue didn't help, it seems that with the departure of Cresheim Cottage and Bitars, only the consistently good places with a strong neighborhood following are surviving.

Feb 08, 2009
foodtitan in Pennsylvania

Primo Bacio in Wyncote/Cheltenham

Our visit, for a Saturday night dinner, started with high hopes. While P.B. is definitely a welcome addition to the Northwest 'burbs dining scene, our experience was pretty uneven.

The relatively busy dining room seemed to have plenty of staff but very inconsistent and what was sometime quite slow service. Wait staff struggled to describe the specials but quickly offered a coupon sheet, which promised 20% off our check.

The bread was practically tasteless and our first wine choice, the house Chianti, was not available. We typically split an entree, something that PB handles with a $7 sharing charge, which seems high but is actually quite reasonable when we learned it came with a second soup or salad, and a larger than normal portion.

The artichoke appetizer was cleverly presented but the sparse dusting of cheese and seasoning was disappointing. Two house salads followed soon after and were fresh and reasonable size, nothing remarkable. Our pasta entree, spaghetti alla carbonara, was prepared in a traditional fashion.

There was nice selection of desserts and our chocolate tartufo was delicious.

Settling the bill was a time consuming exercise. Apparently the 20% coupon that was was so eagerly given to us at the beginning of the meal took several staff and about 15 minutes to figure out. In the end I suspect we got a larger discount but given the drama to just get a check, we just paid it.

They have an interesting and quite reasonably priced lunch menu, and we look forward to trying their take out pizza.

Given its convenient location and the dearth of alternatives, PB should succeed tough we'd like to see more consistent service.

Jan 11, 2009
foodtitan in Pennsylvania

Saturday lunch - Rittenhouse Sq.

Great suggestions. I ended up booking at Estia. Apamate sounds interesting for another day.

Feb 25, 2008
foodtitan in Pennsylvania

Saturday lunch - Rittenhouse Sq.

It seems like a lot the chowhound favorites are either open only for dinner, or if they do lunch, it's limited to M-F or maybe Sunday brunch. I'm looking for something good and possibly a bit novel that is open at lunch time on Saturday. Flexible in terms of cuisine and $. Center City proper is also a possibility.

Feb 22, 2008
foodtitan in Pennsylvania