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please help! upper east dinner/delivery

try we live at 96 & lex and we find its the best for many options without having to deal with a lot of fuss.

Dec 11, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Public review

After procrastinating over making a reservation for my SO's birthday and as a result failing to get a table at Gramercy Tavern, Veritas, and Blue Hill, I settled for Public. It was a place we'd always meant to eat at back when it opened but wanted to wait for the hype to die down, and we ended up completely forgetting about it until now.

We got there intentionally early so we could have a drink at the bar, enjoy one of the inventive cocktails (the cinnamon pear bellini was delicious) and take in our surroundings. The restaurant was still only half empty, the bar was basically dead and yet the bartenders seemed to be swamped, it took a little while to order a drink, but when the bartenders were around they were extremely accomodating.

When they went to seat us, it was at one of the tables right along the bar area. I should have known this could get bad, and in retrospect I should have said something especially since this was a special occasion, but the bar was still mostly empty so we took what we were given. We ordered the foie gras and kangaroo for appetizer. Both very good, the kangroo was tender, the foie was matched perfectly with the sauce, I found both the corn pancake and falafel that they were served on to be best eaten seperatly, together the flavors drowned each other out.

Entrees were lamb shank and venison. Lamb was falling off the bone tender and delicious but heavy, especially when combined with the truffled mash. The venison was lighter than I expected and flavored well. Both paried wonderfully with the 2001 Edelson Syrah.

We ordered the dessert platter, which was a delicious sticky toffee pudding (the favorite), a pumpkin panna cotta (the close runner up) and a blah chocolate thing.

Now for my little rant. It was about the time our appetizers came when the bar started to get crowded... very crowded. It was nice to people watch, but still would've been nicer to not have butts in our backs. And the kitchen began to slow down... so much so that it took while between the apps and the entrees. The waitress understood our growing impatience, and tried to accomodate us as best she could, when she could get through the crowd to our table that is.

The pros are clearly the food and drinks, and service was also great, providing wonderful recommendations for both food and wine as well as being generally pleasant. The cons were mainly where we were seated and the entree delay, but mild annoyances that could be fixed simply by requesting another table. If I were to go again I'd make sure I had a different table, not much else I would change.

Dec 10, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Great, authentic Peruvian??

I'm willing to go anywhere for the best, most authentic. Would prefer a diverse menu (i.e. where they serve more than just the roast chicken). I've been to Mancora and it was decent, but surely there has to be something better? More specifically I'm looking for the best aji de galina.

Thanks so much!

Oct 06, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

North African restaurants in Paris

Oh, we're staying in the 6th, but will be all over the city while we're there.

Oct 03, 2006
Lici in France

North African restaurants in Paris

My finacee and I are heading to Paris for a week and (thanks in part to this website) have put together a pretty good list of restaurants to go to... but the one thing I'm dying to try is North African.

We're looking for an authentic place that's not too trendy, but also not necessarily looking for a hole-in-the-wall. Moderately price food is fine.

Thanks for your help!

Oct 03, 2006
Lici in France

Bagels and sweets East Village

I'm by no means an expert on the bagel issue, but I always thought David's Bagels on 14th & 1st was pretty solid. It's out of the way if you aren't planning to take the L, but always good. I'm not a sweets person, but I never noticed them there.

Sep 27, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Delighted by Bondi Road on the Lower East Side

I've been wanting to check it out, have heard nothing but good things. Would the space be good for a group of 5-10?

Sep 27, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Recs for Celebration Dinner for Group in E. Village or LES?

If anyone can provide a previous thread with similar requirements that would be great too!

Sep 25, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Recs for Celebration Dinner for Group in E. Village or LES?

I used to live in this area but all my old favs that I can think of would be too cramped for a group and/or not celebratory enough. I'm absolutely stumped for where to go.

Here's what I'm looking for:
1. where I can get a reservation for this Friday for a group of more than 5 but less than 10 people (must be able to make a reservation!)
2. fun, really fun, but affordable dinner... we'd probably share some apps and I'd say $15-20 entree. Shared plates would also be fun too.
3. we're a group that likes to drink, so great cocktails
4. food, of course, is a priority, but also something with a lively and fun atmosphere. Any cuisine except japanese/sushi.

I was thinking maybe Stanton Social, Mermaid Inn, Suba, something Orchard-esque (but from what I've heard that might be crowded for a group). Any input on those or other recs are GREATLY appreciated!


Sep 25, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

The best of seamless web?

It depends on what your zip code is, but I use seamless for both work and home. I'll usually research my choices, but most times I stick with tried and true favorites I don't have the time to actually go eat at. My one major annoyance with it are the delivery people who are unaware that you've already paid by credit card (and included the tip), and expect payment (Miss Saigon). Otherwise it's great.

Sep 22, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Fugu in Manhattan?

My dad is coming to visit in November and has made a special request to try Fugu while he is here. I had it as sushi at Bond St. but that was over a year ago and the last time I was there it was no longer on the menu. I didn't see it on the menu when I ate at Jewel Bako or Nobu and haven't been to other Japanese restaurants where I would expect to find it (maybe Morimoto, Yasuda, Masa?). I understand the chef has to be specially trained to serve it, but I am uncertain of the chefs that are.

My father hasn't been to manhattan in over 30 years and promising him Fugu was one of the only ways I could get him on a plane so any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Sep 18, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Post Wedding Dress Shopping Dinner

A few of my girl friends and I are going to Kleinfelds to do some wedding dress shopping. It's 20th btw 6th & 7th ave. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to go for dinner afterwards? Something fun, inexpensive (mid teen entrees), and good to just sit around and chat for a while. I was thinking tapas would be fun, but not familiar with what's around there besides Tiapol (probably not big enough for all of us).

Aug 01, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Best Chinatown Dim Sum?

It's true, I tried to go to Jing Fong this past Saturday, but it was shut down. Went to 88 palace instead and had an excellent meal, complete w/ the elevator, outrageous chandeliers and carts and total bill for 3 was $20.

Jul 28, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

best Dim Sum downtown?

I just went to 88 Palace this past weekend and had a good experience. I agree that the best dim sum is located in the outter boroughs (Queens) but if you want Chinatown with carts, 88 Palace was very decent. Just don't go to Jing Fong, they were closed this past weekend for Health Violations.

Jul 27, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

Dim Sum

Today my SO and I took an out of town guest to Chinatown for the Dim Sum experience. After scouring this website we narrowed it down to either Jing Fong or 88 Palace. Now, I've never had a great experience at Jing Fong, but the SO has, so being that we've never been to 88 Palace and wanted something very fun and different we went to Jing Fong. When we arrived, the doors were open but the lights were off. Closed for health violations. So we headed over to 88 Palace. While it's tucked away under the Manhattan bridge, it's relatively easy to find and the interior is better than that of Jing Fong once you take the escalator upstairs, especially the outrageous chandeliers. We were one of 2 non-asian tables, typically a good sign, imo. The Dim Sum was by cart and all seemed very fresh and tasty. They also had a little buffet area where you could go and pick out other things, but we didn't try that. We had shumai, dumplings, pork buns, various other interesting things, and something like a sweet pork bun, but more hallow on the inside... all very good. Total was $20 for 3 people. Though I haven't tried any other dim sum places in that area besides Jing Fong (and never going there again) I'd highly recommend it to others, for atmosphere, food and experience.

Jul 22, 2006
Lici in Manhattan

San Antonio Brunch

I'm planning a farewell brunch for the day after my wedding and am trying to figure out what's out there in San Antonio that would be good for 75-100 people (I live in Manhattan, otherwise I'd probably be doing research on foot). Are there any good restaurant websites for the San Antonio area or can anyone suggest a few places that might work? Something in a mid-range price level and preferably a buffet. Thanks so much!

Jul 06, 2006
Lici in Texas