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Favorite Vintage and Off-Beat Soda Pops

Jolly Good soda, which has a whole bunch of generic flavors like Orange, Root Beer and Grape. I believe it it still sold in the Green Bay, WI area... I think i saw it when I there last.

3 Cheers for 3Squares!

Sure. Hubby and I shared a pear and blue cheese salad, it was lightly dressed, with lots of fruit in it. Not a whole lot of cheese in it, but enough for flavor. The Salads run big here.

He had steak tips with asparagus and rice, I had a vegetarian ravioli with arugula. Portions were good size for our 'average' appetites. He had a beer.. something interesting, but i forgot the brand. I had a pinot grigio glass of wine. for $5 it was perfectly good and better than much of the garbage wine I've been served on recent business trips!

The kids had a very standard mac n cheese dinner.. but it kept them busy long enough for us to actually eat our own dinners, and was thus perfectly fine. And it came with a beverage and dessert. The dessert was great! (The kids were full so Hubby and I finished it off)

We are curious to go there for breakfast one of these days....

Kosher Biscoff/Speculoos

Just an idea.. try Trader Joes. They have Biscoff knock offs. not sure if the have hechsher or not. ...Im not a huge fan, but i see them there.

Jul 25, 2013
cheesehead in recovery in Kosher

3 Cheers for 3Squares!

Needham's latest resto is in walking distance....and our first adventure there was a success!

Its still REALLY new, and they're getting their 'sea legs', but the staff is eager to get it all right.

Beer and Wine is priced moderately, with great selection and comfortable bar. Dinner menu salads and mains were well presented and thoughtfully prepared. We hope this place succeeds!

This is a family friendly place.. but definitely could be a place to go without the kids too!

Dairy-free snacks for my little Goldfish lover

Any cracker that is "Parve" or has a Kosher symbol for Parve would fit the bill..but its really hard to find fake Cheese flavors...Parve is dairy free.

Nightmare at Average Joe's Needham.

thank you.
1) I haven't lived a 'charmed life' I've worked my whole life to get myself to where I am today so that I may have the modest ability to eat out on occasion. Yes i've worked in food service and I've worked in industrial factories, and I worked my way thru college and paid my own way for an advanced degree. Nothing charming about hard work and true grit.

2) There is nothing more irritating than to have someone lie to you, just to get you to stand around and wait, and wait, wait when there are other choices.

3) This isn't a high end restaurant. Never will be and doesn't position itself as such. Reservations are not required. When I do go to such an establishment, I won't be taking 2 toddlers, and yes, I will likely have a reservation.

Candor is required to earn patron trust.

Nightmare at Average Joe's Needham.

Had the restaurant apologized, or even been remotely polite to any of us waiting, we would have stayed and waited.

And, even before I had kids, I would NEVER wait 30 or 40 minutes for a meal.

Some better places he hosts will offer waiting parties apps or bread, and there is an actual waiting area. In this particular location we were wedged between the front door and the bar, with no place to sit, and every time someone walked to thru the bar area, my kids got knocked in the head with their bags and purses. At one point we went outside to pass the time....

The attitude that patrons should wait, without limit or honest anticipated wait time is what was the most troublesome.

And, Yes, we were regulars at Tu Y Yo, and are very sad that it closed....not surprised, but we supported it as much as we could, approximately once a month.

Nightmare at Average Joe's Needham.

What was I thinking, taking a family to a big box restaurant in the Average oasis of Needham? Got there at 6, on a weeknight, thinking we'd get earnest service in a timely manner. Hostess told us it would be 15 minute wait. After about 25 minutes of waiting and trying to avoid cataclysmic meltdown from our 2 hungry little kids, my spouse inquired about how much longer.... we got a vague answer of about 15 more minutes....which at that point was unacceptable. There were a number of other patrons who got there before us...and they were equally agitated, and frustrated. We've eaten at this Average, overpriced place before and we figured that we could make our dollar and patience go much further by walking down the street to a quaint pizza and pasta joint....

We had a great quiet meal at Comellas, no alcohol or free bread, but no big bill or drama either.

My hope for all the Needham restaurants that are opening up and trying to keep the doors open is that you are polite to your guests, and in exchange we will support you, and share the love for your small, family friendly restaurants.

Deluxe Newton...going downhill fast?

When it opened it was great! A few years ago we frequently recommended it to friends and went there about once a month. Now with 2 bad meals in a row at Deluxe... and annyoyed. Went once in February and it was ok.... meh but not on our 'cut list'. They keep cutting portions skimping on quality ingredients, , and can't figure out how to get the french fries right and are unwilling to give us full size water glasses.

Went there earlier today with some out of town guests,,, and it was so bad that I was embarassed for suggesting the place.

When we pointed out to the waitress that no one liked the french fires, (after complaining a few times hoping for some fresh ones) She suggested that we go the whole in the wall burger joint on the other side of newton centre....and we probably will.

If you had to pick just one Jewish cookbook to use forever...

The foods of Israel Today by Joan Nathan. Love it... lots of diverse recipes that span cultures.

The other thing I honesty love are community based cookbooks.

I have a few that various sisterhood / community based cookbooks. They may not be my family recipes... but pretty close, or even better when you know that someone else considers the recipe good enough for publication (Or, when your family never made it to start with!!)

it goes without saying... there are a million variations of kugel, mandlebroit, and harosset on Chowhound too!

Easy Motzei Shabbat Chanukah menu ideas

Shaksukah! I just made it, and its easy, and is very Israeli. We skipped the spicy peppers, to accomodate kids, but it wen't over well. Easy to make.

Dec 09, 2012
cheesehead in recovery in Kosher

How About a Topical Forum on Cheese?

Yes! I'm no expert, but I have a few small-town cheese stores in WI I support regularly. I would love a cheese forum!

What's your favorite hot toddy recipe?

I mix all kinds of 'brown' type beverages with chamomile tea..... brandy, scotch, dark rum,.... whatever i have in the house.... I usually add some honey too. Learned about hot toddy's at a conference when i was talking all day, and lost my voice....yum.

Apple season

hazelhurst.... curious if you got your screen name from a small resort town in Northern WI. Its a place I'm quite fond of!!!

Roasted Salted Peanuts in Shell

Where can I find good ones in Newton/Needham/MetroWest area? We got some last night from Five Guys and it kick started a Peanut craze in my house.

I suppose i could just buy a bunch from five guys, but... is there a better way? TJ's doesn't have them, and Stop and Shop sells them, but they're not very good.

Last year got some from Russos, not very good (Not even fresh!)

fall festivals this weekend in Boston Metro area?

Anything going on this weekend. Looks like North End festivals are done... Apple Picking is in full swing, a bit early..... so I'm looking for fun food adventures,

FireWater in Providence... not sure if thats foodie or just cultural....

Coconut macaroons. I need your best recipe!

Look online for the king David hotels coconut macaroon recipe. I make it annually. Super easy non-dairy.

Ten Tables - worth the drive?

went to ten tables in JP for the first was ok... but not great. cute place, pricy, service was quite good.... just wasn't 'amazing' for our expectations and high price... the only theing that hit the amazing mark was the cocktails... apps and mains just ok.

Caterer or Whole Foods or Thai Restaurant or...? My mind is spinning with options for my daughter's bat mitzvah

don't cave to the pressure to spend your daughters college savings on this event.... many of the upscale events that people are describing on post have clearly never been of modest means.

My bat mitzvah in a very small town in the midewest, (over 25+years ago now ) when my dad was unemmployed, was kosher, we had the basics tuna fish, egg salad, challah, bagels fruit , etc.. and a simple cake for dessert.... keep it simple, true to your family's interests, and do what you feel you can. Sometimes you can hire "accomodators" for resonable fee to help prep the food, or even borrow a few friends to help you pull it together.

If the congregation isn't kosher, then don't worry about that so much, but still keep it real, keep it focused about your daughter and what a typical 13 year old girl likes.. It will be more memorable if it is real, and less of a "production". If tex-mex (Anna's) are permitted in the synaogue.... then go that route, chips, salsa, guac.. As long as there is 1 challah and wine.... should be all set.

I see many bnai mitzvahs in a large congregation here in the area... and sometimes the parties are just so over the top that the intent of the event is overooked

Make me a muffin -- a Chowhound Challenge

I just made these muffins.... EXCELLENT... this 7 year old post is so worth it!
I did sub Molasses for the brown sugar... because I didn't have any brown sugar, and used kefir for the buttermilk.....perfect!

Tell me about your best foodie, chowish, interesting resto's near Sheraton in Downtown Seattle for Biz Travelers

I have 5 DAYS of business meetings next week in Seattle near the Sheraton... tell me where to eat. Local interesting things.... no chains. Need some higher end places but also some low-end fun places.. Walking distance of hotel prefered... but not required. Must be veg friendly.

Cheese factory tours? GB area?

Are there any in the Green Bay area? Did it as a kid.... wondering if any of the local factories still do it. Want to carry on the tradition!

Goin' home: Need good eats, GreenBay/DePere/Door County

East coast Chowhound going home.

I need some food ideas - making my annual pilgrimage up to GB. Will have kids in tow.
What is good there that is new-ish? Anything? Hinterland.. .been there done that; not impressed.

I hear there are still good Mex places...small family places. Please provide rec's if you know which ones are good/interesting.

Bottle sizes for tonic water/club soda

WF's canned tonic is good. just paid $2.99 for six pack in cans.

Black Fig Vodka

Wow sounds amazing

Passover birthday cake. Not chocolate flour less

I made a pavlova with strawberries! Thanks everyone for suggestions!

Apr 11, 2012
cheesehead in recovery in Kosher

Passover birthday cake. Not chocolate flour less

I need to make at least 2 cakes for pessach perhaps cupcakes for kids. Please provide suggestions because I will need to do Passover birthdays about every 3 years!

Apr 02, 2012
cheesehead in recovery in Kosher

Where to meet for drinks & light fare near Needham Center?

There aren't that many places in needham ctr that serve alcohol.. Mantra, Not Your Average Jo...a Japaneese place, Petite Robert (not quite needham ctr) Sweet Basil was BYOB (not sure if it still is or if they got a license) If Tu Y Yo is still open, they have a small but nice bar...

The Stonehearth (upscale pizza) also has beer and wine..

if i had to choose, I'd got to Sweet basil (BYOB) or Tu Y Yo .... Needham is better for food, and less so on the drinks (Many needhamites drink at home, since someone 300+ years ago made this a dry town!)

Help for "Dummies" at H Mart Food Stalls.....

thanks for the warning about kimchi... never would imagine that they would put oysters with cabbage! I did see the soup section but I looked at a few brands of soup, and much of it had seafood (shrimp mostly) in it

Tired of being disappointed with fish and chips - time to make my own!

We used this recipe for onion rings and fish -- turned out really good. (The onion rings turned out amazing... it was my own variation since i don't eat fish) The first time we made it, we used about 1 1/2 lbs of fish... and there was too much batter.

the second time we halved the recipe and did onion rings and it was stil plenty.