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Juniper in Hastings on Hudson

I'm a little ambivalent about telling everyone about this little treasure. Not many tables, but the food is excellent! A wonderful neighborhood place with nice service and top rate meals -- their breakfast items (french toast with pears and almonds, for example) are outstanding and for dinner they have great salads, hanger steak, duck...and also mac & cheese. No liquor license and they were very gracious about serving the bottle of wine we brought. The ambience is diner style, but with a sophisticated feel. Lovely photographs, a selection of high-end cookbooks to peruse. It's a nice addition to the Rivertowns.

ISO Hard Shell Crabs

Does anyplace in Westchester or Rockland do a crab boil like in Maryland???

Favorite sandwich at Frank's Food Court

I was just reading about Frank's Food Court in Greenburgh, NY, across from the Greenburgh library... and I thought I'd try it this week. What's your favorite sandwich there????

Varick and Canal?

My company is relocating downtown. Any suggestions for lunches in the new neighborhood -- Varick Street at Canal?

Feb 17, 2009
dschube in Manhattan

Owners of Tomatillo?

Did I read somewhere that the owners of Tomatillo (in Dobbs Ferry) were opening another restaurant…in Tarrytown? (Or did I imagine that?!) I wanted to give it a try.

Restaurant in the Doubletree in Tarrytown?

Has anyone tried the restaurant in the hotel that used to be the Hilton near the Tappan Zee Bridge in Tarrytown? Would you recommend it?

Chutney Masala?

Has anyone tried the new Indian place in Irvington, NY (where Flirt used to be)? Wondering how it is.

Dinner in Hudson NY

I was in Hudson last summer and LOVED Swoon. I'd definitely return there.

What happened to Chart House?

When I was at the Dobbs Ferry train station this morning, I noticed that their signs were removed. Does anyone know what happened? I thought it was pretty popular.

And more important, anyone know if something else is planned for that excellent location??

Fried Zucchini

I'm really in the mood for some good fried zucchini. Where's the best in Westchester? If it were in the rivertowns (Hastings, Dobbs, Irvington, Tarrytown), that would be great. Thanks in advance.

Myth Pork Chop [Moved from S.F. board]

Does anyone have the recipe for Myth's brined and grilled pork rib chop???

Dec 03, 2007
dschube in Home Cooking

The Red Hat by the River in Irvington, NY

Loved it! What a great vibe and the food is wonderful as always.
Can't wait for the summer. They'll have outdoor seating by the river.
Has anyone else been there? What did you think?


Yes, for the fruit Stew's is a good bet (except it'll be CRAZY there today) and there's always Stop and Shop, which believe it or not, usually has pretty good fruit platters. You should be able to do better for the cheese, though. How about Marshall's in Dobbs Ferry.

Opinions on Benmarl Winery?

Has anyone tried their wines? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

Flirt Sushi in Irvington closed?

Yes, I was meeting some friends there last night and the same thing happened. There were some staff members there and they confirmed that the Irvington location is closed for good.

Hudson, NY

My husband and I are heading up to Hudson, NY this weekend. We're planning on trying Swoon. Anything else we shouldn't miss?

That Japanese Place on Central Avenue?

The one next to IHOP? Some of you had written about it previously. Is it still good? I can't remember the name of it.

Midtown Business Lunch/HEALTHY

Can anyone think of a restaurant in Midtown that serves healthy food? This is for a business lunch for a group. I'd prefer a private room if possible.

May 10, 2007
dschube in Manhattan

White Plains Jury Duty

Thank you, everyone, for your help. I should do well!

White Plains Jury Duty

Any suggestions for lunch in White Plains near the courthouse?

Purchase Street in Rye

Where's the best place for lunch on Purchase Street?

Lulu's Patisserie in Scarsdale?

Have you tried Riviera Bakeshop in Ardsley? That's my favorite. Delicious AND gorgeous cakes.

Solera in Irvington

I heard that the people who own River City Grille were going to open another restaurant in that space. Don't know if it's true or not.


Has anyone been to B4 in Valhalla? How is it? We're thinking of going there this weekend.

Need restaurant for dinner for a group of approx. 25/in midtown

Any thoughts? Our sales staff will be getting together this Fall and I'd like to find a place near Grand Central that will take a group. Prefer a private room. Not too expensive, but not cheap either. Thanks in advance.

Aug 02, 2006
dschube in Manhattan

Recommendations for the river towns (Hastings/Dobbs Ferry/Irvington/Tarrytown)

My favorites in the area are...

In Hastings: Haven't been to Buffet de la Gare since they changed owners, but it used to be great for a special evening out. I'm not crazy about Blu or Harvest, but they're both in nice settings. Especially Harvest.

In Dobbs Ferry: Piccola Trattoria on Cedar Street serves good home-style pasta. It's cozy and not expensive. Sushi Mike's on the corner of Main and Cedar has the best sushi around. Try to go during the week, though, it gets crowded. I like Tomatillo on Cedar for fresh-tasting burritos. There's also a great cheese shop on Cedar, FYI.

In Irvington: The Red Hat is my favorite (be sure to make a reservation) and I also like River City Grille.

I think you've got the highlights in Tarrytown already.

I need a breakfast restaurant good for a meeting - near 59th and lex. Any suggestions?

Am I too late?

Michael's at 24 West 55th (between 5th & 6th) is a little bit of a walk, but a real breakfast scene.

Jul 26, 2006
dschube in Manhattan

Lunch/Brunch near the Whitney

Thanks very much. Great idea!

Jul 25, 2006
dschube in Manhattan

Great Italian Veal Chop?

Parma on Third Avenue near 79th.

Jul 21, 2006
dschube in Manhattan

Lunch/Brunch near the Whitney

Any ideas for a nice place in the East 70s? We'll be a group of 8 to 10 people.

Jul 21, 2006
dschube in Manhattan