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Boston Japan Festival in Copley

Friends and I managed to get the okonomiyaki and yaki soba--they were good. My Japanese co-worker told me that the company/vendor making it is the most well-regarded maker of the sauce in Japan. Okonomiyaki was Osaka-style, which I'd only had once while living in Japan and could never find it again (I had it in Tokyo.) It was very thick and had lots of coarsely shredded cabbage in it. Since it took me so long to get the food, I bought an extra okonomiyaki to take home--it reheated surprisingly well the next day in the toaster oven.

Apparently the organizers were expecting between 2000 and 5000 people and got many more than anticipated. Discussions are underway for a much bigger space next year. I'll look forward to more festival food.

Mexican family restaurant coming to Malden?

It's open! This morning I saw that Guadalajara Grill has has a Grand Opening banner in front of the restaurant.

Mexican family restaurant coming to Malden?

I'm bumping this thread to ask if anyone has any news on an opening for this place. The inside looks ready. Tables and chairs are in place. The website still says "spring."

Itadaki - anyone been there?

I haven't been there, but the Japanese people in my office like it.

Mexican family restaurant coming to Malden?

I was properly motivated!

Mexican family restaurant coming to Malden?

Wow! Thanks, hiddenboston, that was quick.

A bit of reading of the menu seems to reveal a strong connection to Mexico Lindo in Melrose. The pdf menu is actual ML's and the main menu pages are pretty much identical.

A Mexico Lindo closer to home? Bueno!

Mexican family restaurant coming to Malden?

A new Mexican restaurant is in the works for the space near the Malden Center T stop previously held by Montebello and Artichokes before that (2 Florence St.) The poster in the window says "Bienvenidos Amigos" and says "Mexican Family Restaurant Coming Soon."

My online search came up empty--has anyone heard anything about it like the name or credentials? After the Agave/Dockside fiasco, I don't want to get my hopes up, but even decent Tex-Mex would be welcome.

Turkey Dinner?

To avoid the hassles of T'sgiving travel, our family has been celebrating early. This year, I am thinking about dining out rather than cooking--any suggestions for places that serve a decent roast turkey dinner on the weekend? Parents are on the S. Shore, we're in Malden, so somewhere not-too-far north or south in E. Mass would be good. Wheelchair access a necessity (but I can check into this.)


Clambake caterer in South Shore?

Check out the Silent Chef in Scituate. They catered my very small wedding (about 30 people) clambake about 9 years ago and did a great job! Be sure to sample their chocolate raspberry buttercream cake if you need a birthday cake.

Grilling/BBQ classes?

Thanks for the tip--I'll get in touch with them! Other suggestions welcome!

Grilling/BBQ classes?

Does anyone know of any outdoor grilling classes in the area? DH loves to grill, but I am sick of eating burnt meat and can't stomach the thought of another season of it. The New England BBQ Society has classes, but they are for improving championship-level skills. I need something basic and hands-on, from someone who knows what they are doing.

Where can I get a good pre-season Fenway-style sausage, pepper, and onion sub?

I can't tell you if it's good or not (the smell always makes me a little queasy), but there's a sausage cart on Washington St. at the far end of Macy's, near Eddie Bauer. It's been there pretty much every weekday that I've walked past.

Sel de la Terre- $1 oysters on snow days and 1/2 price food on Superbowl Sunday

For the Superbowl Sunday specials--do you know which location(s)? Only during game time? Bar or dining room? Details?

Where can you play board games while you eat at any restaurant between Westborough and Boston?

They have games in Cornwall's Tavern in Kenmore Square. Great beer choices on tap, too.

Agave Mexican Grille in Malden -- stay away!

Failures like Agave may make some potential restaurant owners think that Malden doesn't want a Mexican restaurant when really we do! Just a decent one.

When I moved to Malden 10 years ago, people mentioned that most ethnic restaurants there had failed. There was a Thai place that we tried, but the staff was clearly overwhelmed by our small takeout order on top on the ONE occupied table (a 2-top). They had a 7 & 8 year old working the register. It was a mess and we never went back.

Agave Mexican Grille in Malden -- stay away!

Specifics? I don't want to get too excited if they're just taking a snow day...

How can we campaign to get a decent Mexican restaurant into that spot? I hope the owners don't just change decor and menu and reopen another horrible place like the Dockside.

ISO Frozen Artichoke Bottoms

I live in Malden and work in downtown Boston.

ISO Frozen Artichoke Bottoms

Has anyone seen frozen artichoke bottoms around? I haven't had any luck at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods and I need them for a Middle Eastern recipe. I bought them a few years ago, but can't remember where. I'd rather not trek to the Watertown Armenian stores without a confirmed sighting.

Mixed Beer Six packs

You can do this at the Stop & Shop on Charles St., Malden. It's close to the Malden Sq. T stop.

Artichokes in Wakefield

Someone mentioned this morning that the Wakefield location is now gone. Can anyone confirm or deny?

West Roxbury

It looks like it should be open by now. Anybody tried it?

From Boston Restaurant Talk:

A new Lebanese restaurant and lounge is getting ready to open in West Roxbury, moving into the space where a Chinese restaurant used to be.

Based on information from a job post on the Craigslist site, Al-Wadi Restaurant is planning to open on the VFW Parkway on Sunday, August 15. Al-Wadi will be opening where a Chinese dining spot and cocktail lounge called Spring Blossom resided until closing about a year and a half ago. According to an earlier post on the Universal Hub site, the new eatery will be run by the owner of Nicole's Pizza, a pizza and sub shop located on Tremont Street in Boston's South End that also features Middle Eastern fare. Universal Hub also had mentioned that Al-Wadi may have an outdoor patio in addition to a bar area.

The address for this soon-to-open Lebanese restaurant in West Roxbury will be: Al-Wadi, 1249 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, MA, 02132.

Nicole's Pizza
639 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118

Tremont Cafe
418 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

July Openings and Closings

I read elsewhere that Vinalia wouldn't be coming back to that spot and said "good riddance." I'd been there a number of times over the years and the service was always between amateurish and laughable. I'm fine with casual, but they were always clueless and/or confused. The final time we tried the place, the bartender assured us she knew how to make a Dark & Stormy but we ended up with generic rum and ginger ale. Wine flights were always a game, because the waiters always had them misidentified.

It's very disappointing to read that the same people who orchestrated that mess will be doing the same with a better chef. I wonder if Jacky and co. ever visited Vinalia and saw first hand what they were getting in bed with.

101 Arch St, Boston, MA 02110

Tatami room?

Not the best for fried food (ie tempura) either--it tends to squirt not-very-fresh oil when you bite into it. UGH. The grilled fish tends to be passable.

Agave Mexican Grille in Malden -- stay away!

Sad. I was hoping for even a decent tex-mex restaurant in the area. Maybe we can get Border Cafe to take it over...

West Roxbury

Anyone know what's going on with this place? I had to go to W. Rox yesterday and was looking forward to trying it. Chowhound and google searches came up empty on recent news, so I wasn't all that surprised to see it wasn't there. Does anyone know: stalled or cancelled?

More pho coming to Malden?

That would be nice if another Pho place came. I used to enjoy Saigon Noodle, but around 18 months ago it really went downhill for me. I started having mediocre to somewhat bad experiences there and stopped going. Pho 99 has never really thrilled me--maybe it's the atmosphere.

Saigon Noodle
381 Main St, Malden, MA 02148

Ebisuya Japanese Market in Medford

I see that the opening is Friday 6pm-8pm. Sounds like a party...

Flatbread Company Moving into Sacco's Bowl Haven

I really wanted to know the answer to this, so I just called them. The answer sounded like that is an idea/possibility, but if it happens, it won't be very soon.

That's too bad, because I'm looking for a fun place for a birthday in a couple of weeks. I was hoping for Skee Ball at the Milky Way, but it doesn't sound like that really panned out.

Steak House To Open In Medford Square

Oh joy. Finally a place to get pizza in the greater Medford area.

High end wagashi

Aso-sensei passed away several years ago, but the tea ceremony continues.