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Store Bought Porcini Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Superior Pasta Co on Christian St in the Italian market has good porcini sauce.

Oct 01, 2014
sodabreeze in Philadelphia

401 Diner/Nirvana

The owners of 401 are not the same owners of the Aman's Bistro in Chalfont. The Chalfont owners sold Aman's Norriton to the current 401 owners who then sold Aman's to another owner and then they bought 401. Confusing but the food will tell the tale.

Jun 03, 2013
sodabreeze in Philadelphia

Aman's E Norriton under new ownership

Recent visits to Aman's in E Norriton resulted in food that was not up to the standard we have been used to from this Indian restaurant. So we headed over to Aman's Bistro in Chalfont and found some great, spicy wonderful food. We questioned the manager and asked why their sister restaurant in East Norriton seemed to serve such different, lower quality food. And that is when we learned that the East Norriton restaurant has been sold and it is no longer related to Aman's Bistro. The new owners are serving food that is very different from the Aman's that we knew for so many years.

There is some good news--Aman's Bistro is opening a true sister restaurant in Phoenixville some time in July.

May 12, 2013
sodabreeze in Philadelphia

fresh guava

I bought fresh guava at Plymouth Produce, Johnson Hiway in Norristown last week. It was good not great and I think it was $3.99 a pound.

May 28, 2012
sodabreeze in Philadelphia

Aman Indian on Limekiln Pike in Chalfont-ish?

Just had dinner at Aman's in East Norriton and they are opening Aman's Bistro in Chalfont. So it is the same owner with a similar menu. The anticipated opening is the end of March barring any delays.

Mar 05, 2010
sodabreeze in Philadelphia

Any recent visits to Blackfish?

We recently went to Blackfish for dinner and ordered some of the dishes described glowingly in the reviews we had read. My husband said the bouillabaisse was one of the worst he has ever had. I had the Blackfish version of surf and turf--scallops and short ribs. This was a terrible combination as the short ribs completely overpowered the scallops. I had asked the very friendly server about this possibility before oredering and was assured this was a superb dish. It was not. The frisee salad was good and was the best dish we had.
After rereading all the praise and hearing the next week about the Philadelphia magazine's #3 ranking, I went back for lunch with a friend and ordered the highly praised chicken pot pie. Again I was disappointed. The presentation was lovely, but it was nothing more than thick chicken soup topped with puff pastry.
I do not understand all the praise as we were most unhappy with our selections which were chosen from their very limited menu. The restaurant has very close, compact tables, with wait staff bumping diners continually. Our advice is to not even try to get a reservation and go elsewhere for a more enjoyable dinner

Feb 21, 2008
sodabreeze in Pennsylvania