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the avenue long branch

Last night we tried the avenue for a special occasion dinner. The train wreck started when we walked into the lobby and stepped on broken glass, not shattered, large pieces of broken glass. The four hostesses standing there with blank looks on their faces said "oh yeah, someone broke a glass there"..ok, we decided to sit outside after the first table offered was one of those cramped in two-tops between another couple...server takes our drink order and disapears for a good 10-15 min to the point the hostess came over and asks if anyone has seen us yet..we watched her give our drinks to another table..ok no big deal..we get the cocktails and if there was liquor in them it was trace amounts($12 each)..ok no big deal its summer and they gotta make their money..i get the first item on the menu..french onion soup..probably get it everywhere i go and have had it in 50 diff comes out with what appears to be an oil slick 1inch deep floating on top. it was actually seperating. the cheese was not even close to being gruyere as advertised, it was way closer to a boardwalk mozzerella....for the first time in my life i sent back a soup, french onion at a french restaurant none the less. the servers words were "yeah that doesnt look too appetizing"...the $10 bibb salad was litterally 8 dry lettuce leaves...but thats ok because the star of the evening was cooking, a medium rare $84 3lb bone in ribeye for was presented to the table cooked..beautiful, thought he was going to slice it tableside..nope, it went back to the kitchen for what had to be 12-15 minutes. Our server came over as we waited and told us it was a "french thing" to show the meat and then take it away..we warned her we ordered med rare and she assured us it would be juicy and delicious...well it was sliced roast beef thin and gray. Never in my life have i left a restaurant without eating...The chef who was working, i asked, never came out and the manager was only concerened that our server "took care of us" whatever that means...what a shame, that restaurant doesnt deserve the view it has

Jul 22, 2010
ocdiner in New Jersey

Huddy's Bar & Grill - Hooper Ave -Toms River

Toms River is the chicken parm capital of the world and Tiffanys wants to cash in. Somebody should stop the powers to be from allowing this(2 days after they are cutting the ribbon at the new god awful Bostons). We are allowing our independents to go down in flames.

Jan 09, 2009
ocdiner in New Jersey

Benihana Toms River

Stay Far Away!

15 minute wait to get the wrong drink. Server disappered for 10 minutes at a time.
Medium Rare Filet mignon was still cold in the middle. My wife asked for no garlic, chef said ok gave it to her anyway, kid next to me had to ask for his sushi app twice and his chopsticks 3 times and the absolute kicker....

The place is empty and they decide to seat us at the hibaci table that the exhaust doesnt work at. I literally smell like i was an extra on the set of the japanesee version on 'Backdraft"

I dont know why everyone is in a rush to open a restaurant

Dec 16, 2008
ocdiner in New Jersey


dont bother tryin to get a decent cheesesteak in tr...not happening

Mar 05, 2008
ocdiner in New Jersey

best donuts in S. Jersey?

There is a little dump on Fischer Blvd in Toms River called Ob-Co's, been around for ever, all they make is donuts and usually sell out by 10am, get there early (especially in the summer)..they have the best donuts.

Mar 05, 2008
ocdiner in Mid-Atlantic

Breakfast in the shore area?

If youre ever down a little further south during the summer, the crabs claw in lavallette does a great outdoor breakfast. not too many people know, but the eggs benny is great and the yukon gold homefries are delicious. plus you can get a cocktail...

Feb 26, 2008
ocdiner in Mid-Atlantic

Houlihans Eatontown

thought this place would be less chainy...wrong...if its between eating here again or drinking straight from the ocean, i'll go with the latter...less salty....burger reminds me of something you get at the turn on a muni golf course...pre cooked prime rib(only on fri/ far away

Feb 24, 2008
ocdiner in Mid-Atlantic

Hemingway's, Seaside Heights

The ribs are absolutely the best around...blow tiffany's away
rack of lamb, sliced filet are pretty good, good salads...did not care for the stuffed shrimp

Feb 23, 2008
ocdiner in Mid-Atlantic

New to Brick. Suggestions?

burgers/bar food; frankies, cubbard, craigs
italian; villa vittoria, villa amalfi
fine dining; bistro 44
steaks; mia cafe strip on menu, usually has a good special
sushi; nobi
kids; shogun is a lot of fun, good food
seafood; crabs claw
ribs; hemingways in seaside are awesome

Feb 21, 2008
ocdiner in Mid-Atlantic

Best burger in Mon/OC?

frankie's in point...i dont even think there is a close second

Feb 21, 2008
ocdiner in New Jersey

Scorpio's Steakhouse~Jackson NJ

ate here once....sent the first steak back, second wasnt has potential but i dont think it will be around long enough to meet it

Feb 21, 2008
ocdiner in New Jersey

Basil T's brew pub in Toms River, NJ?

toms river basil t's is an absoute rip-off! ive given it about 3 or 4 chances and it keeps getting worse. last time broke the camel's back...$13 for a plate of arugula, half a dried fig, one slice of prosciutto and an eyedropper of evoo.

Feb 21, 2008
ocdiner in Mid-Atlantic