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Shanghai Taste, Rockville, 12/12 - report

it's the weekend dim sum that is the gem., not the regular Chinese menu....the place is tiny, maybe 50 max...but the word is out amongst the Chinese community; I think the only place that makes the Shanghai dumplings..which has broth inside the eat it with a spoon..on weekends be prepared to wait at leat 15-30 minutes...the downside, we didn't know there was a English menu until someone at the next table shared it with us....the service is erratic...takes forever to get your food, and it comes out one at a time...BUT...worth the wait...definitely not recommended for large parties..bigger than 5-6...
their beef noodle soup is great, too....

looking for a caterer


looking for a caterer

looking for someone to provide a light brunch food/buffet style....cold (bagels, finger sandwiches,etc.......around north Bethesda area...thanks

Rehoboth - a Week of Eats - feeding Big Guys then a Gal's weekend - Part 2 - Happy Hour and Snacks

We ( a family of 5 with an 18,15, and 13 yr old) just came back at 3am last night from a weekend in Rehoboth...I wish we could have done the happy hours, but spent the afternoons on the beach....we called Fins for dinner, after reading the reviews, and was told it would be a 2 hour we tried to go to Go Fish, and was told 1/2 we walked around to another location but it started a storm was approaching, and we decided to hurry to a place called Hobos that we read about....the waitress told me that there were short staff-ed and apologized, and we sure did for the food, two of the dishes were was a crab with was so gummy..the best thing on the plate were the fresh chopped up tomatoes and the lettuce surrounding it...I ordered the lobster mac and cheese, always wanting to try it..gross!!!I expected something bubbly with a melted cheese on the was a goopy tart elbow macaroni with a runny white sauce, with maybe 3 pieces of$25.00 a total rip off...the other dishes, a grilled shrimp and the swordfish were ok.... the next day, had lunch at everyone says, great batter of the fish, pretty decent fries...btw..has anyone tried the bacon ice cream at the ice cream shop on Rehoboth Ave..can't remember the name? or the spinach?

Aug 11, 2009
tabemono in Mid-Atlantic

road trip with teenagers

am thinking of taking a road trip with 3 teenagers, 2 boys and 1 girl for 2-3 days, but don't know where where to to a big foodie, thus would like to plan the trip around off the beaten path great places to eat, in casual attire....could anyone suggest a trip/route with eating places in mind? if you have any suggestions for inexpensives places to stay as well, I would appreciate that, too!!!

Any good tea shops in the area?

In Rockville, at Wintergreen Plaza, there is a Chinese owned store called Ten-Ren. Tons of loose leaf tea, some super expensive..but others affordable..they also make packaged tea that they sell in the Chinese grocery stores..I am a serious green tea drinker...(loose leaf at home, tea bags at work).5-6 cups a day, and I buy loose leaf Japanese tea at either the Japanese grocers...Maruichi in Rockville, at the Talbott Shopping center, or in the Chinese ( Kam Sam in Rockville or Korean ( Lotte in Germantown, Grand Mart in Gaithersburg)grocery stores...

Japanese favs around Greenbelt,Landover,Bowie

I am meeting some friends for Japanese food...I live in MoCo, and know of places around here, but do not know anything for the area listed above..I love sushi, but others do not..they prefer teriyaki, tempura, etc...anyone have any recs that would please all of us...thanks

Good Ramen, finally!

As far as I know, the notice states "limited amount", I imagine basically until it runs out, during lunch,...since they just started, I think they are trying to get a feel for whether it's a succes or not, and running out all depends on how many orders they get.... but whether they serve it for dinner (it they don't run out), I don't know...certainly once could call, and....I believe it's only available in Bethesda, as the chef works at the Bethesda location...happy slurping!!!...

Good Ramen, finally!

From talking to the owner, they are too busy on the other days.....hopefully, if it takes off, they can expand it to other days......the ramen is $10.00, and they also have a lunch special ramen/roll combo for $14.00.....I think their ramen is far superior to Temari's........

Good Ramen, finally!

For those who have been craving good ramen like I have, Matuba (Japanese restaurant in Bethesda that has been around for years), is finally serving pretty authentic ramen. It is only available on Sunday afternoons, for the time being, as apparently it takes the chef 6 hours to make the broth. Their char shu was pretty decent, too.
I used to go up to NY to get a good bowl, but this is pretty close to the real thing.I also like Daruma's ramen; they also put in more toppings, but now we have a choice!!!!

da vinci chai concentrate

Does anyone know where I can find da vinci chai concentrate,comes in 750 ml bottle ( other than ordering through the mail)? I used to find it at Home Goods but I haven't seen it in the last 6 months.....thanks!

HELP! Need Patak's relishes and my usual haunts have empty shelves

I live in Rockville, and bought the pickles from the Indian grocery stores, which there are plenty in the burbs. Aren't there any Indian stores in DC? worth calling them, perhaps?

bon chon chicken

PJ4, Thanks for the tip...DanielK, I did see the food court, but no one was I didn't check it out! will do, next time

bon chon chicken

I just discovered the new Lotte in Germantown....clean, bright, lots of great stuff....but inside were two independent stores that I particularly liked. There is a bon chon chicken; I never heard of it, but they had an article from NY times up...sounded interesting so I tried it..Great, not greasy, crispy, tasty fried chicken!!!I They are not very meaty, but the taste is wonderful..comes in two flavors, soy chicken and a spicier's a bit pricey for chicken legs, but well worth it..there is a blog on the NY board..people are raving about it The other store was a very reasonable sushi carryout, fresh, much cheaper than the regular sushi carryouts.....hate to let out a good secret, but oh well!!!

Restaurant recommendation in Kentlands...

We have been going to Buca for since it opened. Good Italian,IMO, if you have children, it is noisy enough that no one is bothered. They used to do only family style dishes but now have dishes for 2. We always get the Fruitti di Mar..sp?)...pasta with seafood..always good. And , I am not a chain store pizza eater, but actually will eat their is rectangular, thin crust, that they place atop two large tomato cans..highly recommend if you have a party of 4 or more...Also good, their caesar salad, the lemon chicken, and I like their spinach, ( tho I think That's Amore is better)....if you have never been there, they will give you a tour via their kitchen...strongly recommend a reservation on the weekends..I have also heard(never been) that Tandoori Nights for Indian ( from a native) is quite good....We have also been to Bonefish...loved their tuna tartar...but again, you probably need a reservation......there are a couple of new restaurants on Market Street.. but I have no info on the weather is nice, it's a great place to walk and spirits for drinks, dinner at various locations, ice cream at Maggie Moos, Cold Stone, or Marble Slab....

Ramen-ya/Udon-ya in NoVA?

am glad you posed that question. Now I know where to go in NOVA...I live in Montgomery County, though...other than Temari and Daruma, has anyone had decent ramen any place else, wasn't crazy about the ramen at Temari, though...I ate at Sapporo and Menkuite in NYC...I liked the ramen at Menkuite better than Sapporo, but both surpass what exits here.....

Chez Mama-San

a place that is on my :"to go"list....what did you have that was delish?

Best sushi in D.C.?

I just started going to Kotobuki, finally, after reading abou the place for so long. Loved far, the only place I know that has oshi zushi(pressed sushi with the mackeral on top)...that was my favorite in Japan, so was quite happy to have found a place that serves it in this area. The sushi is fresh,albeit on the smaller side, but for most of them being $1.00, I'm not complaining. The place is small, so not suitable for larger crowds....on the subject, my fav in the burbs was Yuuraku in Germantown, but a friend told me that it had been closed the last two times she went......anyone have any news?

good sub bread

Can anyone recommend a good brand of sub bread (as in to make a sub at home)? Also a good brand of hot dog/hamburger buns? I know the Post had an article not too long ago on making homemade hamburger buns, but I'm looking to buy it...I live in the Rockville area..

feeding teenage boys in DC/MD

ESPN zone is ok....but wanted some more choices.......does anyone know of any other buffets in the area, NW DC, Bethesda.......thanks

Bento boxes

try the Asian markets...the bulk of the students who attend Japanese school on Saturday carry their lunches in obento box....the Korean markets, especially the bigger ones with a houseware section ( Grand Mart, Lotte, Han ah Rheum)...also the Japanese market (Daruma, Maruichi in Rockville) are possibilites...there is a bookstore next to Maruichi called Taiga..they sometimes carry popolar Japanese imports....

Bento boxes

Try the Asian markets...Korean Korner in Rockville, Han au Rheum, Lotte, Grand Mart..also the Japanese stores, Daruma in Bethesda and Maruichi in Rockville may carry to Maruichi is a Japanese bookstore called Taiga..sometimes they carry popular Japanese imports.....the children who attend Japanese school on Saturdays carry their lunch in the bento boxes, so I imagaine the stores that cater to them would carry them.....might want to call ahead and ask....

feeding teenage boys in DC/MD

My son is going to ESPN zone in DC to celebrate his birthday ...any recs for place to feed 4 teenagers around there or in Bethesda/Rockville...all you can eat places are OK, but don't really know of any outside the Rockville area where we live...thanks.....

Going shopping in outlet malls across the bridge..

Where is Holly's? I think we went to Chesapeake that the one with the chicen out front?

Going shopping in outlet malls across the bridge..

am going shopping with kids at the outlet mall across the Bay Bridge ( Queenstown?)...looking for a lunch and or dinner chains..something like homestyle cooking..southern cooking..or plain good food....any suggestions...willing to drive out of the immediate area for it...

Lunch in Baltimore with children

Need a recommendation for a lunch place, with 5 children 10-16..will be around ESPN zone..heard about Attmans Deli..anything else in the area that will not break the budget,and not too pricey?

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiviing

Many thanks to those who replied re the fried turkey..I've vever ordered from Popeye's and if I have to pick up a fried/then frozen turkey....hmmm...I wonder about the taste..I called the Popeys in Gaithersburg near Lake forest Mall, and they are tking orders throught this Sunday....I also have a friend who actually does fried turkey, but according to his wife, it is a lot of work....and didn't want to impose....may try Georiga Brown.tthanks to all who replied! I appreciate it! ...

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiviing

There was one message last year from someone looking for a place to buy fried turkey(whole deep fried turkey). The one reply was Popeye's?????...Does anyone know of anywhere in Montgomery/PG/Dc who takes orders for deep fried whole turkeys?

family friendly places to eat Canyon Lake, Murietta, Ca

We are vacationing in Canyon Lake, Ca...need some places to go eat in, around Murietta, Lake Elsinore...not fast food, looking for family friendly, good food. We eat:sushi, bbq, soul food, good Chinese(not Chinese American)...Korean,nothing fancy..hole in the joint type is OK, too...thanks!

Aug 09, 2006
tabemono in California