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Hot Dog Places Near Dunstable Lowell Nashua Area's

Also Sandy's Lunch Box in Pepperell on rt 119 (where 119 and 111 meet) has a great reputation. Owned by the same folks as the Scotch Pine Inn.
Further south of that area but still on rt 119 in Littleton is Ed's Weenies, located in the parking lot at Gary's Farm Stand.
I live in Chelmsford, and the Elliot's location at Drum Hill has been closed for a while. Replaced by a small diner. (in a strip plaza)
Not sure about Sullivan Farms on Rt 113 in Tyngsborough...they are an ice cream stand that sells hot dogs. I have never ordered them there.

Hot Dog Places Near Dunstable Lowell Nashua Area's

Also, Sausage King on Main st. in Downtown Nashua. (near where the river intersects with Main St.) has standard ballpark dogs and 10 to 15 "Gourmet Dogs", plus all the fried ballpark-style sides.
And of course, Italian sausage with peppers and onions.

New places coming to Nashua

When Pigs Fly is opening a bakery/pizzeria on Rt. 1 just north of their present Kittery bread outlet. It is probably no more than a quarter mile north of the last outlet plaza. If you pass the Kittery rest area entrance, you have gone too far.
Hopefully, it will help provide outlet shoppers with another restaurant that is not a chain.
There really only seem's to be Robert's Grill and Bob's Clam Hut in that area.

Bob's Clam Hut
RR 1, Kittery, ME 03904

January Openings and Closings

This is ridiculous, when you have a 25 minute wait for Pizzeria Uno on a weeknight after the holidays, across the street at the Burlington Mall. God forbid you should have to dine at The Cheesecake Factory...make your reservations in the morning you plan to go, otherwise wait over an hour.
Never had a bad meal there. Had corporate functions there. Nice service.
Hope this is only a rumor.

January Openings and Closings

In his Lowell Sun interview, the owner claimed he made money....."just not enough money"
Once the Hamilton Canel project opens (not this year), we will see if more professionals in the downtown really make a difference.
I am 10 minutes from downtown Lowell in Chelmsford, and never had a chance to eat there.

December Openings and Closings

Jardek's was a victim of rising rent and shall we say "poor landlord relations". I know and have met some of the family members. Apparantly the neighboring pizza shop in the same strip plaza also left for similar reasons. They still own the equipment from the shop, and the father is looking for new locations.

Schlitz Beer?

I neglected to mention...our 1st trip to Ottawa.
I didn't dig the beer monopoly...reminded me of all my years(with my dad) buying beers in Nova Scotia (Provincial control).
But I asked Chowhounders about any food related stops on the drive between Ottawa and Montreal, and we ended up at Beau's All Natural Brewery in Vankleek Hill.
They couldn't have been nicer at the brewery, and I ended up grabbing a couple of bottles of Lugnut.
Apparantly, they had an issue with a bottling run, and had a quantity of partially filled bottles for discounted sale only at the brewery (of course).

Schlitz Beer?

Boston hound here. Maybe I can help explain the reason for the demand.
Licensing, namely the old brand names, have become a commodity worth re-investing into.
Reingold in NY is making a comeback, and in RI, Narragansett Beer is now back on the market under an ownership group with 100 different investors. (and building a new brewery in Providence)
Narragansett actually found a surviving member of the original brewmaster's crew (in his 80's), who revived the "original" formula for the beer.
Apparantly now, the "new" owners of the Schlitz brand have done the same, and found a surviving member of the original brew crew,(again a man in his 80's) who is resurrecting
the "original" formula.
And any of the Canadian brewed US brands may not be using these new formulas due to existing contracts.
Probably an attempt to get away from the "peewater" image.

N.H. is the place you want to go.
$5.99 US for a 12 pack 12oz.cans-Narragansett Beer (sale-this week)
$10.99 US for an 18 pack of 12oz. cans Molson Canadian or Labatt Blue.
A case of Schlitz is definitely less than $20 US.
No bottle or can deposit. No taxes.

On our July trip to Ottawa, I brought back several beers from Ontario.(not available in the US)
Loved the quality, hated the price.

Hey Boston CHs, Would You Drive 3 Hours for a Perfect Poutine? [Moved from Boston board]

Chelmsford hound here who lives very close to NH border.
I recently tried a new place for poutine:
Bellagio Pizza - Nashua,NH
Address: 150 Broad Street, Nashua, NH 03063
Phone: 603-204-5510
It is in the small plaza at the intersection of Rt 3 and Rt 130 (Exit 6). It is next door to the Shell station. Same plaza with You You Japanese Bistro.
2 types of Poutine, traditional and tomato sauced (italian style-word has it is a sweet tomato sauce).
The traditional was just that...closer to what I have experienced in Montreal.
The gravy was spot on, and the cheese curds squeaked. Fries had skin on.
Served in the circular aluminum pan...2 sizes...$5 to $7.
I have had poutine in Montreal at La Belle Province, LaFluer, La Banquise, Patiti Patata, Dunn's, and Frite Alors to name a few.
It reminds me the most of La Belle Province.
Recent advertisements for this place talk of ingrediants being imported from Canada.
We'll see if the quality of the fries holds up over several visits.

Exit 6 also has a Hannaford's supermarket....for those Hounds looking to make their own poutine, Hannaford's carries Yancey's Fancy cheeses from NY. (posted previously here in CH).
Yancey's Fancy makes several types of cheddar cheese curds,including a roasted garlic flavor.

You You Japanese Bistro
150 Broad St, Nashua, NH 03063

Brisket tacos

FireboxBBQ on Rts.4 and 225 in Bedford has brisket tacos.....diced smoked brisket (no sauce) topped with cilantro and onions, with fresh lime slices if you wish to top with lime juice.

New location of Liberty Bell: Billerica

My work crew has been several times, and not a bad meal any time. I have had the Super beef from several of their other locations, but in Billerica I have switched to the Roast Beef on a whole wheat wrap. Huge portion, and every bit as large as the Super beef. Great onion rings as well.
There are 3 other roast beef places within a short driving distance from the Middlesex Turnpike, and Liberty Bell still draws large crowds.

Liberty Bell Restaurant
466 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801

Fried Pickles in Boston?

Not "Greater Boston", but the Muddy River Smokehouse in Portsmouth,NH has had them for several years. Dill slices, not spears.

Good coffee and light breakfast place in Vieux-Montréal?

I'll second Veritas. As a Boston hound who makes yearly trips to Montreal, I have found Veritas to offer both great coffee, but also healthy breakfast items. One year we stayed at the Springhill Suites in Old Montreal, and their "complementary" breakfast was an absolute cattlecall. Veritas was an oasis.

Veritas Cafe
480 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2Y3Y7, CA

Looking for food-related stops off the 417 between Ottawa and Montreal

Boston hound here (actually northern MA near the NH border) travelling with my wife to Ottawa for the first time.
Long time traveller to Montreal and Maritimes in past.
This will be the first time travelling the 2 hour drive on the 417 between Ottawa and Montreal, and travelling in sections of Ontario and western Quebec where neither of us have been.
Does anyone have recommendations for food-related stops between the two cities, which are relatively close to the 417?
We already have plans to stop and view the Elk Ranch in Kanata, and for a brewery tour at Beau's All Natural.
When we travel, we are huge fans off visiting area vineyards, breweries, and cideries, as well as coffee roasters and cheesemakers. In general, we enjoy visting places where people care about their craft and product.
TIA Ontario Hounds.

Looking for perfectly cooked Rack of Lamb in the Nashua/Lowell area.

Kastore Restaurant is close to me in North Chelmsford, and is Greek owned and operated. It is on Rt. 3A along the river, just north of Vinal SQ. In North Chelmsford.
The menu is now online, but seems to fall short of a full rack of lamb. My wife has had the baked lamb, which turns out to be a lamb shank. Fall off the bone tender.
Also very casual, and very relaxed,with full bar and keno.
The downfall is that there is a token sampling of Greek specialties, not a full menu.

I've never been, but the long standing restaurants with Greek cuisine have been:
Olympia Restaurant (since 1952) 453 Market St., Lowell
Athenian Corner (since 1974 for the current owners) 207 Market St., Lowell
Also Evzon, in the Courthouse SQ plaza at Drum Hill in Chelmsford is close by.

Looking for Cheese Curds

The Hannaford's super market chain carries Yancey's Fancy brand from upstate NY in their cheese section.

Cafe Myriade

Moh, we bought one of those chocolate packages and took it home. Haven't broken it open yet. After the barista's (maybe Anthony, not sure) comments about using the Toddy coffeemaker (cold brew)for their ice coffee, we have taken our Toddy out of the cabinet for the summer. We may "sacrifice" a pound of the Cuban Black beans for ice coffee since we will be returning to Montreal for Just for Laughs in July.

Jazz fest local purchases

Verger Lacroix et Cidrerie is the name of the orchard that is featuring their ice ciders inside the Jean Talon market, separate from the Les Saveurs du Marche store. Verger Lacroix is located in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac. We tasted and bought 2 bottles, one was a very nice strong cider, Feu Sacre, at 16% alcohol content. www.vergerlacroix.ca

Verger Lacroix et Ciderie

Cafe Myriade

Moh, Boston hound here. Took my wife there Sunday after reading all the comments on this board. OMG, what a gem. Wish we had one at home on our block.
Best mocha I have ever had, and wife agreed. Then took 2 more iced drinks for the road on the way to Atwater Market. Met the owners outside playing Scrabble. They are using a Toddy cold brewing system to make the filtered iced coffee. The concentrate created, even when diluted, makes for a less acidic , less bitter cup.
Now my wife wants one of those chocolate mixers that dispenses the liquified chocolate for our kitchen counter at home.

Restaurant Closings - 2009

Boston hound here. Just returned from a weekend in Montreal. Last trip in was for a New Year's celebration.
I went in to Old Montreal to Rue de la Commune for honey balls and/ or a Volcano, but found L'Espirit de Carnival at #123 Rue de la Commune closed and repainted. Beaver tails and Quelle de Castor were still in operation at #127.
Did this just close in 2009, or has this been gone for a while? I had been to it on several trips and remember reading a reference to it in Barry Lazar's book.

Jazz fest local purchases

Boston hound here, who just returned Sunday night from Montreal.
To expand on what Carswell is writing (and he is spot on always):
1. The meat ban at the border has been lifted, according to the counter staff at Schwartz's, which has opened a new takeout location, next door to the original. $10.95 per pound for Smoked Meat, which is now vacuum packed. We didn't take home any this trip, but we will be returning in July. The new takeout location has both sliced meat and full briskets in a refrigerated case, plus bottled french fry and steak spices, and the collection of t-shirts,sweatshirts and mugs.
2. The bagel companies will supply you with plastic bags for freezing bagels. Fairmount Bagels is open 24 hours. Montreal bagels are unlike any other.
3. Anything to do with Cream is more intense than many places in the US. My wife swears that the soft serve ice cream in Montreal is more creamier and flavorful than here in Boston (we stop several times before we leave). She also had cream cheese and mushrooms on a burger at La Paryse for the first time, and it was as awesome as Chowhounders described. Carswell's suggestion about the Liberte Cream cheese is dead on.
4. Coffee---since suburban Boston expresso choices are mostly between Dunkin Donuts,Starbucks, and McDonald's, stop and get a good expresso at any number of local cafes, and scan their coffee bean selection. This trip we stopped at Cafe Myriad on the recommendation of Chowhounders, before that it was Cafe Art Java. We normally return home with coffee beans purchased at La Vieux Europe (next to Schwartz's), but this trip stopped at Frenco, a block north of Schwartz's on St.Laurent, for Cuban black beans. We have always declared "coffee beans" at the border, but never been asked where they came from, or had them confiscated.
5. We spent part of the day Saturday at Jean Talon Market. Our lunch turned into noshing on fruit, a knackwurst with sauerkraut at William J. Walter, a bison sausage on a stick,and a caramel covered crepe. (Why bother with a restaurant) We visited Olives et Epices (our 2nd time) and left with a brass spice grinder, vanilla beans (at half the price we pay at home), olive oil and balsmic vinegar, all after having a personalized tasting with a member of the staff. Incredible staff and selection.
6. Ice Cider/Ice Wine----Jean Talon Market, again. We always find that some producers who may not have set up distribution through the SAQ will have a booth in the market. And then there is Les Saveurs du Marche. It is not unusual to have a tasting at a producer's booth inside the main market, purchase a bottle or two, and then go to Les Saveurs du Marche and taste 5 or 6 more different producers, and end up purchasing more. As long as you follow the general rules for declaring alcohol when crossing the border, there has been no problem.
7. Microbrewed Beers-- Again, Les Saveurs du Marche in the Jean Talon Market has an incredible selection of Quebec brewed beer. Even if you go to the Atwater Market (another fantastic market), there is a 1st floor purveyor with hundreds of styles made in Quebec. I left this trip with a Brasserie McAuslan 2007 and 2009 Special ale ($5.99 each), neither of which is easily obtainable where I am, and a fine beer brewed in a limited batch that will age up until I decide to drink it.
I will add to Carswell's list...specialty maple products.....not standard maple sryup, but items like granulated maple sugar, maple butter, and maple flakes. Usually, we bring home granulated maple sugar (found at Maple Delights in Old Montreal), but also found maple flakes in a grinder in the Atwater Market. For maple syrup with a little extra (like Grand Marnier,Rum, Caramel, or Blueberry), Maple Delights will sell you decorative bottles.
Happy Hunting.

Cuban coffee beans-has anyone seen any supply?

It is quite humerous to think that we have had smoked meat confiscated at the U.S .Border, but they could care less about my choice of coffee. We like bold coffee, especially dark roasts, and the batch of Cuban beans we bring back always has a stronger flavor than your standard Starbucks Cafe Verona blend and Ethiopian Sidamo.

Cuban coffee beans-has anyone seen any supply?

Boston hound here heading back in for a quick weekend trip. Usually we return home with a supply of Cuban coffee beans (either black or brown roast) from La Vieux Europe (please forgive any spelling errors) on St. Laurent..
Last couple of trips we have struck out. Completely out of stock of both roasts.This is our first trip in this year, and my wife and I were wondering if anyone knew of any alternate locations to buy the same product. We have nothing like these Cuban beans at home.
We are always on the lookout for recommended coffee roasters.
Thanks, hounds for all the recommendations over the years.

48 hours in Newport

Find some time to drive 15 minutes up Rt. 138 and have a tasting and a tour at Newport Vineyards in Middletown. Nice people and great wines. We especially loved the White Cap Port, the Vidal Ice Wine, and several of the reds. We took a day trip from MA down the the SouthCoastal Wine Trail on Patriot's Day and had a fabulous time. It wasn't hard to justify purchasing by the case lot. The RI climate produces grapes that can make for a smoother finish...their Merlot was far more pleasant and different than some of the Australian product on our local wine supplier's shelves.

Spring 2009 Openings and Closings

Rumors have it that Village Grille in Chelmsford Center has closed. Website stopped working. Local gossip is swirling about rapid turnover of chefs, and constant bickering from wife/co-owner. Also,strain on finances following expansion, as they doubled their space. All this following a very publicized "tweaking" of menu in a Lowell Sun article on the downturn of restaurant business due to the poor economy. Looks like the tweaking didn't work.

Which restaurants serve grass-fed beef?

Marliave, especially the Downstairs Bar, uses Wolfe's Neck Beef for their burgers, and Wolfe's Neck specifies that their animals are fed a "strict vegetarian diet".
I have eaten the Bacon Cheeseburger about 4 times now, and the experience has been similar to MrsCheese describes, always perfectly cooked medium rare on a freshly toasted brioche bun,VT farmhouse cheddar and VT applewood smoked bacon, served with either home cut fries,baked beans or mixed greens. $12, but a wonderful guilty pleasure.
Their upstairs menu I believe uses a different supplier, still organic, for their tenderloin.

Lobster Prices

MB has settled on $4.99 per pound, and pricing is posted rather large behind every deli counter. The $3.99 lb. pricing was apparantly only a Thanksgiving/Black Friday special.
As Buffet King and others stated, these are strictly smaller lobsters, nothing resembling 2 pounders. And their clerks (Rt. 110, Chelmsford)will pick out the largest ones they can see, but not guarantee you even1 1/2 pounders. My wife made lobster bisque for about 11 people, and 4 lobsters were purchased for about $26 total.

Apple Picking?

....which stands for CROWDS. Sunday Noontime did brunch at the Dream Diner in Tyngsborough, then over to Parlee Farm (Tyngsborough) with wife and mother (with walker) in tow...OMG!!! Like a bad day at a Disney theme park...parking lots full, hundreds of people,families, strollers, and lines everywhere....the "fruit" stand had nothing to sell but apples,pumpkins, and corn (I suppose that is expected, but they were wiped out of all their other crops)...the mini cider donut line snaked out the door and into the parking out...they couldn't make them fast enough. Dirty Porta-Potties lined up at the wait station for the hayride. The hayride had an enormous wait of its own, just to get transported out to the picking fields. We just wanted to buy fruit, not pick, and my wife regrettably used a filthy portable toilet and we scurried out of there fast with no fruit at all. Not a pleasant experience at all, from a place we have visited dozens of times, and NEVER seen those kinds of crowds.

Best Boston Burger

I will add the newly reopened Downstairs Bar at the Marliave Restaurant (now owned by Scott Herritt, owner of Grotto) to the list of great burger places...yes it's a $12 bacon cheeseburger, but worth the price vs. the quality ingrediants and prep:
Wolfe Neck farms organic beef, Vermont Farmhouse Cheddar, Vermont Applewood Smoked Bacon, on a fresh baked sliced Brioche . Sides are a choice of Hand Cut fries, Boston (molasses) Baked beans, or mixed greens.
I have had it 3 times now...3 different trips, all cooked medium rare to my perfection.
Baked bean side is more of a homespun recipe, with kidney beans,molasses, and one inch cudes of bacon to flavor. Hand cut fries were skin on, and worthy of a side dish.
Washed it down last week with an Ipswitch American Ale, before that a Boston Tea Party cocktail (tequila, earl grey tea, and restaurant-made ginger beer). They even claim the pickle spears are made there at the restaurant.
Not your typical fast food burger, but I left satisfied.

LandShark Lager

Thank you for identifying it as an A-B product. Makes it even easier to walk away from it with the now $9+ pricetag per 6 pack here in MA.
I was secretly hoping it was resurrecting the old Fischer (brand) brewery in FL from years gone by.

Jul 21, 2008
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