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Chui's Sushi (Baltimore) - NOT going back!

EEK! I was supposed to go there tomorrow. I am glad I checked this out. I usually go to Minato or XS in Mt. Vernon and was looking to change it up. Back to old faithful I go.

Breakfast near Orlando Airport

I am familar with first watch but I am not a fan. We will have rental cars so we are not averse to driving other places. Thanks for the info!

Feb 25, 2008
martinvarghese in Florida

West End Bistro - Reveiws?

I agree with everyone else. Except for portion size. I ordered the skate wing and it was massive. THe brown butter sauce was so good I probably would have eaten a shoe if it were covered in. That being said, our bill was a little out of control. I'd much rather go to Source nearby. I haven't eaten there, but I had drinks there and the smells were incredible.

Breakfast near Orlando Airport

Hey everyone-

Against my better judgment, I am going to Disney with my family next week. I need a nice-ish breakfast place near the Orlando airport. It has to be kid friendly but tasty. Healthy is always a plus. Right now, I am looking for anything other than waffle house (as much as I love some of those sweet cream waffles, my sister whose birthday it is would not approve).

thanks in advance,

Feb 20, 2008
martinvarghese in Florida