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Building on Bond?

We finally ate at Building on Bond the other evening and am sorry to report that the food was disappointingly sub-par.
I want to point out I really wanted to like this place and was so incredibly excited when they first started working on it. My first disappointment came after I tried their coffee. It just isn't that good, was served by people who did nothing to hide their disdain for their boss and is painfully overpriced (Blue Marble or Moon are much better options). When I finally saw their tempting menu posted on their door, I hoped against hope that I would be pleasantly surprised by their food.
I decided to wait a few weeks to try it, to give their kitchen a chance to get it together.
Here's the report:
The Greek salad we ordered tasted stale and was Greek by way of Des Moines.
The dressing was thick and gloopy and had a strange flavor that I couldn't place.
Lemon and olive oil with a dash of salt mixed in just before serving would have been perfect.
The pistachio-crusted chicken breast was drowning in oil. Why? The mashed potatoes were tasteless, but the broccoli garnish was surprisingly flavorful.
The veggie burger was mealy and greasy. It was served with terrible, old-tasting sprouts and some kind of sun-dried tomato pesto. It was like you were being punished for ordering the veggie burger, which I'll admit is kinda a lame thing to order. What can I say, we wanted to see how the other half (vegetarians) live. Now we feel even more sorry for them.
On a positive note, the bun was pretty good and the pickle tasted like the delicious garlic pickles I remember eating as a kid. It was the highlight of the entree.
The mac and cheese was OK. Not like Momma's, or Dumont, or Nolita House (which one of my dining partners said was delicious.), but I guess you could say it was the best of the worst.
I'm so glad we decided to skip the rib eye.
The prices would be considered reasonable, IF the food was good. But I'd rather eat my own shitty cooking then waste $$ and calories on a half-assed meal in a restaurant.
The interior is interesting and inviting but not completely functional. A thick electric cord hangs from a pulley on the ceiling directly onto a table for two. We kept watching people being seated there and asking to be moved. A table in the back seats patrons against a wall of industrial metal drawers. It looks cute, but doesn't seem very comfortable.
I will absolutely come here to meet a friend for a drink, or to work on my laptop and sip tea during the day, but can't imagine how that will support this business.
I really would like to see them succeed. This place has the potential to become a neighborhood institution if they start to serve inexpensive, decent-tasting comfort food. My advice is for the owners/cooks to swing by the Waterfront Ale House, order a few of their entrees and start taking notes.

Dec 13, 2008
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

birthday dinner for approx. 12-15 guests

I am planning a birthday dinner and expect between 12 and 15 people to be attending, I had originally made a reservation with Walter Foods, but they are unable to accommodate a large party and can only give me a very early reservation, which will probably not work for most of my guests. I would love to find something with a similar vibe and price-range. Thought about Dressler - but they seem a tad more expensive than what I am comfortable with. Any Brooklyn or lower Manhattan suggestions?
Another option would be for me to have food catered to a bar that allows you to bring food in.
Any thoughts on either of these would be greatly appreciated.

Dec 03, 2008
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Ici - Brooklyn

i just went to brunch and was pretty disappointed. I realize that brunch in many restaurants is not necessarily the best representation of their cuisine, but here are a few things that i thought were worth mentioning:
the decor was WORN. walls were dirty, bathroom did not look clean and the trash in there was overflowing, there were flies everywhere. the canvas wall hangings were dirty and some torn as were the wall sconces.
i can forgive these things in a less expensive restaurant (except the flies!), but expected more from a relatively new (4.5 years?) and highly regarded establishment.

i was in the mood for some fresh fruit and ordered the mixed fruit side dish.
all i got was a plate full of cantaloupe. it felt really half-assed.
the cheese grits were a little greasy, but tasty enough.
i always wanted to try this place for dinner and really wanted to like them since they support local farms and get some of their produce from added value, but think i'd rather spend my $ at chestnut, al di la, blue ribbon or even the good fork.

Aug 26, 2008
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Dim Sum: World Tong vs. Chinatown

i haven't been to world tong to compare, but i would absolutely recommend 8th ave seafood. delicious every time i've gone.

Jan 18, 2008
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

One Girl Cookies off Smith St - What a scam!

i'd take a big, sloppy,drippy cookie over a bunch of precious, over-priced, perfect-looking little ones any day. i tried to get excited about them opening - but honestly have never been compelled to return after my first visit.
if i want tiny cookies i'll buy a box of cookie crisp.
oh, and a customer should never be put in the position you were put in. the mean, mean lady at waterfalls pulled that crap with us once and i've never been back. ok, i actually did go back about two years later, but it took me that long to cool off.
i would have asked for my $ back, left my gelato there and bought a pint of somethng tasty at the deli.

Aug 02, 2007
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Best Brazilian food in Manhattan

I'm no expert on brazilian food but i'll second the via brasil rec.
the bacalhau is really tasty.

Dec 17, 2006
chubbie in Manhattan

Bagel Recommendations

i ate at bagel world a while ago and thought it was very good. the people who live right around there are lucky to have it.

thanks for all the comments!

Dec 10, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Bagel Recommendations

Anyone out there able to recommend a great bagel/bialy place ideally in brooklyn?
in carrol gardens, park slope, boerum hill etc... are would be great, but am willing to travel.

Dec 09, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Best Greek Diner in Astoria

i usually go to stamatis for greek food, but wound up at the Neptune diner one night and shared a MASSIVE greek platter with friends. we all agreed it was pretty darn tasty.

Oct 25, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

top 3 restaurants iin williamsburg?

went to aurora 2x.
first time the food was good, but not great. the slow-cooked pork belly my friend ordered was the only memorable dish.

next time (this past weekend) my friend's grilled steak was good but the rough-cut pasta with salt-cod, tomato and olive was inedible. it tasted like something i would throw together out of leftovers, eat a few bites of because i didn't want to waste food, then toss it and order take-out.

Oct 25, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Best Brooklyn Prix Fixe?

Oct 25, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Chestnut - Always Delicious - Long Review

I wanted to write in to rave about my dinner at Chestnut last night.
I have been eating my way through some of the overly hyped Brooklyn eateries discussed on these boards in the past few years. Although I usually like anything as long as I didn't have to cook it, I have often found myself wishing that I'd skipped the pricey meal and just gone down the block for a slice and a Coke.
Chestnut however, has consistantly delivered.

Our meal last night:
My noshing-partner and I decided to take advantage of their $25 3- course prix-fixe special (Tuesday and Wednesday). You can choose anything off their regular menu.

1. buckwheat pancake with smoked salmon and creme fraiche:
lovely plating, a medium sized pancake stuffed with, um, I think more buckwheat (whatever it was it was tasty) with a generous "rose bud" of smoked salmon. the creme was in the center of the salmon. all of this was served atop a bed of greens (mizuna? not really sure). delish!
2. mixed salad - surprisingly large amount of mixed greens in light, lemony dressing. not drowning in oil.

1. pumpkin poppyseed ravioli with braised greens and ricotta salada. holy crap! these were amazing! 4 beautiful, handmade ravioli "boats" on a sea of braised mustard greens. the shape of the ravioli trapped all the tiny cubes of browned ricotta salata. the filling was both sweet and savory and incredibly fresh.

2. pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon (!) with zucchini and corn pudding. ok - i was a vegetarian for a large portion of my life - so any time i order a meat dish i know i might run the risk of being turned off. (Sorrels Coq au Vin with Spaetzle comes to mind - too gamey after all those years of eating seitan). so i was prepared to not necesarily love this entree - but knew i HAD to try it - pork wrapped in bacon!
it was the most delicious meal i've eaten in YEARS.
the pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender.
simply, but attractively plated, the bacon wrapped tenderloin was sliced into 4 or 5 medallions. a whole (roasted?) zucchini was stuffed with a pudding which tasted of sweet corn and cornmeal. it was kind of bland but balanced out the meal nicely. the pork had so much flavor and salt from the bacon that if the veggies were overly seasoned, the dish would not have been as satisfying. (my only meal at Blue Star comes to mind - some kind of salmon dish with the veggie side dish chockful of smoked salmon - flavor overload!)

ok - so we were kind of boring and both ordered the chocolate budino. sometimes you just want something you know you will like. it was all hot and chocolately as expected. mmmm...
other desserts included sorbets that came in a variety of interesting flavors (can't remember what they were - sorry), a cookie selection that came with a wine pairing and a selection of cheeses.

we did not order wine with our meal - but noticed that the bartender poured a healthy serving. wish they used glasses with stems but that's just me being picky.

a word on the staff:
very professional and always friendly. one time last year, the kitchen was overwhelmed and we waited for our entrees for a long time. our waiter was incredibly accomodating (we had not complained - he just kept checking up on us) and even treated us to an assortment of chocolates in addition to our desserts.

Oct 25, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Bacchus - so-so

Tried Bacchus again this week - on 2 for 1 night and was once again disappointed. I ordered the cod with spinach and rice. The entire entrée was lukewarm and had no flavor. I NEVER salt my entrées and yet found myself uncapping the saltshaker - anything to save this bland dish. Never again.
My companion ordered the chicken and fared slightly better. It was warm, passably tasty and ok, I'll admit it - the fries were good. But so are McDonalds.
I have eaten here for dinner (not on 2 for one night), and brunch as well and have yet to enjoy the food. And believe me, if I'm not the one who has to cook it I usually have no complaints. Especially if it's 2 for 1!
So what is the appeal of the place? Is it more for wine lovers/Francophiles than food lovers?
I'd be interested in hearing what people have enjoyed here as well as hearing from others that have been less than impressed.

Sep 01, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Boerum Hill to be Banh Mi central? Nicky's is coming...

walked by on tues. night and store was lit up.
asked the guy in there when they were opening. he said they were having their inspection this week and hope to be open by this weekend.
roast pork, here i come!

Aug 24, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

dinner/drinks in chelsea or west village tonight

meeting friends for dinner/drinks in chelsea area or west village around 6. any recommendations on where to go?
we would prefer someplace with tasty food and not too pricey.
one of the diners is a "pescatarian".

Jul 28, 2006
chubbie in Manhattan

Tempo Presto on 7th Ave. (Park Slope)

They are Park Slope's answer to the always amazing 'wichcraft (now at it's new locaction on 8th and b'way!)
OMG - we BEGGED them to come to atlantic avenue since the day they opened. why haven't they listened?!

Jul 07, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs

Boerum Hill to be Banh Mi central? Nicky's is coming...

Spoke to the owner of Nicky's last night. He said that the opening will not take place this coming Saturday, but rather in the next 2 weeks.

Jul 07, 2006
chubbie in Outer Boroughs