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Restaurants in Fairfield County

Double oops, sorry I didn't read the date on this old post :(

Mar 26, 2010
A avenue in Southern New England

Restaurants in Fairfield County

Oops, JFood...Ocean 211 and Ocean Drive are closed.

Mar 26, 2010
A avenue in Southern New England

Good food, good wine, and kids - Fairfield County, CT

I would add Pizzeria Molto in Fairfield to the list. Lots of families when I went last. I had a really great pasta dish (penne w/ shrimp and a pink cream sauce) and they have some nice wines as well.

Jan 22, 2010
A avenue in Southern New England

Help!! Cocktail Party/Open House next weekend Westport CT

I believe Fresh Market also catering services, but I have not yet had the need to use them.

Jan 17, 2010
A avenue in Southern New England

Stamford lunch places

If you like Middle Eastern food you can try Layla's Falafel on Main St downtown and Myrna's on East Main Street. Both places do take out or eat-in.

Jan 06, 2010
A avenue in Southern New England

CT Thanksgiving turkey

I ended up ordering from Gozzi Turkey Farms in Guilford, CT. They said they are holding their prices from last year. While I would have loved to go with your recco of Old Maid Farms harrie, it was priced out. I have 14 guests coming so the cost add up very quickly. A smaller gathering and I would have definitely gone with it.

The Fresh Market opens in Westport on October 14

I've shopped here a few times now and I think it's great. My bf is a sucker for bins too, Amanda, so we've tried a bunch of those nut/trail mix things. The variety is nice and they are good. I'm pretty sure the nutritional info is on the lid of the bin. My only wish is there was some sort of label or marker you could use right there to remember what mix it is you got.

At my house we are always looking for whole bean coffee. Tried Fresh Market's blends (they are the same price per pound as Stews, where we get our beans) and our verdict is it's just okay. Their flavored blends are a touch better, but for regular roasts we'll stick with Stews.

We have tried and loved two bakery items - blueberry muffins, which are much less greasy than Stews and fresh! - and the white chocolate chip macadamia cookies which were also very good and non-greasy.

Oct 30, 2009
A avenue in Southern New England

CT Thanksgiving turkey

Thanks for all this info!

CT Thanksgiving turkey

I'm looking for a fresh, local CT-raised Thanksgiving turkey. I've done a quick Google search and got a couple of places that seemed promising. Just wanted to hear from CH'ers before just blindly calling around. I'm in Fairfield County and a drive isn't a problem. Thanks in advance!

Myrna's Greenwich

I like Myrna's as well...but there is some competition already and more coming. Laylas, with 2 locations now, and I'm thinking that Tabouli Grill coming to where Margot's used to be, is going to be the same kind of fare. I love middle eastern food so I say the more the merrier!

Myrna's Greenwich

I heard they closed down the Greenwich place and will be expanding the Stamford location.

Coalhouse Pizza - Stamford

Thanks for the scoop MommaJ. I am intrigued about the Middle Eastern place. I quick Googled Coalhouse and came up with 85 High Ridge. I think Liz Sue's is 60 something? Either way, I'm looking forward to trying both places.

Aug 01, 2009
A avenue in Southern New England

Coalhouse Pizza - Stamford

Just read on BlogStamford that a new pizza place is coming to town....WITH a brand new coal-fired oven! Sounds like the owners have some lofty plans, including live music and possibly a movie night. From the photos, it looks like it might be going in where Margot's used to be? Makes sense since the kitchen is probably still back there. Here's more:

Looking forward to checking it out!

Jul 22, 2009
A avenue in Southern New England

Stew ongoing debate

I have always wondered the SAME THING about the LOL cheese! I'm glad to know I'm not going crazy!

As for Shop Rite in Stamford, I'm assuming that you are referring to the new(er) on by the Greenwich boarder and not the gross one on Cove Rd/Shippan Ave?

Jul 01, 2009
A avenue in Southern New England

Al fresco dining Darien/Stamford?

A nice Greenwich option is L'escale on Steamboat Road. It's inside the Hotel Delamar.

5 Guys coming to Westport

According to The Advocate's Lunch Break Chronicles blog, 5 Guys Burgers & Fries is opening in Westport. Looks like the burger battles are heating up in FFLD County with all the good burger spots we have.

Jun 19, 2009
A avenue in Chains

Best Breakfast on 95/Conn.

If Stamford's not too early, then head for City Limits Diner. It's a great breakfast spot and easy on/off 95.

Lunch in Stamford/Greenwich

Napa is a good choice, but it's very easy to turn an easy lunch to a very pricey one.

Duo might be someplace you want to try. They recently changed their concept and have added small plates to their menu/concept. They also have an awesome white wine sangria.

There is also Market. It has been on my "to try" list for a while, but I have yet to get around to it. There has been positive stuff about the place on here, though.

Where do you get oysters in FFLD county?

I have a special request for grilled oysters this weekend. Where is a good place to get oysters in Fairfield County? Read the thread about Paganos in Norwalk, but have never been, and New Wave in Stamford was just okay the few times that I have. Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

Hot Dogs in FFD County

I've driven past a hot dog stand in Westport a few times, near the train station. I think it's called JT's Hot Dog Stand or something. Ring a bell to anyone? Has anyone ever tried it?

Stamford and nearby Pancakes

Lakeside Diner on Long Ridge in Stamford. Best pancakes in town. You will have to ask for the real maple syrup since they keep it behind the counter. The eggs and bacon are yummy too. They also make fresh, homemade donuts that are delicious. Skip the water...sometimes it can taste a bit funky.

I-95 quick off/on-good eats?

Super Duper Weenie in Bridgeport/Fairfield (exit 24)

Lunch reccos - Stamford and beyond

Looking for a nice lunch spot with a nice variety on the menu, as there will be several people with different tastes. My group and I will be heading out from North Stamford and are not looking to head downtown. Heard a lot about some place in New Canaan on this board but haven't tried any of them. Not looking to spend a fortune but price point isn't my number one deciding factor. Thanks for your help!

Mary Ann's in Stamford??

There was an article in the Stamford Advocate a few months back about all the restos coming to the area. Looks like this Mary Ann's is affiliated with the Mary Ann's of NYC.

nbermas - don't waste your time or money at SBC, it's terrible.

Revisiting Mediterran Food Fairfield, Danbury & Bridgeport ??

I second the Hanna's recco! It's a fantastic place! If you are interested in obtaining Middle Eastern ingredients, this is a great place for that too.

Senor Salsa- Fairfield

The name's different but the menu/quality are exactly the same.

Oh Boy Stamford...BIG NEWS!


From today's Advocate:

The Zoning Board voted unanimously this week to approve a final site plan that would bring Fairway, a New York supermarket chain, to the former site of Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.

The proposed 55,000-square-foot store is to open early next year at Canal and Market streets, said Aaron Fleishaker, vice president of real estate for Fairway.

Jan 29, 2009
A avenue in Southern New England

First time to Brasitas - What's the dish I can't miss?

I'm headed to Brasitas tonight - at their new location in Norwalk. The Stamford one has been on my "must try" list for a long time, but I've never managed to get over there. What is the dish I can't miss tonight at Brasitias?

Best soups chicken pot pies for the cold Stamford area

I have asked this soup question before, too, nbermas, and I'm also still searching for yummy, comforting soups on these cold days in Stamford. I took up the suggestion of Margot's in Bull's Head plaza one day for lunch and ordered soup. It was pretty tasty. Her soups change daily I think and it's about $5. Margot's is pretty tasty for other dishes as well.

While not in Stamford, I am a big fan of Soup Alley. They have two locations - SoNo and Wilton. They use fresh ingredients and make all the soups on premise and also offer some salads and sandwiches. It is a bit on the expensive side, however.

My favorite soup from there is the spinach-chicken-artichoke-Gorgonzola. It's thick and delicious. I've tried their five bean chili before too which is good, as well as the potato leek and a corn chowder. YUM!

Middle Eastern Food outside of Stamford

This is a bit out of your bounds, but Hanna's in Danbury is good. Authentic food and the portions are pretty generous. There is a small store next door owned by the same people (it started out as a store many years ago...) and you can pick up many Middle Eastern spices and foodstuffs there.