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Miami Fries

B&B on South Beach. Fresh really skinny fries. They also have steak fries cooked in duck fat. They also have mushroom fingers too. Overall a great fries experience.

Ver Daddy's Taco Shop - Biscayne Blvd MIA

During 2008 and the first half of 2009, this place really had it together. The beans were great, the chicken quite tasty, wonderful guac, and quirky but passable service for a $10 meal. I went there frequently enough to be known by name and recommended it often to friends. I'm quite sad to report that my two most recent visits will be my last (unless someone updates this thread indicating drastic improvement). I went twice just to confirm they weren't having an off day.

The food was so terribly salty it was inedible. The bean recipe has clearly changed for the worse. (If you didn't like it before, I can only imagine what your scathing comments would say now.) The chicken was so salty it was floating in a sea of green brine. I don't know how this place can survive if they continue to cook this food. I love tacos, and I was a huge fan of this place. I have now lost my close-to-home, local taco establishment.

David, If you're reading this, you need to rebound and quickly. The food is just terrible now.

Anise-Mediterranean From The Ouzo's Folks...

We made our first visit last night and it appears the menu has reverted to Greek-only. No more burgers or similar fare, and the olives have pits now. The menu is kinda short now though.

To start, we got the flaming cheese, which was fabulous. Let me repeat: fabulous. My companion had the rosemary stuffed dorade and loved it. It was perfectly cooked. I had the prawns with yogurt and fennel, which was really quite good. For $12, I was disappointed with only 2 prawns but they were reasonably sized. The Mediterranean sampler platter was good, not great. We couldn't tell much difference in the roe and hummus except for salt content. I'm not a dill fan, so I could have done without dill in the tzatziki, but that's just me. I bit into a whole clove of garlic in the baba ganoush. The pita bread was very good and plentiful. For dessert, tasty baklava. Yummy.

The food was very good, but the highlight of the evening was the service. Our server was delightful, knowledgeable, and attentive to a level that you rarely see in Miami. She even packed up the remaining sauces from the sampler platter to-go, even going to the much-appreciated trouble of individually packing them into little containers so they wouldn't mix together in transit.

We'll definitely be going back.

what foods does your city have that mine doesn't?

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the cooler-toting parents. River Rat beer cheese (better than Hall's.) and Ale-8s in proper bottles. My old school wooden Ale-8 cases are well-traveled to say the least. I'm in South Florida.

Jun 08, 2009
going nowhere in General Topics

What is the most unusual, but tasty, sandwich you make or have made?

Hot Browns are the best. Definitely a local favorite. When made correctly, it's an open face heart attach on a plate topped with bacon. When the Brown Hotel makes it, it's a petite disappointment on toast points. Try Ramsey's in Lexington, KY. There's numerous locations. Thankfully, I'm going home this weekend. Yeah.

Jun 08, 2009
going nowhere in Home Cooking

Malabar Spinach?

Update: It re-seeds freely. I have 2 inch tall malabar sprouts EVERYWHERE surrounding my original malabar vines.

Jun 08, 2009
going nowhere in Home Cooking

Malabar Spinach?

I grew red malabar spinach in my very first veggie garden this year. Here's what I've noted: it's spinach-lite. The flavor isn't as hearty, the texture of the leaf is a little different as a substution in a pasta salad I make: Spinach will remain in tact in the salad for a few days; malabar spinach will be great at first but start to break down and achieve a very undesirable texture as left overs. However, it is ridiculuously easy to grow, pest and disease resistant, grows fast, and is very, very attractive. It's a great addition to salads and stir-fry, so I do recommend growing it. It's vines like pole beans and grows fast, so it's a great space saver in a small garden on a trellis or garden arch. Bottom line: Grow some but don't expect a 1:1 replacement for regular spinach.

Apr 16, 2009
going nowhere in Home Cooking