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Help 2 Canadian Foodies Fall in Love with Baltimore this Memorial Day Weekend.

The only time in my life that I got the sneering up and down from a Maitre D' was at Charleston, about 8 tears ago. I was wearing a fairly conservative tie with a V-neck sweater and slacks. I had also requested a quieter remote table and got plopped into the middle of the room under what were practically spotlights. When we requested a reseating we were pretty much labelled as troublemakers and treated accordingly. While I accept that it may have been an off night, we have never gone back. Largely thanks to that Maitre D', who was fawning all over the expensive suits.

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore

Ended up going to Woodberry and were not disappointed. Lots of non-eggy stuff, pleasant server, nice setting!

Thanks, all.

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore

Unless you want a mellow romantic setting. Attmans/Farmers Mkt (we hate people, I mean crowds)/anything in Li'i It'ly...may not fit the bill. At least for us. 11th Anniversary!!

To clarify: wife hates eggs/"eggy" things. Waffles/Pancakes OK though. Woodberry certainly in consideration - light rail is an option there...

Almost tempted by morning ed., one of our first brunch-ish dates. Are they still open?

Baltimore Noodles

Well, there is a noodle section in their online menu, although upon closer inspection there are no soup noodles...I miss Golden Gate Noodle House in Towson for the Cantonese noodle soups...and I will toss out there that I had an adequate roast pork-wonton-noodle soup at Zhongshan a few months back...

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore

OK, so if you want to eat well in Baltimore mid-day on a Sunday but are not drawn to "brunch" for a variety of reasons, and you are not interested in any place in Inner Harbor East, where would you go?

Baltimore Noodles

There is no equivalent in Baltimore. That being said, I think that the noodle soups at Mekong Delta are phenomenal, and you can get some above par noodle soups at some of the Korean and Japanese places around town. I have had solid Japanese noodle soups at both Minato and Matsuri, and the Korean places around 20th-22nd and Maryland can offer up some good Korean varieties of noodles in broth.

I recently had some kimchi ramen at Nina's (Calvert and Center) that was reasonably tasty if you are in the neighborhood. Would like to try some of their other Korean items.

I have also had decent noodles at Sam's Kid in Fell's Point, but every time I was there there was some sort of conflict between customers and the proprietor, which makes for an awkward lunch.

Curious about Sticky Rice also in Fell's Point - anyone been yet?

Mekong Delta Cafe
105 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201

1105 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Sticky Rice
1224 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Hot dogs in Bmore

OK, the official spelling is Polock Johnny's, and there are three locations:
Lexington Market
Washington and Caton
Security Square Mall

Oh, and I checked out haute dog and they had a Binkert's Brat braising in some Sauerkraut. I opted for a different sausage, but it did sound tempting...

Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Polock Johnny's
400 W Lexington St Ste 56, Baltimore, MD 21201

Hot dogs in Bmore

You need to include Binkert's frankfurters in some way shape or form.

Baltimore car-less grocery shopping for foreigner?

One thing I really really miss about the old country is the good old "Gemischter Salatteller." You just can't get good Krautsalat or Selleriesalat over here. I suppose I should start making my own...although celeriac/celery root is not always that easy to find...

Baltimore car-less grocery shopping for foreigner?

I think that lawhound and I were speaking about the same store, it's on 33rd near the intersection with Barclay (Farmer's Market is on Barclay between 32d and 33d). Great folks.

Up Greenmount a ways is Asia Food in Gorsuch. Pretty decent selection of various Asian ingredients, recently reopened...

Thai-Philipine groceries on Gorsuch near Greenmount used to be a real gem but new owners took it over a while back, and I think it has suffered. There was once an abundance of small Korean groceries in lower Charles Village but I am not sure is any are still around.

In addition to Latin American groceries there are also a couple of Polish delis in Fells Point - Krakus Deli and Sofia's in the Broadway market north hall, where you can get the occasional German item as well. I need my Selleriesalat jar once in a while...:^)

[Ich bin so'n Halbdeutscher, meine Mutter lebt heute noch in Darmstadt]


Krakus Deli
1737 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Baltimore car-less grocery shopping for foreigner?

I would not discount the Eddie's supermarket in Charles Village - while not as extensive it is probably the most convenient for a carless person and will do in a pinch. I went there quite a bit when I lived in Charles Village, they are committed to he neighborhood and generally nice folks.

Waverly Farmer's Market is a must. There is also an excellent South Asian Halal market right around the corner from there - super folks, great selection if Indian/Pakistani spices, etc.

You can take the bus downtown for Chinese groceries at Po Tung trading, on Park between Mulberry and Saratoga.

Latino groceries abound in Fells Point. You can get there using public transit.
Where in Charles Village will you be staying?

[...und wenn Du Deutsche Sachen kaufen willst, must Du leider mit dem Auto fahren. Ich weis nicht, ob Du Vegetarier bist, aber wir haben hier in der Vorstadt einen sehr guten Wurstmetzger!]

Blowout dinner in Koblenz

In W├╝rzburg, I would recommend B├╝rgerspital, Stachel or Stadt Mainz for solid cuisine. A much better dining town than Koblenz, where I have had only marginal experiences.

Jul 23, 2010
aubzamzam in Europe

good thai in downtown Baltimore?

My Thai in the basement of the Mt. Vernon Donna's (corner of Charles and Madison) is quite good. Service can be spotty, though.

Dinner near Meyerhoff?

I think 7 PM is cutting it way too close. In my experience, these guys get very busy before Meyerhoff or Lyric shows. I think a 6-6:15 reservation would be a better idea. But then, I don't like feeling rushed during dinner or on my way to the show (remember you still have to get to the Meyerhoff, then get to your seat, etc...) I would be willing to bet that 7 o'clock would not be a good idea for anyplace around the Meyerhoff before a show.

The bar at TBA may be quicker, but it may Lewis Black is on a Friday, there is the chance of extremely busy bars which may slow down your food a good bit.

Where is Baltimore's Chinatown?

The former Chinatown Cafe is now Zhongshan, search this board for that name, Some like it, some don't. I give it a "B" which is great for Baltimore City.

A find equal to Grace Garden?

well, there are a lot of "preserved" things on the menu, who knows what that means. Pickled? Smoked?

A find equal to Grace Garden?

I had a very nice lunch there today, I will toss in my recommendation for the "Shrimp with Bitter Melon" appetizer. I love Bitter Melon when it is done right, and it is here.

This is clearly a place that takes customer service seriously - everyone was quite welcoming.

I think it requires a minimum of 4 visitors, though. As a solo luncher today I was overwhelmed with choices and would have liked to taste more.

In any case, I left very, very happy.

Dim Sum Park Ave Baltimore

I agree that you can get miles better food is you are willing to drive to Rockville or Falls Church. I -will- challenge you to find better in Baltimore City (and I know that's not saying much). I thoroughly enjoyed my Siu Mai, Sesame Balls and Pork Dumplings, even though they did not match some of the stuff I have had in other cities (I have had some of the best in places like Vancouver and Toronto, FWIW).

Is Asian Court the place tha used to be Oriental Manor?
And I, too wonder, why my original post was deleted.

Green Peanuts/Boiled Peanuts in MD?????

I have asked some wholesale nut suppliers but they do not usually carry them. I have obtained them from (get this)

Good luck. I will say that they don't taste as good made at home as they do from a 55 gallon drum at a fillin' station that is hygienically questionable...

Is Oyamel good?

I just had lunch there Saturday, and my items ranged from brilliant to good. The squash flower soup (with hen of the woods and poblanos) with the tableside presentation was brilliant, the squash flower tamal was good. The skirt steak would fall in to the quite good category, a perfectly done piece of beef over a sauce that I could not stop sopping up with chips after the meat was gone...I would definitely go back, although I also prefer tacos from less formal places.

Problems with Whole Foods in Harbor East

Perhaps you should stick to Eddie's of Roland Park?

List of Baltimore wants/questions

Asia Food is gone. As is Bangkok Place in the same stretch of York. Thai-Phillipine groceries on Gorsuch is still there but is a shadow of its former self. Ditto for Big Boy's worldwide near Lexington Market.

Anyone been to the new Asian Supermarket on Rt 40 West (about a mile inside the beltway)?

Looking for good Thai in Baltimore

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fare at My Thai, where Minato used to be, under the Donna's in Mt. Vernon:

rye whiskey

The distributor for Rittenhouse is Reliable-Churchill, you may want to contact one of the bigger retailers to make sure they have it, or perhaps they can order it for you from said wholesaler.

Mekong Delta Cafe- Baltimore

What Turkeybone said. Run, don't walk. Southwest corner of Saratoga and Cathedral.

Mekong Delta in Baltimore

Charming couple owns it. They have a separate lunch and dinner menu, I stopped in for lunch and they said they could fix noodle soups from the dinner menu but otherwise limited you to the lunch menu, which had about a dozen items. I had stir-fried noodles that were very tasty ($4.75, like all lunch entrees) and a shrimp-vegetable soup that was delightfully seasoned and had lots of veggies in it ($2.95). Between this and El Torito, the area around the Pratt Library has a couple of winners!

Where to get Spanish Chorizo for a paella in Baltimore?

I have found Palacios chorizo in a number of venues around Baltimore at various times, including Chesapeake Wine, Wine Source and Eddie's on N Charles. It's great stuff. Comes in mild and spicy, both are very tasty.

Hot dogs in Baltimore!

Are you thinking of Polock Johny's? There are still two left, one at Washington and Caton, and one in the Lexington Market.

from the cheap eats dept: Baltimore institutions

I will chime in for the New Wyman Park on Howard and 25th. One of the most diversely crowded diners in town (and has been for the 18 years I have been here), and solid breakfast and lunch.

Looking for best Belgian beer for holiday gifts

I spoke to someone at the brewery today, and they said the Resurrection will ship to retailers next week. One would assume that any retailer interested in craft beer would get some. As far as retailers for Belgian beers, I would recommend Wine Source, Wells, Perfect Pour and State Line in Elkton as the largest selections. Old Vine also has some nice stuff if you are in the Mt. Washington area.