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Welcome back Marjorie!

Fans of Marjorie, Donna Moodie's terrfic Belltown restaurant that closed in September '08 after losing her lease, can rejoice: Donna posted on Marjorie's Facebook page that she has signed a lease for a new location on Capital Hill at 1412 E. Union St. No word yet as to when it will open or whether any of her old employees will be a part of this. But this is great news nevertheless.

Looking for fun, un-stuffy, Italian style Trattoria in SEA

I second Salvatore in the U-District. Unpretentious, very good service, food is delicious, moderately priced. Also, Tidbit Bistro on Capital Hill. It's kind of a combination of Italian and Spanish tapas, but I rather enjoyed it.

Queen Anne Take Out??

Yuck, Olympic Pizza? That's got to be, hands down, the worst pizza I've ever eaten. Why don't you just pour some ketchup onto a flatbread and squeeze some Kraft Velvetta on top?

Farewell, Oceanaire

Didn't see this posted elsewhere, but today's Seattle Times reports Oceanaire Seafood Room in Seattle has closed:

I know it's a chain and seafood restaurants grow on trees here, but I rather liked this place. The whole steakhouse vibe, the service, and the of course, the variety of fresh seafood.

Oh well.

Whats missing in Queen Anne??

Saw Nancy Leson's report on the Veil thing. She says it's the people behind BluWater Bistro, so that should be cool. I also heard, through unofficial channels, that Vinenzo's is being scouted for a family Mexican and that perhaps, the folks behind Rosita's (in Green Lake) may be involved.

Queen Anne 2009 (SEA)

I was there Friday night and went with the house green salad and the mussels. The former was alright, but the latter were pretty darn good and came with a very spicy dipping sauce. The Missus tried the shrimp scampi and pronounced it quite good.

The prices are, as pointed our previously, quite reasonable.

I'd go back, but am still bummed that we don't have Mexican on top of the Hill.

New & wonderful in Seattle?

I'll second Poppy. Been there twice now and Chef Jerry has yet to disappoint. It's a decidedly NW take on the thali.

Whats missing in Queen Anne??

We've already got Asian, bistros, casual cafe's, bakeries, breakfasts, pizza all covered. What we need, at least on top of the hill, is a decent Mexican.

what's taking over the old TeaPot in Upper Queen Anne?

I have been told there is yet another pizza place going in where the old hardware store was on QA Ave. (right next door to Betty). Supposedly, it is to be operated by the same folks who run Vincenzo's on the corner of QA Ave. and McGraw.

Now that makes about a half-dozen (or more?) pizza places of varying types on top of QA Hill. What we really need is a decent Mexican place.

Nice restaurants in Bothell/Woodinville

I've always enjoyed Italianissimo in Woodinville:

Terrific linguine with shrimp, fra diavalo and the mrs. thinks their gnocchi is the bending end.

Change of staff at Veil

Leslie Kelly just wrote something in the P.I. about Veil last week:

Chef-owner Shannon Galusha...has been thinking about trying some new strategies, even perhaps rebranding Veil, "becoming a little more lowbrow." But he's in a wait-and-see mode: "I'm not really in a position to make knee-jerk reactions."

Best Seafood in The Hub?

OK, stupid question. But I haven't been to Boston in several years since moving out west and don't really want to go to tourist traps like Legal Seafood or Jimmy's Harborside.

So what does the group suggest for 4 adults on a Friday or Saturday night? We're already planning on going to Neptune, and was hoping for something a bit more upscale that will take a reservation.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I'd be more than happy to trade some good tips on where to dine in Seattle, if asked.

Indosesian Restaurant in Seattle

I realize this is a Dutch interpretation of Indonesian food, but is there any place in the Seattle area that serves rijstaffel?

Mexican Groceries? (Seattle)

Having recently returned from a vacation in Mexico where my wife and I attended a few cooking classes, we'd like to try out some of these recipes. Quite a few of the ingredients can be found in supermarkets, but other items will likely be a bit harder to locate.

I know of the Mexican grocer at Pike Place Market, but can anyone recommend any other options? I'd particularly like to find some fresh masa (as opposed to a bag of masa flour).


Cajun in (SEA)

It's not as far away as Parkland, but Alligator Soul in Everett isn't bad:

The original owner/chef "Hilbo" Craig sold out in '05 and moved to Georgia and I haven't been there since the sale, so caveat emptor.

Dining options in Woodinville, WA

I can't believe no one has mentioned Italianissimo...

When we lived in Duval, the Mrs. and I ate their regularly. They used to operate out of a storefront in downtown Woodinville, but moved to a much nicer space atop the Woodinville-Duvall Rd. some years back. Not only the best Italian in the area (IMHO), but quite possibly one of the better dining options, period.

Help a DC couple plan their Seattle vacation

Surprised nobody has mentioned Matts in the Market:

Consistently very good and you can't beat the location (if you're a tourist, that is).

Seattle: Decent food, water view, quiet?

Ray's Boathouse in Shilshole.

'Nuf ced.

Eggplant Parmesan in Seattle

At the risk of getting run out of this forum on a rail, the missus (from an Italian family) and I really like the eggplant parmigiana at Buca di Beppos in lower QA. It's actually one of the only things we like about the place, but there it is.

It's never been greasy or over-cooked, and it's served family style so everyone can dig in.

Best Indian restaurants

As several others have pointed out, Indian food in Seattle cannot be compared to that which is found in London or even New York. Still, there are some decent options, including Udupi Palace on the Eastside in Bellevue. It's a vegetarian southern Indian restaurant that is quite good.

Most of the other suggestions are also fine, except Cedars in the U-District. I've been there a few times and have never understood why anyone could recommend it. The service is generally poor, the food preparation pedestrian and not especially flavorful. A better option in the same neighborhood would be Tandor on University Way NE. It's a small, storefront operation but the food is consistenly good. I'm especially fond of their thali's.

Best of luck.