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Momofuku Milk Bar-this ain't no Dairy Barn

I am in complete agreement with all previous posters who complained of cloying, greasy, sickeningly sweet desserts. Have been twice and only gave it a second chance because of Ssam. Crack pie is like a stick of butter covered in sugar. The snickerdoodle soft serve with pretzel topping made me want to gag. This is like amateur hour! Bring back the Fluff-n-Fold, please.

Jan 26, 2009
snickers in Manhattan

of these 4 choices, what is the overall best nyc experience for a couple:

Blue Hill (first) and Gramercy Tavern (second).

BH has cozy and romantic decor, and the food is outstanding -- more sophisticated and well executed than GT. Seasonal, farm-to-table dining with one of the more (relatively) affordable tasting menus in the city. That said, you won't go wrong at GT, with its warm service and more comfort food-y offerings.

Been to Little Owl on several occasions, each time increasingly disappointed. At this point, it's off my list. Yes, it's on an adorable street in the West Village and yes, it's got that tiny, boxed-in, "I'm in the heart of it all" feeling. But you will feel ripped off given the amateur hour cooking and brusque waitstaff attitude (although I haven't been in months so there may be some positive turnover in this respect). See my last post on this place: (but do note that it's from Jan 07).

Never been to Le Gigot.

Nov 10, 2008
snickers in Manhattan

NYC Visit - Planned Food

Agreed re: Max Brenner's. No good.
Try the new ChikaLicious Dessert Bar in the East Village -- it offers cupcakes, amazing soft serve, and various other treats.

Also, RUB beats the pants off Blue Smoke for BBQ. Wings and ribs are much juicier. In fact, I've had several dessicated ribs experiences at Blue Smoke.

I like your pizza picks for demonstrating the coal oven style but would add a slice at Joe's for the perfect example of an NYC "street slice."

Finally, even though you didn't list any Mexican spots, I know how impossible it is to get decent Mexican in London. Mercadito (East Village) and Papatzul (SoHo) are consistently fantastic.

Let us know how your trip goes!!

Nov 10, 2008
snickers in Manhattan

Cyclades Islands -- Can't Miss Local Favorites?

My parents will be visiting these islands:


(They're also going to Santorini, but that island is already well discussed on these boards.)

Price is flexible, as this is probably a one-time visit. Fancy or casual doesn't matter.
The focus is on the best execution of local specialties, though a great view/neighborhood never hurts. Also, my dad ADORES tomatoes and I hear this is one of the very best places on earth for tomatoes so any additional recs in this area would be appreciated too.


Sep 14, 2007
snickers in Europe

Little Owl

I feel compelled to post because we were also there last night (and had been previously as well), but did not have such a pleasant experience as shirlotta.

1. We had a late-night reservation and waited a totally normal 10-15 minutes to be seated. Within seconds of being seated, however, our quasi-harried waitress tells us that we should "get our order in to the kitchen quickly before it closes" then proceeds to hover as if we will instantly comply. This is utterly ridiculous. If you can't treat late-night resos with the same grace as earlier ones, don't offer them!

Also, the waitress repeatedly tapped one friend's shoulder to get him to pay attention and order. Blech.

2. One person's substituted entree ingredient arrived 5 minutes after his entree, as a side.

3. My crispy chicken was half moist, half dry.

4. I only ate the greasy "bacon torta" lump that accompanied my chicken because I happened to be pretty hungry last night.

5. We finally surrendered our plates at the third attempt to wrest them away.

I know that I'm not mistaken about our feeble experience because we were given a gelato & mead peace offering, and exceptional personal attention by a co-owner as we were leaving.

While I appreciated his desire to fix a poor waitstaff/meal situation, this city is far too rich in restaurants for me to waste another visit to Little Owl.

ps - Yes, the scallops and sliders were tasty and well prepared. Whoopee.

Jan 08, 2007
snickers in Manhattan

Pinkberry frozen yogurt [moved from Manhattan board]


Tried last night; tasted like sour milk. You're better off getting a tub of Fage from the grocery store and putting it in your freezer. But only if you hate yourself too much to buy REAL ICE CREAM (which kicks Poopberry's butt).

Oct 18, 2006
snickers in Chains

Portland, ME - any decent brewpubs?

Decided on Gritty's and the brewer's barley coated chicken... couldn't be happier! It was the juiciest, most tender piece of chicken I've had in a long time. And the batter is a great hearty contrast to the meat inside. Pints were fresh too. Thanks all!

Portland, ME - any decent brewpubs?

Looking for the perfect combination for a lazy Friday... great beer, great burger.
Would like to try Shipyard but not sure whether the food options warrant a full visit?

Thanks in advance!

Bowery by Houston

Congee Village - 100 Allen St
The menu is like an encyclopedia of Cantonese food, so you can play it safe or really branch out (turtle soup, shark fin soup, etc.). A big steaming pot of congee is $2.50...

Never been to Congee Bowery but that's super close as well.

Link to both:

Jul 31, 2006
snickers in Manhattan

Goin to Yasuda for lunch

Yes, that's Yoshi. Never had Yasuda but Yoshi smiled more, took the time to talk and explain each piece of fish... it seemed like a calm little bubble away from the frenzied celeb flinging fish to five people at the other end of the bar.

Jul 14, 2006
snickers in Manhattan

Lupa - What to order !

Last time I was there (Father's Day) there was a spectacular steak and watermelon special... perfect for summer. Cubes of meat and melon skewered together then topped with a pile of mint/cucumber/chili flakes/herbs I can't identify. I think about it at least twice a week.

Never had their gelato but if you don't feel like knocking back that grapefruit-sized tartufo, Emack & Bolio's is just a few blocks away... and they serve kiddie cups.

Jul 06, 2006
snickers in Manhattan